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Ladies Professional Wrestling Association
Acronym LPWA
Founded 1989; 1998
Style American Wrestling
Headquarters Laughlin, Nevada (1989–1992)
Founder(s) Tor Berg[1]
Owner(s) Tor Berg (1989–1992; 1998–2000)

The Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA) was an all-female wrestling promotion which operated in the early 1990s (c. 1989–1992). It was considered a successor to such women's promotions as Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW), but it differed in that, while GLOW slanted more toward WWF-style sports entertainment (with wrestling playing a secondary role to music video clips and comedy skits), the LPWA treated its product seriously and put its primary emphasis on in-ring athletics. Jim Cornette was notable for being a color commentator as he always carried his infamous tennis racket with him.



Thurston John "Tor" Berg (born 1938) founded the company around 1986 or 1987.[1] Berg was himself a wrestler during the 1960s, and returned to the wrestling business in the wake of the 1980s wrestling boom. Immediately prior to the LPWA, Berg ran a wrestling office based in Anchorage, Alaska, which lasted for about 6 months in 1985 and 1986. Initially affiliated with the AWA, business was poor from the start, and Berg resorted to promoting independent shows in Alaska which were even more poorly attended before that promotion was shut down.

An incident occurred in March 1991, where Berg promised Jumping Bomb Angels member Noriyo Tateno that he would give her a permanent job in the new company if she retired in Japan and moved to the United States.[1] Berg, however, later backed out on the deal, and Sherri Martel made the incident public.[1]

The LPWA held its first and only pay-per-view, Super Ladies Showdown, on February 23, 1992 before closing down operations shortly after.

Super Ladies Showdown

Super Ladies Showdown
Promotion LPWA
Date February 23, 1992
Attendance 400[2]
Venue Mayo Civic Center
City Rochester, Minnesota

LPWA Super Ladies Showdown was a professional wrestling pay-per-view from the LPWA. It took place on February 23, 1992 from the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota.[2] It was the only PPV from the LPWA, which folded shortly after the event. The main event was a match for the LPWA Singles Championship, in which Terri Powers defeated Lady X to win the belt. The event also featured a tournament for the LPWA Japanese Championship. Harley Saito was victorious in the tournament final and became the first holder of the title.


# Results Stipulations Times
1 Denise Storm defeated Susan Green LPWA Japanese Championship Tournament First Round match 06:02
2 Reggie Bennett defeated Yukari Osawa LPWA Japanese Championship Tournament First Round match 06:19
3 Eagle Sawai defeated Midori Saito LPWA Japanese Championship Tournament First Round match 05:43
4 Harley Saito defeated Mizuki Endoh LPWA Japanese Championship Tournament First Round match 07:06
5 Miki Handa and Mami Kitamura defeated Allison Royal and Lisa Starr Tag Team match 03:46
6 Shinobu Kandori defeated Desiree Petersen Singles match 04:31
7 Denise Storm defeated Reggie Bennett by disqualification. LPWA Japanese Championship Tournament Semi-Final match 08:27
8 Harley Saito defeated Eagle Sawai by points. LPWA Japanese Championship Tournament Semi-Final match 10:00
9 Black Venus defeated Rockin' Robin Singles match 05:39
10 Leilani Kai and Judy Martin (c) defeated Bambi and Malia Hosaka Tag Team match for the LPWA Tag Team Championship 08:47
11 Harley Saito defeated Denise Storm Tournament Final match for the LPWA Japanese Championship 08:07
12 Terri Powers defeated Lady X (c) Singles match for the LPWA Championship 08:36


LPWA Singles Championship

The LPWA Heavyweight Championship was a professional wrestling title created in early-1990.[3]

Wrestlers: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Susan Sexton 1 January 1990 Awarded title.
Lady X 1 January 31, 1991 Laughlin, NV
Terri Power 1 February 23, 1992 Rochester, MN Defeated Lady X at LPWA Super Ladies Showdown.
The title was abandoned after the LPWA closed in 1992.

LPWA Tag Team Championship

The LPWA Tag Team Championship was a professional wrestling tag team title created in early-1990.[3]

Wrestlers: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Team America
(Misty Blue & Heidi Lee Morgan)
1 March 13, 1990 Laughlin, NV Defeated Bad, Black & Beautiful (Bad Girl & Black Venus).
The Glamour Girls
(Leilani Kai & Judy Martin)
1 February 28, 1991 Laughlin, NV
The titles were abandoned after LPWA closed in 1992.



Other on-air talent





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