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Lateral pontine syndrome
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ICD-10 G46.3

A lateral pontine syndrome is a lesion which is similar to the Lateral medullary syndrome, but because it occurs in the pons, it also involves the cranial nerve nuclei of the pons.


It can be caused by an interruption to the blood supply of the anterior inferior cerebellar artery.


Damage to the following areas produces symptoms:

Structure affected Effect
Spinothalamic tract Contralateral loss of pain and temperature
Spinal trigeminal nucleus (V) Ipsilateral loss of pain and temperature sensation in face
Main sensory trigeminal nucleus (V) Ipsilateral loss of sensation on face
Trigeminal motor nucleus (V) Ipsilateral paralysis of muscles of mastication
Facial nucleus (VII) Ipsilateral paralysis of face (lower motor neuron lesion)
Vestibulocochlear nerve (VIII) Hearing loss
Middle cerebellar peduncle Ipsilateral ataxia

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