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La Marcha Del Golazo Solitario
Studio album by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
Released 1999
Genre Rock en español, Ska, Latin, Reggae
Length 56:32
Label Sony Music
Producer K.C. Porter
Professional reviews
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs chronology
Fabulosos Calavera
'La Marcha del Golazo Solitario

La Marcha del Golazo Solitario (Spanish for The March of The Lonely Huge Goal) Released in 1999 is the eleventh studio album from the Argentine Ska Reggae Latin Rock band Los Fabulosos Cadillacs which get to gold disc[1].

This is the last studio album from the band's first incarnation, combining the best of old with experimentation. "Los Condenaditos" unites samba beats to bluesy slide guitar and a wall of horns. There's even an instrumental Latin-jazz number, "57 Almas."

Among the singles was the commercial success La Vida and Vos Sabes, whose video was censured in some countries for showing nudes.


Track listing

  1. "La Vida" ("The Life") (Flavio Cianciarulo) – 2:52
  2. "C.J." (Vicentico) – 3:49
  3. "Los Condenaditos" ("The Little Damned") (Gerardo Rotblat, Vicentico) – 5:08
  4. "Cebolla, El Nadador" ("Onion, The Swimer") (Vicentico) – 4:26
  5. "Vos Sabés" ("You Know") (Cianciarulo) – 3:09
  6. "Piraña, Todos los Argentinos Somos D.T." ("Piranha, All of Us Argentines are Coaches") (Cianciarulo) – 3:03
  7. "El Baile de la Mar" ("The Dance of the Sea") (Fernando Ricciardi) – 3:25
  8. "Roble" ("Oak") (Vicentico) – 3:08
  9. "La Rosca" ("The Screw") (Pablo Ziegler, Vicentico) – 4:28
  10. "La Marcha del Golazo Solitario" ("The March of the Lonely Great Goal") (Angelo Moore, Norwood Fisher, Cianciarulo) – 5:06
  11. "Águila" ("Eagle") (Cianciarulo, Vicentico) – 3:22
  12. "Salvador y los Cordones Flojos" ("Salvador and the Loose Shoelaces") (Cianciarulo) – 2:53
  13. "Necesito una Nariz de Payaso, ¿No Me Prestás la Tuya?" ("I Need a Clown Nose, Can I Borrow Yours?") (Cianciarulo) – 3:10
  14. "Negra" ("Black") (Rotblat, Cianciarulo) – 1:57
  15. "57 Almas" ("57 Souls") (Cianciarulo) – 5:11
  16. "Álamo" (Vicentico) – 1:25


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