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Coat of arms of Lauchringen
Lauchringen is located in Germany
Coordinates 47°37′50″N 08°18′16″E / 47.63056°N 8.30444°E / 47.63056; 8.30444
Country Germany
State Baden-Württemberg
Admin. region Freiburg
District Waldshut
Mayor Thomas Schäuble
Basic statistics
Area 12.76 km2 (4.93 sq mi)
Elevation 360 m  (1181 ft)
Population 7,402  (31 December 2006)
 - Density 580 /km2 (1,502 /sq mi)
Other information
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Licence plate WT
Postal code 79787
Area code 07741

Lauchringen is a town in the district of Waldshut in Baden-Württemberg in Germany. It is divided in two parts named Oberlauchringen und Unterlauchringen.



The settlement of Lauchringen can be followed back to early alemannic times. This can be seen in the name tag "-ingen" and is also proven through archaeological findings. A first written source for the part of Oberlauchringen ca be found in a document of the monastery of Rheinau in 860.

The town has been formed like it is today by melding the formerly independent towns of Ober- and Unterlauchringen.




  • until 1971, in Oblerauchringen: Berthold Schmidt, in Unterlauchringen: August Strittmatter
  • 07|01|1971 - 07|31|2002 Bertold Schmidt
  • since 08|01|2002 Thomas Schäuble

Coat of arms

Lauchringens Coat of arms features a parted coat. The upper part is silver over red, divided by 3 spearheads. The lower part is a walking silver swan over blue background. This Coat of arms was introduced after the melding of the town in 1971. It is made up out of the Coat of arms of the two former towns.

The town colors are blue and white.

Partner cities

France St. Pierre de Chandieu, southeast of Lyon, since 1997

Culture and sights

  • The Äulebodenstraße und das Rappennest was awarded with a first place in 2005 in the contest "Schönste Eigenheimsiedlung Deutschlands" (most beautiful settlement in Germany)
  • The so called "Dicke Eiche" (big oak) in the Wiggenberg is an impressive relic of a tree. It grew in the second part of the 18th century and is the oldest and mightiest tree in the area.
  • The market in Unterlauchringen was rebuilt in 2005. Every Thursday a market and on special occasions (i.e. soccer championships) public viewing events take place in this location.
  • The Gasthaus Adler is one of the oldest restaurants in the district.
  • The Wutach


Lauchringen runs a solar heated action swimming pool. Features are a 64-meter slide, streaming channel, 50-meter sports pool, pools for non-swimmers, jump tower with 1-, 2- and 3-meter boards, bathing and playing area for infants, kiosk, several beach volleyball and basketball fields and many more. It has an overall water area of over 2,000 m². Opened from around May till September. Built in 1975 and evolved to an action swimming pool, it is one of the biggest swimming pools in the High Rhine area.

The Lauchringer Wutachstadion is a soccer only stadium with a big grandstand. The oldest soccer club of Lauchringen, the SC Lauchringen is at home here. Next to the stadium is an athletics stadium with a basketball field. The other soccer club, the AGS Lauchringen has its own stadium.

Located next to the stadium and the swimming pool is the Tennis area featuring 6 sand courts as well as 4 indoors courts.

In Lauchringen there are three gyms. The big gym on the area of the secondary school, where the Handball Club and the Turnverein (general sports club) are at home. Farther on there is the town gym in Unterlauchringen, which is used as a gym and for certain events. In Oberlauchringen there is a smaller multi-purpose gym.

Regular events

  • carneval
  • two forest music events, one organized by the Oberlauchringen music club and one by the Oberlauchringen choir
  • regular concerts by both music club (i.e. Easter and Christmas concerts)
  • market on Thursday
  • Rock an der Wutach organized by the Unterlauchringen music club
  • the Lindenplatzfest organized by the Narrenverein Räbenheim e. V.
  • theater by the non-professional acting group Lampenfieber
  • special big Christmas market
  • The Lauchringer "5er" marathon
  • exchange events with the partner city St. Pierre de Chandieu

Economy and infrastructure


Lauchringen is a small railroad node. Most important connections are the Hochrheinbahn from Basel to Singen (Hohentwiel)/Konstanz and the Wutachtalbahn nach Immendingen. The Hochrheinbahn has hourly connections to Basel. The Wutachtalbahn is only sporadically used for historical events.

The havily used Bundesstraße (state road) B34 is crossing the B314. Farther on is a part of the Bundesautobahn (state highway) A98. The next part, which is supposed to lead the traffic around Lauchringen and relax the tense situation inside the town.

Local companies

The biggest employer of Lauchringen is the cloth company Laufenmühle. It employs more than 450 workers. Another widely known company is the jam-producing Simmler-Konfitüren. Several smaller companies are also situated in Lauchringen.


In Lauchringen there are two grammar schools, one in each part. Farther on there is a secondary school.

Honorary citizen

The former mayor Bertold Schmidt, who was in service from 1960-1971 in Oberlauchringen and afterwards mayor of the whole town until 2002 was named Honorary Citizen for his wide range of achievements for the town.

Dem Altbürgermeister Bertold Schmidt, der von 1960-1971 Bürgermeister der selbständigen Gemeinde Oberlauchringen und im Anschluss daran Bürgermeister der Gesamtgemeinde Lauchringen bis in das Jahr 2002 war, wurden für seinen großen Verdienste das Ehrenbürgerrecht verliehen.

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