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Labourhome logo in 2007

Labourhome is a popular political blog specializing in British politics started by Alex Hilton and Jag Singh. Launched in 2006 with the tagline, "Back to the roots," the site targets supporters of the British Labour Party.[1]

The site garnered attention early in its history, when Hazel Blears posted an entry [2] on the site. In 2008 former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott started writing on the site.[3].

Labourhome, according to its owners, is hoped to coexist happily with other Labour-leaning blogs.

The site was re-launched on May 10, 2007, the day British Prime Minister Tony Blair resigned as Leader of the Labour Party.[citation needed]

In July 2008 New Statesman publisher Mike Danson invested in the site.[4]

In September 2008 a Labourhome user survey was used as the basis of a The Independent front page article claiming that Labour activists wanted Prime Minister Gordon Brown to stand down,[5][6] leading to some criticism of Labouhome from within the Labour Party.

In May 2009 the website switched from using bespoke blogging software to WordPress, with a significant change in appearance.[7]


Labourhome is not a standard forum-based website, but rather a collaborative blog, which allows registered members to maintain blogs within the site. Labourhome editors frequently push users' well-written and popular blog entries to the front page, whilst other users can post "blogs," whose titles appear on the front page in reverse chronological order. These are identical in format to the main posts, and can advance to attain "recommended diary" status by user vote, or can be promoted to the front page by Labourhome editors. These recommended entries appear in the sidebar, above the listing of all recently updated entries.


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