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Lake zones
Littoral zone
Limnetic zone
Profundal zone
Benthic zone
Lake stratification
Lake types
Holomictic lake
   Monomictic lake
   Dimictic lake
   Polymictic lake
Meromictic lake
Amictic lake
Aquatic layers

Lake stratification is the separation of lakes into three layers:

  1. Epilimnion - top of the lake.
  2. Metalimnion (or Thermocline) - middle layer that may change depth throughout the day.
  3. Hypolimnion - the bottom layer.

The thermal stratification of lakes is a change in the temperature at different depths in the lake. Temperatures change from season to season to create a cyclic pattern that is repeated from year to year.

If the stratification of water lasts for extended periods, the lake is meromictic. Conversely, for most of the time, a mere is unstratified; that is, its water is all epilimnion.

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