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Lady Mary Grey.

Lady Mary Grey (1545–20 April 1578), sometimes spelled Marie, was the third and last daughter of Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk and Lady Frances Brandon.

She was a younger sister of Lady Jane Grey and Lady Catherine Grey. Her maternal grandparents were Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk and Mary Tudor, former Queen consort of France, who was the younger daughter of King Henry VII of England. As great-grandchildren of Henry VII, Mary and her sisters were potential heirs to the throne. When King Edward VI of England died in 1553, the Duke of Northumberland tried to make Mary's eldest sister Jane Queen. This intrigue failed, and Edward was succeeded by his older half-sisters, Mary I, and then Elizabeth I.

Queens Mary and Elizabeth were both childless, so the surviving Grey sisters were considered likely heirs to the throne. Catherine Grey died in 1568. This brought Lady Mary Grey to relative prominence. She was the last surviving grandchild of Mary Tudor. Catherine Grey's children were considered illegitimate, so some regarded Mary as heiress presumptive to the English throne. Mary was under house arrest at that time, having been imprisoned in 1565 for marrying royal gatekeeper Thomas Keyes without the permission of Queen Elizabeth. She was released following his death in 1572 and was permitted to attend Court occasionally. Mary Grey was described as the smallest person at court, crooked backed and 'very ugly'. Her reported deformity could be described as kyphosis. In spite of the intrigues involving her sisters, it does not appear that Mary Grey ever made a serious claim to the throne. She died childless, aged 33.



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Lady Mary Grey (1545- April 20, 1578 was the sister of Lady Jane Grey and Lady Katherine Grey. Her parents were Lady Frances Brandon and Henry Grey.


Mary Grey's parents were disappointed with her birth, because she was a girl and a hunchback. She was described as "four foot tall and hunchbacked".

Mary's life was not as exciting as her sisters, Jane and Katherine Grey. But after their death she was the last surviving grandchild of Mary Tudor, and therefore some people thought she might be heiress to the English throne. She married the royal gatekeeper Thomas Keyes in 1565 but this was without Queen Elizabeth's permission. But like her sister Katherine's marriage to Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford, Queen Elizabeth was angry. Elizabeth claimed that she wanted "no bastard Keyes". Elizabeth put Mary under house arrest. She was released after the death of her husband in 1572 and was permitted to attend Court occasionally.

She died childless at age 33.

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