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Latino studies is an academic discipline which studies the experience of people of Hispanic ancestry in the United States. Closely related to other ethnic studies disciplines such as African American studies, Asian American studies, and Native American studies, Latino studies critically examines the history, culture, politics, issues, and experiences of Hispanic people. Drawing from numerous disciplines such as sociology, history, literature, political science, religious studies and gender studies, Latino studies scholars consider a variety of perspectives and employ diverse analytical tools in their work.



Notable Scholars

  • Gloria E. Anzaldúa, Chicana Studies scholar and activist.
  • Frances Aparicio, Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • Juan Bruce-Novoa, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese at UC Irvine.
  • Arlene Davila, Professor of Anthropology and Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University.
  • Juan Flores, Professor of Africana and Puerto Rican–Latino Studies at CUNY (City University of New York) Hunter College and of Sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center. Former director of CUNY’s Center for Puerto Rican Studies.
  • Suzanne Oboler, Professor of Puerto Rican/Latin American Studies at John Jay College. Founding Editor of the journal, Latino Studies.
  • Américo Paredes, 1915-1999. Formerly Dickson, Allen, and Anderson Centennial Professor at the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Gustavo Perez Firmat, David Feinson Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University.
  • George I. Sánchez (1906-1972), Professor of History at the University of Texas and President of LULAC
  • José David Saldívar, Professor of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley.
  • Ilan Stavans, Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture at Amherst College.

Major Programs/Departments

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Books on Latino Studies

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