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[[Image:Languages of Uganda.png|thumb|250px|right| official language of Uganda.

After independence there were efforts to choose an indigenous official language, with Swahili and Luganda as the most considered candidates. Although Luganda was the most geographically spread language, people outside Buganda were opposed to having it as a national language[1], as were those of the Buganda kingdom because they felt other tribes' mispronunciation and grammar errors would ruin their language. English remained the official language.[2]

The native languages of the Ugandan people have had interesting effects on the English spoken in the country, leading to what many call Ugandan English.

During the regime of Idi Amin, Swahili, the East African lingua franca, became the second official national language, but it lost its official and national status in the 1995 Constitution. In September 2005, the Ugandan Parliament voted to once again make Swahili the second official national language.


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