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Lagos de Moreno
—  Municipality and city  —

Coat of arms
Location of the municipality in Jalisco
Lagos de Moreno is located in Mexico
Lagos de Moreno
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 21°21′N 101°55′W / 21.35°N 101.917°W / 21.35; -101.917
Country  Mexico
State Jalisco
 - Total 2,648.22 km2 (1,022.5 sq mi)
Population (2005)
 - Total 140,001
Time zone Central Standard Time (UTC-6)
 - Summer (DST) Central Daylight Time (UTC-5)

Lagos de Moreno is a city and its surrounding municipal area of the same name, located in the extreme northeastern part of the state of Jalisco in Mexico. At the 2005 census the city had a population of 92,716 inhabitants, the seventh-largest community in the state by population.

The city serves as the municipal seat of the municipality, which has an area of 2,648.22 km² (1,022.48 sq mi) and a population of 140,001 inhabitants, and includes many other outlying small communities, the largest of which are Paso de Cuarenta (San Miguel de Cuarenta) and Los Azulitos.

Lagos de Moreno is called by Mexicans, with some hyperbole, the "Athens of Jalisco" because of the numerous writers and poets who were born there.

Important industries include food processing, including milk and dairy products, vegetable oils, and meats, manufacture of footwear and agricultural machinery.

The city was founded on March-31st., 1563 by Captain General and Grand Major of the Teocaltiche Valley, Hernando de Martell a.k.a. Hernán Gallegos, and named Villa de Santa Maria de los Lagos.

Gallegos founded the village in the Spanish style in the remains of Chichimecas and Caxcans cultures with 63 Sephardic families that came from Spain after King Ferdinand proclaimed the Alhambra Decree (March 31, 1492) (History of the Jews in Spain) which ordered every Jew in Iberia to convert to the Catholic religion or be expelled from the country. Some of the Spanish (Sephardic) Jews went to America and founded towns or cities in the New World.

It was renamed as Lagos de Moreno in memory of insurgent General Pedro Moreno (1775-1817), who led the struggle for independence from Spain.

The old pre-Hispanic name of the city was Pechichitlán or Teziziatlan and was the Great Capitol city of the Chichimecatlalli Empire founded by Ahnuvic-VII nearly 1028 B.C.

It celebrates a fair "Fiestas de Agosto" at the end of July and beginnings of August, several events take place in the area of sports, art, culture and Mexican folklore.

The city of Brea, California, has had a long relationship with its sister city, Lagos de Moreno, Mexico. Since September 1997 Lagos runs a Police Officer Exchange Program with Brea, which seeks to improve training and law enforcement tactics.

Notable natives and residents

José Rosas Moreno
Mariano Azuela
Cien Caras
Emilio González Márquez
Pedro Moreno
Martin Flores


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Coordinates: 21°21′N 101°55′W / 21.35°N 101.917°W / 21.35; -101.917



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