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Coordinates: 40°59′08″N 111°53′41″W / 40.98556°N 111.89472°W / 40.98556; -111.89472

Lagoon Amusement Park
Location Farmington, Utah, United States United States
Address P.O. Box 696 Farmington, Utah 84025
Opened 1886
Operating season April – October
Rides 48 total
Slogan It's what FUN is!

Lagoon is an amusement park in Farmington, Utah, United States located about seventeen miles (27 km) north of Salt Lake City. It is privately owned. It has eight roller coasters, three of which are unique; one of these being Colossus the Fire Dragon, which is the only Schwarzkopf Double Looping coaster still in operation (Laser at Dorney Park closed at the end of the 2008 season), and is the longest existing model. Another is The Bat, a Vekoma junior suspended coaster that opened in 2005. The third is the park's newest, largest and fastest coaster, Wicked (2007). It was designed by Lagoon's engineering department in cooperation with Zierer, a ride manufacturer.

Lagoon is divided into five main areas: The Midway, containing the majority of the rides and an assortment of carnival type games and food outlets; Pioneer Village which has several exhibits displaying pioneer buildings and artifacts; Lagoon-A-Beach, a water park which is included in the regular admission price; Kiddie Land with several rides for small children, and the X-Venture Zone featuring more extreme rides that cost extra. Lagoon also offers a full-service RV park, a campground, and a shaded walking trail outside the park that stays open all year.





In 1886, The Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad built a resort on the shores of the Great Salt Lake. It was called Lake Park, and was one of several resorts built along the lake throughout the late 1800s. Through the years, the lake level receded drastically until Lake Park was far from the lake and it closed by the end of the 1895 season.

Sanborn Map of Lagoon (1911).

Simon Bamberger, who was building his Salt Lake & Ogden Railroad line from Salt Lake City to Ogden, Utah, was vice president of Lake Park and a 25% owner. To increase passenger traffic on his line he bought most of the original Lake Park buildings from the D&RGW and moved them about 3 miles (5 km) east near Farmington, Utah. This gave the residents of Salt Lake City (and later, Ogden) a reason to travel over the "Bamberger." The resort was named Lagoon for the small body of water located on the original forty acres (162,000 m²). The original lagoon was used to harvest ice in winter; Bamberger had it enlarged to 9 acres (36,000 m2) by clearing some swampland.

Lagoon opened in Farmington, Utah on 12 July 1896, and included "Bowling, Elegant Dancing Pavilion, Fine Music, A Shady Bowery and Good Restaurants." In 1899, Shoot-the-Chutes, the park's first thrill ride, was added.[1] In 1900 guests began swimming and rowing boats in Lagoon Lake. Over time more rides were added, such as the authentic Herschell-Spillman Carousel and Cagney 12-inch-gauge Miniature Railroad.

In 2003 Lagoon celebrated the 110th birthday of its hand carved carousel that was built in 1893 and purchased by Lagoon in 1906. The carousel consists of 47 animals including: a chicken, swan, snail, lion, tiger, a frog in short pants and a bow tie, a sea dragon, a long-horned goat, a zebra without a saddle, a stork,and a giraffe.[2] In 1953 when the "White" Roller Coaster caught fire, (owner) Robert Freed came down and sprayed the merry-go-round with water to protect its hand-carved figures.[3]

One of the most popular rides today is Lagoon's famous wooden roller coaster "Roller Coaster - Coaster". Designed by John Miller of Coney Island fame; it was constructed in 1921. Miller gave Lagoon's coaster plenty of dips and turns. Its highest height is fifty-seven feet, and the length of track is two thousand five hundred feet. The ride lasts just under two minutes and the coaster train reaches speeds up to 45 mph (72 kph). It is locally known as the "White Roller Coaster" due to it white wash paint.

In 1927 a 1.5 million U.S. gallon (5,678 m³) swimming pool with "water fit to drink" was built north of Lagoon Lake. It was one of the first filtered swimming pools in the west, and was a cleaner alternative than swimming in the briny Great Salt Lake.

Lagoon's Carousel.

The 1920s and 1930s were popular years at Lagoon. There was betting and horse racing there in the 1920s, but the Utah State Legislature put a stop to that only a few years after it began. The first Fun House was built in 1929, along with many other midway shows, rides, and games. During the "Big Band" era Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Glenn Miller played Lagoon's stage.


The park closed for three seasons during World War II. By 1946 the park was in bad condition and on the brink of permanent closure. The Bamberger family considered razing it. However, Ranch S. Kimball and Robert E. Freed, seeing an excellent opportunity, convinced the Bamberger family to lease the park to their newly-formed Utah Amusement Corporation. Ranch Kimball served as President with Bob Freed serving as Secretary and Assistant Manager. (The Freed Family's Lagoon Corporation bought the resort outright from the Bamberger family in 1983.)

When the Utah Amusement Corporation took over the lease of Lagoon, a Farmington town ordinance prohibited African-Americans from using the swimming pool and the ballroom. By the end of the 1940s, Robert Freed had fully opened Lagoon to the black community, and further extended this policy to the Terrace Ballroom (formerly the Rainbow Gardens) in Salt Lake City.[4]

Map of Lagoon in 1949.

The Freed family made several improvements, including the installation of new dressing rooms and a general overhaul of the swimming pool in 1949, a rebuilt fun house and the introduction of the "Dodgem Cars" and the "Lakeshore Express" miniature diesel train in 1951, and a new ferris wheel in 1953.

In November 1953 a fire destroyed much of the park, including the fun house, dance pavilion and the front portion of the roller coaster. It was quickly rebuilt to open for the next season and began to surpass the popularity of its main rival, Saltair. Many rides were restored, rebuilt, or replaced, and a few new rides were added. In 1956, Mother Gooseland, Lagoon's first themed area, was opened between the Midway and the swimming pool. It featured rides only for children.

Gardens down the middle of Lagoon's Midway.

From the mid 1950s into the 1960s Lagoon made many improvements. A showboat was added to the lake, and a new fun house was built, which featured such attractions as a multi-lane giant slide; mazes, mirrors, obstacle courses and mystery rooms; a large turntable which flung its riders off at great velocity; revolving barrels; and the ubiquitous jets of air - activated by a human operator - which startled those who were unfortunate enough to stand over them. There was also a mini-car ride added in 1960, followed by the "Space Scrambler," spook house, I.Q. Zoo, and shooting gallery in 1961. The first Wild Mouse ride came in 1965. On the Midway, musical groups including the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones, the Kingston Trio and Johnny Cash drew the crowds to the bandstand.

The Beach Boys made mention of the park in their song titled "Salt Lake City" on their 1965 Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!) album. The Rolling Stones concert at Lagoon was in July 1966.

The Animaland Train was installed around the I.Q. Zoo in 1967. In 1975, authentic Crown-built 4-4-0 steam locomotives were put into operation around the lake and the name was changed to the Wild Kingdom Train.


The turn-of-the-century style Opera House Square opened in 1968 and showcased melodramas, musicals and silent movies. In 1976 Lagoon expanded east by purchasing Pioneer Village, an old west town complete with several historic structures that had been collected and exhibited in Salt Lake City's Sugar House area since 1953. The buildings were moved to Lagoon and the Pioneer Village Railroad ("Old Ironsides," a 24-inch-gauge Crown 4-4-0) circled the town. There was also the "Lagoon Miniature Railroad," which looped around the residential area of Pioneer Village using the original miniature steam locomotive acquired in the early 1900s. A log flume ride was brought in from the defunct Pixieland Park[5] in Oregon.

One of the most popular rides at Lagoon even today was added in 1976, the Jet Star 2 - Coaster. Before Lagoon purchased the Jet Star 2, it was one of the attractions at the Spokane Washington's Expo '74.[6]

Fire Dragon came to Lagoon in 1983, to huge crowds and great reviews as Fire Dragon was selected by People Magazine in 1984 as one of the top 10 coaster rides in the country! Fire Dragon is lagoon's first coaster to feature inversions, with a top speed of 55 mph. Fire Dragon still stands has the coaster with the most inversions (two loops) at Lagoon, only challenged by Wicked's one zero g roll.

In the late 1980s, both the famous old fun house and the "Haunted Shack", a walk-through fright attraction, were closed, victims of escalating maintenance costs, safety concerns and increased risk of litigation. The famous swimming pool closed after its fifth decade in 1987. This made way for the $5.5 million Lagoon-A-Beach which was completed in 1989. Its construction spelled the end of the small-scale railroad operations in Pioneer Village, as some of the supports stood in the way of the track.


-1997 Lagoon, in a major expansion of Pioneer Village, built Rattlesnake Rapids, a river rapid ride located in Pioneer Village in the new Rattlesnake Plaza which included a new game - Rising Waters, maufatured by Bobs Space Racers. Also added was a new food stand - Rattlesnake Grub and a new merchandise location, Pedlers Place, that sells candy, toys, lagoon merchandice, colored rocks and Rattlesnake Parafinia, but also sells ponchos for the wet ride ahead.

-1998 Lagoon added Wild Mouse, a Maurer Sohne, wild mouse coaster. However, this ride type was not new to Lagoon. Lagoon had a wooden model that was demolished 15 years prior to the current steel model opening.

-1999 Lagoon broke the 200 foot mark when it built The Rocket, an S&S space shot tower with two different ride towers: (out of three) Re-Entry and Blast-Off.

-2000, Samurai, a Mondial Top Scan, was built and so was Double Thunder Raceway.

-2001, Lagoon built a Mondial Top Spin, Cliffhanger, on the south midway on the right side of Wild Mouse.

-2002, Lagoon expanded its X-Venture Zone by adding Catapult.

-2003, The Spider - Coaster, a Maurer Sohne SC 2000, On the south midway across from Fire Dragon

-2004, Lagoon revamped their children's area, Kiddieland, giving it a garden theme and adding two new rides to the area, Kontiki and Dragon Fly.

-2005, The Bat, an inverted coaster, was constructed near Lagoon-A-Beach. It is a family-friendly coaster with a minimum height requirement of 42".

-2006, Lagoon expanded Kiddieland further by adding two new rides, Dinosaur Drop and Lady Bug Bop, Zierer Family Drop Towers.


-2007, Wicked. Lagoon built a $10 million roller coaster named Wicked! Wicked is a first-of-its-kind Zierer tower launch coaster. It is powered by linear synchronous motors that launch riders up a 110' Tower, at 55 mph in 2.5 seconds after the tower riders experience several state of the art thrill elements. An Imelmann turn, a heart-line roll, two half-pipe turns and the signature "lake turn" into a final tunnel before Returning to the station. Wicked is located in the south midway section of the park, behind the "Fire Dragon". Wicked opened to the public on June 1 at 3:00pm to rave reviews and piercing screams. I addition to wicked lagoon made several improvements to the park. The area in front of spider and Fire Dragon was expanded and repaved for Wicked, This connected the spider area to wicked and Fire Dragon. "Tidal Wave" was rebuilt and got a new paint job.

-2008, OdySea was built, a Zierer "Flying Fish" with aquatic themes. OdySea is an interactive ride with a joystick to control the vehicles height, Arrow will blink to direct the rider to dodge jets of water from the sea creatures that attempt the soak you as a (soundtrack) song tells a story. The ride features a giant squid centerpiece, with submarines and fish as cars each holding two passengers. OdySea opened on April 5, 2008 In addition in 2008 Lagoon expanded its employee kitchen with twice the seating and all new counters, serving areas, etc. the new kitchen made many Lagoon employees very happy. Lagoon also introduced designated smoking areas "Sit and Smoke Stations", in response to a new Davis County law that went into effect on 1 January 2008 that prohibited smoking in privately and publicly owned outdoor places. With the addition of these "sit and smoke stations" caused the removal of one of Lagoons x-venture attractions Peak Exposure, a small rock climbing wall formerly located on the south midway by Roller Coaster.[7]

-2009, Lagoon opened the "Jumping Dragon", a Zierer "Dragon Roundabout". Jumping dragon has 20 gondolas (Two are the tail and head) with 2 riders per gondola, each with their own lap bar making for a much more comfortable ride. Jumping Dragon features oriental themes including a 40 foot pagoda that the ride travels through and a baby dragon that the dragon of the ride has with the front gondola (added a few months later). Jumping Dragon is also one of the three rides at lagoon to have a soundtrack, (OdySea and Musik Express are the others). Jumping Dragon opened to the Public on April 4, 2009.

-2010, Lagoon is revamping their large ferris wheel, Sky Scraper. It was taken down in October 2009 and will be back with a new coat of paint in April of 2010. It is unknown what else Lagoon is planning for this year but Lagoon is always improving the park. Since 1994 they have been adding a new attraction every season, but due to the current econmic status Lagoon has announced that they will not be installing a new ride this season. Instead lagoon has plans for more shows to wow the public. We can only wait and see.

The Future Lagoon

Scores of activities have been available to the Lagoon guest. Since 1886, "Lagoon has offered hot-air balloon rides, boxing and wrestling matches, great names in entertainment, horse racing and parimutuel betting, roller-skating, baseball games, dancing, swimming, bicycle racing, a zoo, motion pictures, live theater, blackface minstrel shows, rodeos, a midway, rowboating, marching bands, wild West shows, fireworks, and mechanical rides."In addition there are rumors that Lagoon is planning to add a multi-million dollar roller coaster for the 2012 or 2013 season, but have not yet been confirmed that's lagoos for you. Lagoon has just told the public that they will demolishing the roller coaster and re building it due to safety regulations. The white roller coaster will be the same. this claim above is probobly not even true. The White Roller Coaster Will NEVER be gone ( as stated by former owners) there is a new roller coaster for 2011. it will be put in which is now the parking lot and the parking lot will move to an old field north of the park. 2010 will be the first year in a long time that lagoon hasn't had a new attraction.

Movies filmed at Lagoon

Notable People who worked at Lagoon

Special Event Days

  • May 16: students and professors of the department of physics at Utah State University call the day "Physics Day"; they do educational events annually [4].
  • ATK Thiokol normally attends Lagoon from 10 am to 10 pm on the last Friday in June.

Existing Roller Coasters

Lagoon features eight different roller coasters that date from 1921-2010-2011. Roller Coaster (often called White Roller Coaster by locals) is an ACE Coaster Landmark.[10]


roller coasters

Name Manufacturer Type Design Year Opened
Roller Coaster Miller & Baker; Trains by PTC Wooden Sitdown 1921
Jet Star II Schwarzkopf Steel Sitdown 1976
Colossus the Fire Dragon Schwarzkopf Steel Sitdown 1983
Puff: The Little Fire Dragon Zierer Steel Sitdown 1985
Wild Mouse Maurer Söhne Steel Sitdown 1998
Spider Maurer Söhne Steel Sitdown 2003
The Bat Vekoma Steel Inverted 2005
Wicked Zierer Steel Sitdown 2007
Name Year Opened
Baby Boats 1963
Bulgy ????
Dinosaur Drop 2006
Dragon Fly 2004
Helicopters 1963
Kontiki 2004
Ladybug Bop 2006
Moonraker 1983
Puff the Little Fire Dragon 1985
Red Baron 1984
Scalawags 1986
Scamper 1977
Sky Fighter 1954
Speedway Jr 1978

North Midway

Name Year Opened
Bat 2005
Boomerang 1977
Flying Aces 1964
Hydro Luge 1994
Jet Star 2 1976
Jumping Dragon 2009
OdySea 2008
Paratrooper 1966
Rocket 1999
Samurai 2000
Sky Ride 1974
Sky Scrapper 1991
Space Scrambler 1961
Tilt-A-Whirl 1956

Central Midway

  • Dracula's Castle
  • Terror Ride
  • Interactive fountain, Water Attraction and Show
  • Game Time arcade

Pioneer Village

  • Log Flume
  • Rattlesnake Rapids

South Midway

  • Carousel
  • Centennial Screamer
  • Cliffhanger
  • Colossus The Fire Dragon
  • Musik Express
  • Rock-O-Plane
  • pippen dip/roller coaster.
  • Sky Ride - South Sation
  • Spider
  • Tidal Wave
  • Turn of the Century
  • Wild Kingdom Train
  • Wild Mouse
  • paddle boats
  • the fire dragon
  • the hammer
  • paratrooper

X-Venture Zone

In 1995, the Skycoaster towers were erected on the North Midway and marked the beginning of what would become the X-Venture Zone. Later the Top Eliminator, Double Thunder Raceway, and The Catapult would all become part of the X-Venture Zone. These rides are not included in Lagoon's all day Passport and require an extra fee to ride the more thrilling rides at lagoon,due to the price of the x venture zone attractions cost

  • Skycoaster: Lagoon's Skycoaster opened during the 1995 season. Lagoon was one of the first amusement parks in the United States to add the Skycoaster to its collection of rides.[11] This was also the first of the five rides that would be included in the X-Venture Zone. The launch tower is 153 feet (47 m) tall and the main arch is 173 feet (53 m) tall. The flyers, up to 3 at a time, are raised up to a height of 143 feet (44 m). When they are instructed to do so, one of the flyers pulls the rip cord and then the flyers drop rapidly, reaching speeds up to 80 miles per hour (130 km/h) and experiencing sensations similar to hang gliding and skydiving.[12]
Double Thunder's Control Tower.
  • Top Eliminator: In 1996 Lagoon added Top Eliminator to the park. Riders get to simulate a drag race down a four lane race track complete with "Christmas tree" countdown lights. The ride cost $1.2 million and the opening was delayed by about 3 months due to software glitches.[13] The attraction opened for the 1996 season at the end of August. Riders can reach speeds up to 75 miles per hour (121 km/h) in 2.8 seconds. Lagoon was the second amusement park to receive this ride. Kentucky Kingdom was the first.[14]
  • Double Thunder Raceway: Double Thunder Raceway, an elaborate go-cart ride, opened at the beginning of the 2000 season. The go-carts consist of two separate tracks; Lightning at 1,146 feet (349 m) and Thunder at 1,142 feet (348 m). Each track has 28 go-carts and features several sweeping turns, overpasses, 360 degree spirals, straight-aways, and camelbacks. At the time this attraction opened the go-cart drivers had to be at least 54" tall, Lagoon's highest restriction, and passengers had to be at least 46" tall.[15] Guests must be at least 50" tall to drive, or 40" tall to ride only. The ride lasts for 5 minutes, and the go-carts are equipped with a remote-control safety system, ground-control speed devices, and traffic signal lights to indicate the status of the track.[16]
Lagoon's Catapult capsule.
  • Catapult: The Catapult, the latest X-Venture Zone ride, was installed in 2002. It hurls two passengers at a time up to 250 feet (76 m) in the air. It is powered by extension springs which exert a maximum pull of 80,000 pounds of force. The tower is 196 feet (60 m) tall which is nearly as tall as the nearby Rocket towers at 212 feet (65 m). A spokeperson for Lagoon said that this may be Lagoon's most thrilling ride ever, as there is a strong weightless feeling in the ride, some twists and oscillations.[17] Riders are strapped in a capsule seat by full harness restraints with redundant locking mechanisms for safety and comfort. The capsule is also equipped with a video camera and microphone with remote broadcast capability to transmit video of the riders to the monitors on the ground. then you may purchase that tape at the souvenir counter. <] referenced on 9 Jan. 2008</ref>


Lagoon has offered varied entertainments to park visitors over the years, from live bands to musicals, and Wild West shows to Pop shows.

Current Entertainment

The 2009 Regular Season features 3 shows:

  • American Juke box - Game Time Stage
  • Rock U2 the Top - Carosel Theater
  • Broadway corner - Carosel Theater

Past Entertainment

  • 2008 - 3 shows
  • Country swing jubile - Carosel Theater
  • Rock u2 the top - Carosel Theater
  • Broadway Rhythm - Music Theater
  • 2007 - 3 shows
  • "Electric '80s" - Carousel theater, featuring: Dallin Allred, Michelle Robbins, Amanda Monson, Elise Groves, Parker Solum, William Richardson, Emily Giaque, Steve Shoemaker
  • "Rock U2 the Top" - Carousel Theater, featuring: Gray Aydelott, Mickelle Bean, Daysha Hanneman, Blake Murray, Ashtyn Nelson, JT Seumalu, Emily Giaque, Steve Shoemaker
  • "On Broadway" - Music Theater, featuring: Nathan Copier, Cody Jensen, Andrew Lewis, Becca Schwartz, Jennifer Perucca, Kathryn Stratford, Kim Stephenson, Preston Yates, Valerie Larsen, Lexi Giaque, William Richardson
  • 2006 - 3 shows
  • Club-A-Go-Go featuring: Gray Aydelott, Natassia Clark, James Hales, Daysha Hannemann, Jacob Knight, Andrew Lewis, Ashtyn Nelson and Mandy Stanford, Kim Stephenson, Vaden Thurgood
  • Rock U2 the Top featuring: Emily Giaque, Lexi Giaque, Daniel Hamblin, Michelle Hunt, Steve Shoemaker, Vaden Thrugood, Daysha Hannermann, Cody Jensen)[18]
  • Jukebox Jive featuring: Nick Berg, Collin Christensen, Nathan Copier, Heidi Evans, Elise Groves, Cody Jensen, Kristen Kemp, Ralynne Riggs, Linton Dean, Kim Stephenson

1990 Regular Season

"A Salute to Broadway" at the "Music USA Theater". Songs performed included "A Pretty Girl" from "The Ziegfeld Follies"; "They Call the Wind Mariah" from "Paint Your Wagon"; "Let Me Entertain You," from "Gypsy"; "Tonight" from "West Side Story" and "I Cain't Say No" from "Oklahoma". Performers: Collette Schlappi, Angi Cannon, Camille Bailey, LauraLyn Oldham, Angela Burnett, Bret Wheadon, Jeff Whiting, Tim Shoemaker, Roger Stephenson, Brett Bradford.[19]


Frightmares : Every autumn the park offers Halloween-themed shows for the Fall season.

The 2006 Frightmares Season featured The Hackenslash Chainsaw Demonstration Team, Wailin' Witches, Zombie Mambo, and The "Hypnotysm".

Also in 2006 and 2007 Lagoon hosted the following Walk-Thru Atrractions: Haunted Hollywood, Fun House of Fear, Hal O. Ween High, Spook-A-Boo Walk-Thru, and Psycho Dave's Salvage Yard.

The 2007 Frightmares Season featured The Hackenslash Chainsaw Demonstration Team, Vampire Awakening, Monster Classics, and The Master Hypnotist.

The 2008 season lagoon removed haunted holly wood for their 2008 attraction, but deception was added in the 2009 season in its place.


Lagoon has 38 carnival games in which prizes ranging in size from small to giant can be won.

Name Description Location Year Opened Year Closed
Wac-A-Mole Two to six players whack the moles as they pop up. The first player to whack 10 moles wins (Bob's Space Racers) Central Midway SW of the Fountain 1981 Open
Wacky Wire Thread a ring along a rotating wire without touching the sides Central Midway NW of the Fountain 1991 Open
Up, Up and Away Three to twelve players compete in this watergun game. (Bobs Space Racers) Central Midway NW of the Fountain  ? Open
Darts Throw darts at balloons to win prizes Central Midway NW of the Fountain 1954 Open
Darts II Pop balloons by throwing darts to win prizes Central Midway South of Scamper 1981 Open
Top Gun Shooting game Central Midway NE of the Fountain  ? Open
Tip Em' Over Throwing game, knock over all three bottles to win a prize Central Midway NE of the Fountain  ? Open
Tic Tac Toe Just throw 3 balls in to the 3 x 3 square boxes and get three in a row to win a prize Central Midway NE of the Fountain 2003 Open
Lucky Duck Choose one of the ducks floating in the stream of water. Every player is a winner Central Midway SE of the Fountain 2003 Open
Bowler Roller Roll the bowling ball over the hill and into the valley to win a prize Central Midway SE of the Fountain  ? Open
Kat Attack Throwing game. Knock down two Kats to win. Central Midway SE of the Fountain  ? Open
Touchdown Throw a football through a tire hoop to win. Central Midway SE of the Fountain  ? Closed 2008
Break A Plate Break the plastic plates with a baseball to win. Break 2 out of 3 for a small prize, or 3 out of 3 for a large prize. Central Midway South of Terroride 2002 Open
Spill the Milk Throwing game. Knock down the milk bottles and win. Central Midway South of Central Park 1954 Open
Can It Throw a ball into a milk can to win a giant prize Central Midway NE of the Fountain  ? Open
Hot Shot Race Game Central Midway South of Scamper (Bob's Space Racers) 1981 Open
Drown The Clown A squirting water race game between 3 to 20 people. Pop the balloon first to win a prize. Central Midway North of Coca-Cola Corner  ? Open
Hi-Roller A Skee Ball game in which rolling high scores wins prizes Moved To Touchdowns spot---Central Midway SE of the Fountain (Bobs Space Racers)  ? Open
Fish R Jumpin' Catch a fish when it jumps to win a prize Moved To half of Hi Rollers old Spot ------  ? Open
Goblet Toss Too Throw the balls into the colored cups to win a small, medium or large prize East of Game Time 1992? Open
Plop Plop Throw ping pong balls into different colored cups, the cups are floating and moving. East of Game Time 1992? Open
Bottle Up Throw a ring onto a coke-a-cola bottle to win a large prize Game Time plaza on the south end 1998?/1999? Open
Milk Cans Throw a ball into a milk can to win a giant prize Game Time plaza on the north end  ? Open
Rebound Throw the ball into a container by bouncing it off an angled board. Game Time plaza on the north end 2006 Open
Hi-Striker Swing the giant mallet onto the striker, the harder it is struck the more points are achieved. Game Time plaza on the north end 1995 Open
Slam Dunk Make a basket with a basketball to win. Most northern game in the park located between the Rocket and Samurai 2000s Closed 2009
Shoot Till You Win Basketball game. Shoot until you make a basket. Uses lower baskets with mini basketballs. Price based on size of prize. Most northern game in the park located between the Rocket and Samurai 2009 Open
Rising Waters Shoot water into the target and watch your water rise. The first person to raise his water level to the line wins (Bob's Space Racers) Pioneer Village next to Rattle Snake Rapids 1997 Open
Bonanza Originally a Rifle Shooting Gallery but was coverted by Lagoon into its current format in 2004. Shoot three balls per game, tipping over all 3 cans. Knock over 3 cans with 3 shots to get a small prize; knock over 3 cans with 2 shots to win a large. Pioneer Village west of the Log fume 1975/2004 Open
Speedball Throw the baseball and see how fast you can throw; 40-69MPH gets a small prize, 70+MPH gets a large. South Midway next to Music USA 1982/1998/2001 Open
Basketball Make one shot (out of one) into the basket to win. Prices based on prize size. South Midway next to Teriyaki Stix 1964/1998/2001 Open
Guess It Game operator will attempt to guess your age, birth month, or weight. South Midway just south of the Wild Kingdom Train Station  ? Open
Hole In One Knock the golf ball into one of the many holes and win a prize South Midway just North of Rock-O-Plane  ? Open
Easy Does It Roll the bowling ball over the hill and into the valley to win a prize South Midway just South of Rock-O-Plane  ? Open
Center Ring Throw a ring onto a coca-cola bottle to win a large prize South Midway just north of Screamer 1992? Open
Goblet Toss Throw the balls into the colored cups to win a small, medium or large prize South Midway just north of Screamer 1992? Open
Glass Pitch Toss a quarter onto the plate to win a prize. South Midway just East of Fire Dragon 2001?/2002? Open
Day at the Races Race game where you compete against other players by throwing a ball into holes that moves your horse at different speeds (Bob's Space Racers) South Midway East of Fire Dragon  ? Open
Jacob's Ladder Climb a rope ladder without falling off and win a giant prize South Midway just East of Fire Dragon  ? Open
Shooting Waters Shoot water into the target and watch your water rise. The first person to raise his water to the line wins. (Bob's Space Racers) South Midway just south of Wild Mouse 1990s?/1998 Open

Lagoon's Past Games include a Fascination Parlor, Skee Ball, and Dime Toss. "Putter Around The Park," an 18 hole miniature golf course themed after rides and attractions in the park, was removed to make way for Jumping Dragon in 2009.

Other past games: Skatterball/Monkey Ball

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luck of the Irish a Disney channel original movie was filmed right in front of the sky scraper

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