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La Vanguardia is also the name of the newspaper of the Socialist Party (Argentina).
La Vanguardia
20090601 lavanguardia frontpage.jpg
Front page, 2009-06-01
Type Daily newspaper
Format Berliner
Owner Grupo Godó
Publisher Javier Godó
Editor José Antich
Founded February 1, 1881, as Diario de los Políticos de avisos y notícias
Political alignment Liberalism, Centrism, Catalanism
Language Spanish
Headquarters Diagonal 477, 7o, 08005 Barcelona, Spain
Circulation 202,161 daily in 2006[1]
Official website

La Vanguardia ('The Vanguard') is a Spanish daily newspaper, the fourth most read in the country and the one with the highest-circulation in Catalonia. Its headquarters are based in Barcelona.

La Vanguardia, despite being mostly distributed in Catalonia only, trails only the three main Madrid dailies among general-interest circulation in Spain (the other three have local editions elsewhere in Spain, unlike La Vanguardia). In Catalonia its circulation is slightly higher than its main Catalan competition, El Periódico de Catalunya.[1]



La Vanguardia's newspaper history began on February 1, 1881, when two businessmen from Igualada, Carlos and Bartolomé Godó, first published the paper. It was defined as a Diario de los Políticos de avisos y notícias (Political Newspaper of Announcements and News), intended as a means of communication for a faction of the Liberal Party that wanted to gain control over the Barcelona city council.

On December 31, 1887, the paper published its last edition as a party organ and on the next day, January 1, 1888, the first day of the Universal Exposition of Barcelona, it presented a new, politically independent format with a morning and an afternoon edition.

It is one of the oldest papers in Spain.


Although the newspaper's articles are only in Spanish, letters submitted in Catalan are left untranslated and run next to the Spanish ones, same with the name of Catalan institutions (such as Govern instead of the Spanish Gobierno for the regional Government or conseller instead of consejero for its councilors). Interviews made in Catalan are frequently left untranslated, too.

Its spin leans to the centre of politics and very moderate in all its opinions. It is considered to be mildly monarchical yet often leaning to the pro-business Catalan nationalist stances represented by CiU and the catalanist stande of the PSC.

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