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  • Land Instruments International, A company specialising in infrared temperature measurement and emissions monitoring equipment
  • LAND, a type of denial-of-service attack
  • Landing, the end of a flight
  • In Rifling, lands are the raised areas between grooves in gun barrels

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LAND, the general term for that part of the earth's surface which is solid and dry as opposed to sea or water. .The word is common to Teutonic languages, mainly in the same form and with essentially the same meaning.^ In the Thai language, the word Thai means "freedom" and so Thailand means the "Land of the Free".
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The Celtic cognate forms are Irish lann, Welsh Ilan, an enclosure, also in the sense of "church," and so of constant occurrence in Welsh place-names, Cornish lan and Breton lann, health, which has given the French laude, an expanse or tract of sandy waste ground. The ultimate root is unknown. .From its primary meaning have developed naturally the various uses of the word, for a tract of ground or country viewed either as a political, geographical or ethnographical division of the earth, as property owned by the public or state or by a private individual, or as the rural as opposed to the urban or the cultivated as opposed to the built on part of the country; of particular meanings may be mentioned that of a building divided into tenements or flats, the divisions being known as "houses," a Scottish usage, and also that of a division of a ploughed field marked by the irrigating channels, hence transferred to the smooth parts of the bore of a rifle between the grooves of the rifling.^ Counties are the primary political divisions of Michigan.
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^ A limited and preliminary historical survey of economic analysis of the relationships of resources, politics, urban & rural areas.

^ Maps and statistics are presented for various geographic "entities" or "summary levels" including regional, state, county, tract, and block group.
  • Demographics of SW Michigan - Population, Land Area, Sample Size, and Population Density Summaries using DDViewer 2.0 22 January 2010 21:53 UTC [Source type: Academic]

For the physical geography of the land, as the solid portion of the earth's surface, see Geography. For land as the subject of cultivation see Agriculture and Soil, alSOdRECLAMATION OF Land. For the history of the holding or tenure of land see Village Communities and Feudalism; a particular form of land tenure is dealt with under Metayage. .The article Agrarian Laws deals with the disposal of the public land (Ager publicus) in Ancient Rome, and further information with regard to the part played by the land question in Roman history will be found under Rome: § History. The legal side of the private ownership of land is treated under Real Property and Conveyancing (see also LandLORD AND TENANT, and Land REGISTRATION).^ I've never more than passed through Forsyth, and I remember looking at the article in question several times because I found it so incredible.
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^ The way each population resolves these questions results in the integrated life history patterns we see in nature."

^ With respect to the configurations of land use in urban areas, the collect of land rent neutralizes, and even reverses, the centrifugal forces which the current real property tax (i.e.


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Proper noun

  1. A surname.

Derived terms

  • Land Camera




Land n. (genitive Landes, plural Länder or Lande)
  1. a country.
  2. a state which is part of a country.
  3. land (real estate).
  4. the land, the dry portion of the earth's surface.

Usage notes

  • The plural Lande is archaic or poetic, but can still be found e.g. in the name Niederlande, "Netherlands".

Derived terms

Simple English

Most of the earth's surface is covered with water. The roughly 22 percent that is not, is called Land (as opposed to water).

Land can have different types of soil. There may be stones, sand, dirt, etc.

A Land can also mean some territory, forming part of a country.

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