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Langues de Guinée
Official language French
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The official language of the Republic of Guinea is French. It is the language of state, and of official institutions. The national languages are Peul (or Poular), Malinké (or Maninka), Susu, Kissi, Guerzé (or Kpelle) and Toma. There are also more than 40 other languages.

French is used by 15 to 25% of the population. At the end of the Ahmed Sékou Touré regime, French was the only language used in business and schools.

Peul (32%) is mostly spoken in Middle Guinea, where the major city is Labé. Malinké (23%) is mostly spoken in Upper Guinea, where Kankan is the major city. Susu (10%) is mostly spoken in Guinée maritime, where the capital is Conakry. Guerzé (3.8%), Kissi (3.5%) and Toma (1.8%) are spoken in Guinée forestière. More specifically, Guerzé is spoken in Nzérékoré and Yomou. Kissi is spoken in Guéckédou and Kissidougou. Finally, Kono is a language used in the south of Guinea, mostly in Lola.

According to a report by Alpha Mamadou Diallo [1], the first language of inhabitants of the city of Conakry in decreasing order was: Susu 42%, Pular 20%, Maninka 19%, Kissi 4%, Guerzé 4%, French 2% and Toma 2%.

Notes and references

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