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Latvia Latvija


FIBA Ranking 38th
Joined FIBA 1992
FIBA Zone FIBA Europe
Coach Kęstutis Kemzūra
Olympic Games
Appearances 1 (1936)
Medals None
World Championships
Appearances None
Medals None
Appearances 9 (1935, 1937, 1939, 1993, 1997, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007)
Medals Gold Med 1.png : 1935
Silver Med 2.png : 1939
Kit body thinsidesonwhite.png
Light jersey
Team colours
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Dark jersey
Team colours

The Latvian national basketball team is the basketball side that represents Latvia in international competitions.


EuroBasket 1935

The Latvians won the first European basketball championship, the EuroBasket 1935 held by the International Basketball Federation's FIBA Europe continental federation. They defeated Hungary in the preliminary round, Switzerland in the semifinals, and Spain in the final to finish atop the ten-nation field.

Latvia held their opponents to 49 points over three games, the lowest points-against average in the tournament. Their scoring rate, 98 points over three games for 32.67 points per game, was second only to France.

EuroBasket 1937

The reigning champions finished in a relatively disappointing sixth place in the second European championship, EuroBasket 1937, which they hosted. Their 32-25 loss to Poland in the preliminary round put them in a three-way tie for the lead of the four-team group; Latvia came out on the bottom of the tie-breaker against Poland and France. This result came about despite the Latvians being the highest-scoring team in the entire tournament and allowing fewer opponent points than any of the other teams in their group.

Being in the bottom half of the preliminary group meant that the team could finish no better than fifth. In the classification semifinal, Latvia faced Egypt, which had withdrawn after their first two preliminary matches. They advanced to the 5th/6th playoff, which they lost to Estonia 41-19.

EuroBasket 1939

In 1939, Despite losing two matches, including a rematch of the 1937 playoff against Estonia and the match against eventual champions Lithuania, Latvia's five wins were enough to secure second place, as only Poland had also accumulated a 5-2 record. Since Latvia had won their match against Poland, they received the silver medal whilst Poland gained only bronze.

Olympic Games record

EuroBasket 2009 roster

No Player Height Position Year born Current Club
3 Gatis Jahovičs 2.00 Forward 1984 Latvia VEF Riga
4 Uvis Helmanis 2.03 Forward 1972 Latvia Barons LMT
5 Aigars Vītols 1.94 Guard 1976 Latvia ASK Riga
6 Armands Šķēle 1.92 Guard 1983 Latvia Barons LMT
7 Jānis Blūms 1.88 Guard 1982 Spain CB Bilbao Berri
9 Kristaps Valters 1.86 Guard 1981 Spain Joventut Badalona
14 Kristaps Janičenoks 1.96 Forward 1983 Italy Reyer Venezia Mestre
15 Andris Biedriņš 2.11 Center 1986 United States Golden State Warriors
18 Ernests Kalve 2.00 Forward 1987 Latvia ASK Riga
23 Rolands Freimanis 2.05 Forward 1988 Latvia VEF Riga
31 Artūrs Štālbergs 1.99 Forward 1978 Ukraine Azovmash Mariupol
34 Kaspars Kambala 2.06 Forward/Center 1978 Russia Enisey Krasnoyarsk

Past Rosters

1935 EuroBasket: finished 1st among 10 teams

Rudolfs Jurcins, Herberts Gulbins, Dzems Raudzins, Visvaldis Melderis, Martins Grundmanis, Eduards Andersons, Aleksejs Anufrijevs, Janis Lidmanis, Hudins (Coach: Valdemars Baumanis)

1936 Olympic Games: finished 18th among 21 teams

Rudolfs Jurcins, Visvaldis Melderis, Martins Grundmanis, Dzems Raudzins, Eduards Andersons, Maksis Kazaks, V.Helmuts (Coach: Valdemars Baumanis)

1937 EuroBasket: finished 6th among 8 teams

Rudolfs Jurcins, Martins Grundmanis, Eduards Andersons, Visvaldis Melderis, Dzems Raudzins, Aleksejs Anufrijevs, Aleksandrs Martinsons, Voldemars Smits, Janis Jansons, Andrejs Krisons (Coach: Adolfs Grasis)

1939 EuroBasket: finished 2nd among 8 teams

Visvaldis Melderis, Maksis Kazaks, Voldemars Smits, Karlis Arents, Juris Solovjovs, Karlis Satins, Aleksandrs Vanags, Alfreds Krauklis, Teodors Grinbergs, Janis Graudins (Coach: Valdemars Baumanis)

1993 EuroBasket: finished 10th among 16 teams

Ainars Bagatskis, Raimonds Miglinieks, Karlis Muiznieks, Andrejs Bondarenko, Aigars Zeidaks, Edmunds Valeiko, Igors Melniks, Edgars Sneps, Janis Azacis, Ivars Zankovskis, Dzintars Jaunzems, Ivars Liepa (Coach: Armands Kraulins)

1997 EuroBasket: finished 16th among 16 teams

Roberts Stelmahers, Ainars Bagatskis, Uvis Helmanis, Raimonds Miglinieks, Edmunds Valeiko, Karlis Muiznieks, Andrejs Bondarenko, Igors Melniks, Edgars Sneps, Ivars Liepa, Ralfs Jansons, Janis Azacis (Coach: Igors Miglinieks)

2001 EuroBasket: finished 8th among 16 teams

Kaspars Kambala, Raimonds Miglinieks, Uvis Helmanis, Roberts Stelmahers, Ainars Bagatskis, Kristaps Valters, Edmunds Valeiko, Kaspars Cipruss, Raitis Grafs, Arnis Vecvagars, Aigars Vitols, Maris Laksa (Coach: Armands Kraulins)

2003 EuroBasket: finished 13th among 16 teams

Kaspars Kambala, Roberts Stelmahers, Ainars Bagatskis, Uvis Helmanis, Armands Skele, Kristaps Valters, Trojs Ostlers, Aigars Vitols, Edgars Sneps, Raitis Grafs, Arnis Vecvagars, Maris Laksa (Coach: Armands Kraulins)

2005 EuroBasket: finished 14th among 16 teams

Roberts Stelmahers, Uvis Helmanis, Sandis Valters, Kristaps Valters, Armands Skele, Janis Blums, Martins Skirmants, Raitis Grafs, Kaspars Cipruss, Aigars Vitols, Kristaps Janicenoks, Ivars Timermanis (Coach: Karlis Muiznieks)

2007 EuroBasket: finished 13th among 16 teams

Andris Biedrins, Armands Skele, Uvis Helmanis, Janis Blums, Sandis Valters, Aigars Vitols, Kaspars Cipruss, Kristaps Janicenoks, Raitis Grafs, Pavels Veselovs, Raimonds Vaikulis, Gatis Jahovics (Coach: Karlis Muiznieks)

Famous players

(players that played for USSR)

(players that played for independent Latvia)



Performance at Eurobasket

Year Position Host
1955 - Eurobasket 1955
1957 - Eurobasket 1957
1959 - Eurobasket 1959
1961 - Eurobasket 1961
1963 - Eurobasket 1963
1965 - Eurobasket 1965
1967 - Eurobasket 1967
1969 - Eurobasket 1969
1971 - Eurobasket 1971
1973 - Eurobasket 1973
1975 - Eurobasket 1975
1977 - Eurobasket 1977
1979 - Eurobasket 1979
1981 - Eurobasket 1981
1983 10 Eurobasket 1983
1985 - Eurobasket 1985
1987 - Eurobasket 1987
1989 - Eurobasket 1989
1991 - Eurobasket 1991
1993 10 Eurobasket 1993
1995 - Eurobasket 1995
1997 16 Eurobasket 1997
1999 - Eurobasket 1999
2001 8 Eurobasket 2001
2003 13 Eurobasket 2003
2005 13 Eurobasket 2005
2007 13 Eurobasket 2007
2009 13 Eurobasket 2009


Performance at U20 European Championship

Year Position Host
2004 7 U20 European Championship 2004
2005 7 U20 European Championship 2005
2006 13 U20 European Championship 2006
2007 14 U20 European Championship 2007

Performance at U18 European Championship

Year Position Host
2004 12 U18 European Championship 2004
2005 8 U18 European Championship 2005
2006 12 U18 European Championship 2006
2007 3 Med 3.png U18 European Championship 2007

Performance at U16 European Championship

Year Position Host
2001 8 European Championship for Cadets 2001
2003 - European Championship for Cadets 2003
2004 13 U16 European Championship 2004
2005 11 U16 European Championship 2005
2006 11 U16 European Championship 2006
2007 9 U16 European Championship 2007


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