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Author J.M.G. Le Clézio
Original title La fièvre
Translator Daphne Woodward
Country France
Language French
Genre(s) Short story collection]]
Publisher Gallimard
Publication date 1965
Published in
Media type Print
Pages 239 pp
ISBN ISBN 978-2070722570
OCLC Number 783704

La fièvre is the title of a set of short stories written in French by French author and Nobel laureate J. M. G. Le Clézio and translated into English by Daphne Woodward as Fever and published by Atheneum.



A collection of nine short stories or novellas .The Nobel Prize in Literature 2008 Bio-bibliography mentions this as one of the books in which in which the author "aludes to his own perception of the trouble and fear reigning in some cities in the western world".[1]

Publication history


First French language edition

This French language collection of short stories Le Clézio, J.M.G. (1965). La fièvre. Paris: Éditions GallimardL'Imaginaire. pp. 230. ISBN 9782070722570.  

Second French language edition

Le Clézio, J.M.G. (1991-04-12). La fièvre (Nouv. éd.). Paris: Éditions Gallimard. pp. 230. ISBN 9782070722570.  

First English translation

Le Clézio, J.M.G.; Translated by Daphne Woodward (1966). The Fever. London: Hamish Hamilton. pp. 239. ISBN none. OCLC 9858649.  



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