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La New Bears
La New 熊
League Chinese Professional Baseball League
Location Kaohsiung
Ballpark Chengching Lake Baseball Field
Year Founded 2004
League championships 2006
Colors Teal
Team colors
Kit left arm pinstripesonwhite.png
Team colors
Kit body baseball pinstripes.png
Kit right arm pinstripesonwhite.png
Team colors
Kit trousers pinstripesonwhite.png
Kit baseball socks.png


Team colors
Kit left arm whitelines.png
Team colors
Kit body baseball.png
Kit right arm whitelines.png
Team colors
Kit trousers beltongrey.png
Kit baseball socks.png


The La New Bears (La New 熊), formerly First Financial Holdings Agan (第一金控金剛, abbreviated 第一金剛), are a professional baseball team in the Chinese Professional Baseball League in Taiwan. Owned and administered by the Kaohsiung-based shoe-producing La New Corporation, the Bears qualified for the playoffs in 2006 for the first time in team history, and by finishing with the best record for the whole season, gained an automatic berth in the Taiwan Series.

The Bears play their home games at Chengching Lake Baseball Field in Kaohsiung County.




First Financial Holdings Agan

Also known as the First Securities Agan, the Agan was owned and administered by the First Financial Holding Corporation, a government-funded financial holding service. Its then-chairman Chen Chien-lung (陳建隆) was a keen political supporter of President Chen Shui-bian, and immediately agreed at the president's request to take over one of the remaining two former TML teams after TML was merged into CPBL in January 2003. Since Macoto Bank had already decided to take-over the Macoto Gida, Chen Chien-lung took-over the Agan as promised. The bulk of Agan's player came from Taipei Gida and Kaohsiung-Pingtung Fala (for unexplained reasons, not the Taichung Agan which carried the same mascot) and its home was Chengching Lake Baseball Field.

Without a strong roster plus the Corporation's inexperience and unprofessionalism in running a professional sports club, the Agan performed poorly right from the start of the 2003 season, and after Chen Chien-lung's sudden resignation due to alleged insider trading in August 2003, the First Financial Holding Corporation no longer showed willingness in running the team. After the 2003 season, the Agan was sold to La New Corporation, a shoe company, and later became La New Bears. During the 2003 season this club set many bad records because of its poor level of play:

  • Fewest wins in a whole season (20)
  • Most losses in a whole season (71)
  • Fewest wins in a half season (9)
  • Most losses in a half season (37)
  • Poorest winning percentage in a whole season (.220)
  • Poorest winning percentage in a half season (.196)
  • Poorest annual team batting average (.237)
  • Fewest annual team home runs (32)
  • Did not win any of the 20 games against Brother Elephants in the 2003 season (2 ties, 18 losses)

La New Bears

Just before the 2004 season, Kaohsiung County Magistrate Yang Chiu-hsing invited La New Corporation to sponsor the then-vacant Chengching Lake Baseball Field, which was under the management of Kaohsiung County after the disbandment of Taiwan Major League. La New Corporation eventually agreed and, in addition, offered to buy First Financial Holdings Agan, whose management has been struggling in the past season. On December 16, 2003, La New completed the process with First Financial Holdings and renamed the team La New Bears. Since then the organization has performed fairly well, appeared in the 2006, 2007, and 2008 playoffs and won the 2006 Taiwan Series.


Qualified for playoffs Taiwan Series Championship Asia Series Championship

Regular Seasons

Season Wins Losses Ties Pct. Place
First Financial Holdings Agan
2003 20 (9/11) 71 (37/34) 9 (4/5) .220 (.196/.244) 5 (6/5)
La New Bears
2004 40 (18/22) 56 (30/26) 4 (2/2) .417 (.375/.458) 6 (6/5)
2005 42 (16/26) 55 (32/23) 3 (2/1) .433 (.333/.531) 6 (6/2)
2006 62 (30/32) 34 (19/15) 4 (2/2) .646 (.612/.681) 1 (1/1)
2007 58 (26/32) 42 (24/18) 0 (0/0) .580 (.520/.640) 2 (2/1)
2008 61 (28/33) 35 (19/16) 4 (3/1) .610 (.596/.673) 2 (2/1)
2009 61 (33/28) 58 (26/32) 1 (1/0) .513 (.559/.467) 2 (2/4)
Total 344 351 25 .495 --


Season First Round Taiwan Series
Opponent Wins Losses Opponent Wins Losses
La New Bears
2006 Seeded first Uni-President Lions 4 0
2007 Seeded first Uni-President Lions 3 4
2008 Brother Elephants 0 3 Eliminated
Total Combining the first round and Taiwan Series 7 4

Asia Series

Year Round Robin Championship Round
Wins Losses Standing Opponent Result
La New Bears
2006 2 1 2 Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters 0 - 1 (L)
Total 2 1 -- 0W - 1L


La new Bears Roster
Active Roster Coaches/Others


  • 16 Republic of China Huang Chin-chih(黃欽智)
  • 18 Republic of China Wang Feng-hsin(王豐鑫)
  • 33 United States Jermaine Van Buren
  • 37 United States Aaron Rakers
  • 39 Republic of China Hsu Chih-hua(許志華)
  • 40 Republic of China Huang Hong-jen(黃宏任)
  • 46 Republic of China Szu-Yu Wu(吳偲佑)
  • 50 Republic of China Lee Chin-mu(李金木)
  • 58 Republic of China Kuo Chien-hung(郭建宏)
  • 70 Republic of China Tsai Ying-feng(蔡英峰)
  • 81 Republic of China Hsu Wen-hsiung(許文雄)
  • 83 Republic of China Lee Feng-hua(李風華)
  • 88 Republic of China Keng Po-Hsuan(耿伯軒)
  • 92 Republic of China Hsu Ming-chieh(許銘倢)
  • 93 Republic of China Treng Chou-hau(曾兆豪)
  • 99 Republic of China Chang Chih-chia(張誌家)

Roster updated 2008-05-04


  • 14 Republic of China Lin Sheng-kai(林聖凱)
  • 25 Republic of China Lee Chin-ming(李晉銘)
  • 27 Republic of China Huang Hao-jan(黃浩然)
  • 28 Republic of China Liu Chia-hao(劉家豪)
  • 41 Republic of China Chen Feng-min(陳峰民)


  •  4 Republic of China Huang Shih-hao(黃仕豪)
  •  5 Republic of China Yu Chin-te(余進德)
  •  6 Republic of China Shih Chih-wei(石志偉)
  • 11 Republic of China Chiang Chih-tsung(蔣智聰)
  • 17 Republic of China Tsai Chung-yu(蔡宗佑)
  • 22 Republic of China Huang Hsiao-wei(黃小偉)
  • 29 Republic of China Lin Chin-ping(林津平)
  • 31 Republic of China Lin Chih-sheng(林智勝)
  • 44 Republic of China Pan Chung-wei(潘忠韋)


  •  8 Republic of China Chan Zhi-Yao(詹智堯)
  • 21 Republic of China Chen Yu-hsien(陳銪顯)
  • 24 Republic of China Chang Min-yen(張民諺)
  • 30 Republic of China Huang Lung-yi(黃龍義)
  • 36 Republic of China Tsai Chien-wei(蔡健偉)
  • 51 Republic of China Shih Yen-wei(石彥瑋)
  • 52 Republic of China Chen Chin-feng(陳金鋒)
  • 57 Republic of China Chung Cheng-yu(鍾承佑)
  • 66 Republic of China Tseng Hao-ju(曾豪駒)


  •  2 Republic of China Hung Yi-chung(洪一中)


  •  9 Republic of China Chen Kai-fa(陳該發) (hitting)
  • 56 Republic of China Lin Chen-hsieng(林振賢) (outfield)
  • 59 Republic of China Liao Kang-chih(廖剛池) (pitching)
  • 61 Republic of China Wu Fu-lien(吳復連) (fielding)
  • 63 Republic of China Lu Ming-tsu(呂明賜) (hitting)
  • 91 Japan Kanasaki Yasuhide(金琦泰英) (trainer)

Minor league coaches

  • 63 Republic of China Tsai Yu-hsiang(蔡昱詳) (pitching)
  • 68 Republic of China Chuang Chih-wei(莊志偉) (pitching)
  • 77 Republic of China Tsai Jung-chung(蔡榮宗) (head coach)


  • 45 Republic of China Wu Cheng-shun(吳政勳)
  • 55 Republic of China Lee Chung-jung(李宗融

Notable Former Players

Retired Number

  • 10 - This number is reserved for the fans, as the tenth player on the field.

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