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Landman (or, in the United States Navy, Landsman) was a military rank given to naval recruits.

In the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom in the middle of the 18th century, the term Landman referred to a seaman with less than a year's experience at sea. After a year, the landman was generally considered an Ordinary Seaman. Later, the term evolved into a more formal rating for a seaman.

Landsman was the lowest rank of the United States Navy in the 19th and early 20th centuries; it was given to new recruits with little or no experience at sea. Landsmen performed menial, unskilled work aboard ship. A Landsman who gained three years of experience or re-enlisted could be promoted to Ordinary Seaman.[1] The rank existed from 1838 to 1921.[2]


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Landsmann m. (genitive Landsmanns or Landsmannes, plural Landsmänner) (plural also Landsleute (gender neutral))

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