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La gran aventura de Mortadelo y Filemón
Directed by Javier Fesser
Produced by Luis Manso
Marina Ortiz
Written by Javier Fesser
Guillermo Fesser
Starring Benito Pocino - Mortadelo
Pepe Viyuela - Filemón
Editing by Javier Fesser
Release date(s) 2003
Running time 105 minutes
Country Spain
Language Spanish

La gran aventura de Mortadelo y Filemón (English: The Big Adventure of Mortadelo and Filemón) is a 2003 Spanish language film based on the popular Spanish comic book series Mortadelo y Filemón by Francisco Ibáñez Talavera. The film was directed by Javier Fesser and stars Benito Pocino and Pepe Viyuela.[1][2]



The adventure starts on 7 February 2003. A spy breaks into Professor Bacterio's lab and steals some of his inventions from T.I.A. HQ (Técnicos de Investigación Aeroterráquea). Mortadelo and Filemon who work for T.I.A. are put on the case but Fredy, another agent decides to beat them to it. One of the inventions is a weather control machine which the spy decides to sell to the President of Tirania, a small Eastern European dictatorship. There are numerous clashes between the spy, Fredy, and Mortadelo and Filemon (who Fredy seems to want to kill). Our heroes end up in prison after accidentally beating up the local cop once too often. They escape, Filemon's mother gets kidnapped by Fredy and taken to Tirania. The spy is killed in Fredy's place as Fredy ingratiates himself with the President, while having Filemon's mother tortured. The heroes arrive and there is a big battle where Filemon is apparently killed. Then Mortadelo receives a mortal wound but is saved by the Holy Grail while Fredy gets his just desserts. They return home to a heroes welcome.

About the film

It is 105 minutes long. Like the comics, the film was totally chaotic and very violent in a cartoon-slapstick way; like where the Super gets a missile up the backside, where a man is flattened by a tank, where Filemon's face is used to bend the bars of his cell, where various people and a cat are flattened and so on. The many special effects are brilliant and so realistic often that you can't help wondering if anyone was injured or killed in the making of the film. Though the film is not available in English, it is easily watchable without understanding the language as there are endless sight gags, some of which will make you wince. The Queen of England featured a number of times (somewhat disrespectfully) and Buckingham Palace was covered in dung. In the end parade, there is a poster: Ibáñez for President.


  • Benito Pocino as Mortadelo
  • Pepe Viyuela as Filemon
  • Dominique Pinon as Fredy
  • Paco Sagárzazu as The President
  • Mariano Venancio as Superintendent Vincente (their boss at T.I.A.)
  • Janfri Topera as Professor Bacterio
  • Berta Ojea as Ofelia (Vincente's secretary)
  • Gustamante as a mosquito (CGI insect)
  • Maria Isbert as Filemon's mother
  • Emilio Gavira as a neighbour
  • Germán Montaner as President's servant
  • Janusz Ziemniak as The spy who started it all off
  • Paco Hidalgo as President's torturer
  • Javier Aller as Mickey El Gigante
  • Jose Manuel Moya as Security guard at T.I.A.
  • Joan Gadea as a crooked shopkeeper.
  • Juan Peiró as someone who keeps getting run over
  • Andrés Gasch as a very large man who has it in for Filemon
  • Manuel Pizarro as a thief
  • Coyito Fernández as a cop
  • Emiliana Olmedo as Queen Elizabeth II
  • The people of Gijon (crowd scene at palace, which was the University)
  • The people of Valencia where much of it was filmed including the final parade and also Madrid.

Second Film

A second film has been made in 2008. Mortadelo y Filemon: Mision Salvar La Tierra (aka Mortadelo and Filemon: Mission Save The Planet). 98 minutes. The film is in Spanish only, with Spanish subtitles. Lead actors are: Pepe Viyuela, Eduard Soto, Mariano Venancio, Janfri Topera, Berta Ojea, Emilio Gavira, Alex O´Dogherty, Secun de la Rosa. It is now out on DVD.

About the second film

Coinciding with the worst drought ever, a group of criminals are ending all the reserves of water that remain in the land. The best secret agents of the world gather urgently. However, the evil Botijola plans against the meeting, intending to eliminate all the secret agents. His intention is to replace all water in the world with the beverage that carries his name. To accomplish this, he plans to abduct the scatterbrained professor Bacterio and to get him work for him, to that end.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that Botijola did not count on. Bacterio has thwarted him by hiding the pieces of his invention in different historic moments, utilizing a time machine. Mortadelo and Filemón, make numerous trips into history with the invaluable aid of Ophelia, to get the pieces of the invention back and to try to save to the world.


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