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The languages of Bolivia include Spanish, at least 30 indigenous languages, most prominently Quechua, Aymara, and Tupi Guaraní, and other languages such as Plautdietsch spoken by descendants of immigrants. All of the indigenous languages and Spanish are official languages of the state according to the 2009 Constitution. Spanish and Quechua are spoken primarily in the Andes region; Aymara is mainly spoken in the Altiplano around Lake Titicaca, and Guarani in the southeast on the border with Paraguay.

Following the National Education Reform of 1994, all thirty indigenous languages were introduced alongside Spanish in the country's schools.[1]

All of the following languages are spoken in Bolivia:

Official status

The 2009 Constitution specifies the following languages as official: Castillian Spanish, Aymara, Araona, Baure, Bésiro (Chiquitano), Canichana, Cavineño, Cayubaba, Chácobo, Chimán, Ese Ejja, Guaraní, Guarasu’we, Guarayu, Itonama, Leco, Machajuyaikallawaya (Kallawaya) , Machineri (Machiguenga), Maropa, Mojeño-Trinitario, Mojeño-Ignaciano, Moré, Mosetén (Tsimane'), Movima, Pacawara (Pacahuara), Puquina, Quechua, Sirionó, Tacana, Tapiete, Toromona, Uru-Chipaya, Weenhayek (Wichí Lhamtés Nocten, Wichí Lhamtés Vejoz), Yaminawa, Yuki, Yuracaré and Zamuco (Ayoreo). The Bolivian government and the departmental governments are also required to use at least two languages in their operation, while smaller-scale autonomous governments must also use two, including Spanish.[2]

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