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Landing at Lae
Part of World War II, Pacific War
Awm 042371 lae.jpg
The Australian 9th Division makes its amphibious landing east of Lae. LSTs can be seen completing their unloading. A tug is in the foreground and the Saruwaged Range is in the distance.
Date 4 September-6 September 1943
Location Lae area, Morobe Province, Territory of New Guinea
Result Allied victory
 Australia Japan Empire of Japan
Australia George Wootten

The Landing at Lae was an amphibous landing, as part of (Operation POSTERN), to the east of Lae in the Salamaua-Lae campaign of World War II between 4-6 September 1943.

The landing sites identified were Red Beach to the east of the mouth of the Buso River and Yellow Beach near Hopoi.

The Australian 9th Division quickly established a beachhead and began a pincer advance on Lae. The amphibious landing was unoppossed by Imperial Japanese land forces. A air attack on the second wave of amphibious landings by Japanese bombers, who killed about 100 Allied naval and army personnel.

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