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Langa is a township and a village in the province of Ávila (autnomous community Castile and León). There are 547 inhabitants.



Premises belonging to the area called The Moraña is repopulated from 1085, with people coming from the North Peninsula. In the village of Narros settled down and took possession of the land surrounding the Cardenas family.

Langa was one of four places in this area and those who had just left him. The others are:

  • Valtodano Between Langa and the Sauza Source, on the shores of what is still a creek in times of heavy rainfall. The place is known anecdote that some guards on horseback chasing a criminal, but while passing through the source, where there was an area of 'quicksand' the culprit is not spent running and nothing happened, but the guards and their horses sunk in them.
  • Narros Between Lange and Magaz. It says that is 'stick' of the council went to Langa, and knew that most people who had lived there. You can see the ruins of the church and some houses nearby plant, and the remains of the foundations for what should be a small bridge. It was founded by the family during Cárdenas restocking after the expulsion of the Arabs. The area should be next to a wetland fed by a stream which formed a gap. Latest is that it knows what the fishing, which had a small dam, which at its name would have been even place some type of fishing.
  • Garciávalo that comes from Álvarado García. Between Langa and Villanueva del Aceral. There is a watering hole around which are found many remains of what could be materials from which the nucleus was built there.


  • José Jiménez Lozano (1930), writer


The mayor is José María Montes Saez[1].


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