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La Bestia in Calore

US DVD Cover under the SS Hell Camp name
Directed by Luigi Batzella
Produced by Xiro Papas
Written by Luigi Batzella
Lorenzo Artale
Starring Macha Magall
Gino Turini
Edilio Kim
Xiro Papas
Salvatore Baccaro
Music by Giuliano Sorgini
Cinematography Ugo Brunelli
Editing by Luigi Batzella
Release date(s) July 1977
Running time 86 Minutes
Country Italy Italy
Language Italian

La Bestia in Calore (also known as SS Hell Camp, SS Experiment Part 2, The Beast in Heat and Horrifying Experiments of the S.S. Last Days) is an Italian exploitation film released in 1977. Directed by Luigi Batzella and written by Batzella and Lorenzo Artale it gained notoriety when it was banned in the UK as a video nasty.

This is one of many so called Video Nasties about fictionalized World War II Nazi POW camp atrocities. A beautiful, nefarious senior female SS officer/doctor (Magall) creates a genetic, incubus-like mutant human Beast (half man/half beast). The Beast is a rapacious, squat, mongoloid sex fiend which she uses to torture and molest female prisoners while the Nazis watch. The dwarfish beast is kept on a diet of mega-aphrodisiacs. There is plenty of sadistic titillations, gore and nudity in this Nazi exploitation flick.

This film duplicates the formula of the surprise hit Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1974), and its sequels, which popularized the Nazi exploitation subgenre. Macha Magall's sexy yet cruel SS dominatrix is clearly patterned after the titular Ilsa played by Dyanne Thorne.

The film also has a reputation as one of the worst films ever made, the only set is a lab with a cage in the middle, with some cheap costumes and almost non-existent lighting or editing. Part of the film consists of reused war footage, and scenes from Quand suona la campana, another film by the same director[1], with the lab scenes occuyping around 40min of the final film. Several actors from Quando suona la campana were rehired to provide a link with the new footage.


  • Macha Magall as Dr. Ellen Kratsch
  • Gino Turini as Drago
  • Edilio Kim as Nazi Captain
  • Xiro Papas as Lupo
  • Salvatore Baccaro as The Beast
  • Giuseppe Castellano as German Soldier
  • Brad Harris as Don Lorenzo
  • Benito Pacifico as Partisan
  • Alfredo Rizzo as Moreno
  • Brigitte Skay as Irene



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