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Lake Aurora Christian Camp is a Christian camp in Lake Wales, Florida.



Lake Aurora Christian Camp was built on what used to be orange groves. Most of central Florida is used for the grove industries. Central Florida creates most of the worlds orange juice. The camp was built on top of several existing groves. The founders of this camp were church leaders of several churches in the greater central Florida area. These leaders were looking for something that could stretch the minds of young individuals and give them a place to understand who God is and what he is going to do in their lives for them. The camp was brought forth in 1947. One of the major contributors of this project was a man called V.G. Gilbert. This man was a preacher and an all out evangelist. He loved to spread the word of God. He spent his life going around and starting new churches and strengthening the ones that already existed. When the camp first started in had a total of one building which was used as a multi purpose building. They used this building for both the dining hall and it was also the place that they slept. At night they would roll in the beds and pulled a curtain closed to separate the boys from the girls. No air conditioner either.

Current Activity

The camp is now a two fold campus. They carry on both Christian retreats and summer camps. During the summer thousands of kids are brought through the dining hall of this campus. There are several building to help accommodate these campers and retreaters. Several Dorms are located across this campus with air conditioning and about 20 beds in each. There are also building known as the villas that are known to be a great get away for a few of the camp leaders of the groups. This helps them to relax with there family after a long day of leading campers in life changing connections with Jesus Christ. There are several other activities the camp allows you to do such as paddle boating, power boating, archery, leather crafting, and a visit to the nature center. All of this combined with camp fires at the end of the night allow for an amazing time between you and everything that God has created.

Extra Events

The camp holds several events that help fund the following years to come. The first one that comes to mind is a program called young at heart. This is a program for older people who would love to show how young they still are in participating in several activities throughout the day such as boat rides, games, and worshipping God in the dining hall. Some other events also put on are the father and son retreat, mother and daughter retreat, and both men and women retreats.


The camp has swimming for those who love the warm Florida weather and love to be outside. The camp is on about 80 acres of land and is a partner with the actual Lake Aurora itself. You can enjoy sun bathing in the white sand and swimming in the lake. There are also several inflatable devices in the water such as the blob, iceberg, and the banana boat. They also just bought 18 new baskets for a full disc golf course.

Water activities

The blob is the most popular of all the water activities. One person sits on end of the balloon and the other one jumps from a tower to land on the other side sending the one on the end into the water. You also have the iceberg which is the equivalent to a climbing tower in the water. The last one is the banana boat which is a floatable banana pulled behind a powerboat. The goal is to stay on the banana. All over this camp gets a thumbs up for recreation.


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