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"Lakewood East", officially Beth Medrash Govoha of America in Eretz Yisroel (בית מדרש גבוה דאמריקא בארץ ישראל), is a Yeshiva in Jerusalem headed by Rabbi Yaakov Eliezer Schwartzman, (son of Rabbi Dov Schwartzman, and) the oldest grandson of Rabbi Aharon Kotler, the founder of the Lakewood Yeshiva, and is officially a branch of that Yeshiva. It was formerly in the Kiryat Itri neighborhood of Jerusalem, and is now in Ramot. It is composed of a senior Beis Medrash for post graduate level Yeshiva students, along with a Kollel.

Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe, the father-in-law of Rabbi Schwartzman was the mashgiach (mashgiach ruchani) of the yeshiva until his passing.


Yeshiva moves to Ramot


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