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Larry Wilcox
Born August 8, 1947 (1947-08-08) (age 62)
San Diego, California, United States
Occupation President - Chief Executive Officer of The UC Hub Group
Years active 1999–present
Spouse(s) Judy Vagner
Hannie Strasser
Marlene Harmon

Larry Wilcox (born August 8, 1947) is an American actor, best known for his role as Officer Jonathan "Jon" Baker in CHiPs, an American television series about the motorcycle officers of the California Highway Patrol.


Current work

Today, he is President and Chief Executive Officer of The UC Hub Group, Inc, a public company on the Pink-OTCBB under the symbol (UCHB.PK) which is currently in the start-up phase on the Montana Mine project, a sapphire and gold production mine. The company is also currently drilling oil wells in Illinois and recently hit oil on their first well.

He also appeared in a cameo as "Officer Jon Baker" on the 2009 Christmas episode of 30 Rock.


As an accomplished motorcycle rider, horseman, race car driver, and jet skier, Wilcox did many of his own stunts on the show. Unlike his co-star, Erik Estrada (who played Francis (Frank) "Ponch" Poncherello), Wilcox never suffered any major injuries. By the 1979–80 season, he made $25,000 per episode (the same amount as Estrada). During his time on CHiPs, Wilcox appeared on the cover of TV Guide three times, along with Estrada.[1]

Rumors of friction between the two had occurred late in the 1978–79 season, but it calmed down after Estrada's injury at the beginning of the 1979–80 season. Apparently the accident was not enough to bring them back together; Estrada was not invited to his co-star's 1980 wedding. Wilcox admits he and Estrada were never the best of friends, and that some of the rumors of on-set feuding were true. Said Wilcox: "We're just two totally different people."[citation needed]

After CHiPs

In 1982, Wilcox left CHiPs to pursue other projects. He formed his own production company, Wilcox Productions, which produced The Ray Bradbury Theater for five years. He also continued acting and directing.

In the mid-1990s, Wilcox ran a company called Team Elite, which he described as "a multidivisional company selling liquid vitamins, wholesale travel and long-distance communications through network marketing."

His Film Career

Wilcox says his entrepreneurial talents were nurtured during his days on CHiPs by David Begelman, then the top executive at MGM, which produced the show. Contrary to Estrada, who blames Begelman for sabotaging his career, Wilcox says, "I loved Begelman. He helped me so much; he gave me advice, we discussed deals and how to negotiate. He was kind of a mentor. He sure was nice to me."

With encouragement from Begelman, Wilcox optioned the rights to several entertainment properties, including the story of a young actress murdered by her boyfriend, which became Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story. Wilcox was executive producer of the TV movie, which starred Jamie Lee Curtis.

The story had a deeper resonance for Wilcox, whose older sister was shot in front of her three children and her mother. The accused murderer, her husband, was later acquitted in a celebrated trial in Wyoming and subsequently killed in a barroom brawl, according to Wilcox.

Wilcox was reunited briefly on-screen with his former co-star Estrada in National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1, and then again in 1998's CHiPs reunion movie, "CHiPs 99"; Wilcox says he still talks to Estrada a few times a year.

Personal life

Wilcox married his first wife, Judy Vagner, on March 29, 1969, and later divorced in 1978. They had two children together: Derek, the elder, was born in 1970 and appeared in two episodes of CHiPs. Before his big fame, Wilcox attended Cal State Northridge where he earned a degree. He is currently studying for his Ph.D. in Intellectual History and Critical Thinking at the University of Chicago.[citation needed] Heidi (born 1975), the second oldest, is working in the dental profession.

Wilcox's second marriage was to Hannie Strasser, a one time CHiPs assistant sound technician and a native of Denmark. The wedding took place on April 11, 1980. Their daughter, Wendy, was born in 1982.

On April 22, 1986, Wilcox married his third wife, Marlene Harmon Wilcox, a member of the 1980 Olympic Heptathlon Team. Their two children are Chad (born 1993) and Ryan (born 1995).

As of 2009, Wilcox lived on a ranch in the San Fernando Valley and is content running his company. He also states that "[I'm] enjoying my family and planting as many memories as I can."[citation needed] He also says that he remains grateful for his many fans. When asked what he thought about the upcoming CHiPs feature film, he simply said, "I wish them well!"[citation needed]

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