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Laudetur Jesus Christus (Latin: Praised be Jesus Christ) is a traditional Roman Catholic greeting, which is commonly used among members of religious communities, especially of certain ethnic backgrounds[1][2]. The answer to this greeting is typically "In sæcula! Amen"[3] ("Forever! Amen") or "(Nunc et) in aeternum! Amen" ("(Now and) forever! Amen"). The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, however, respond with "Et Maria Immaculata" ("And Mary Immaculate").[4] The phrase is also a motto of Vatican Radio[5].

The use of the greeting in traditional Catholicism is noted by Pius Parsch:

"The humanity of Christ is near in the priest. The simple Catholic people have kept this belief: 'Praised be Jesus Christ' they say whenever the priest comes."[6]

The salutation is also commonly used by other Christian denominations, including Lutherans[7] and other Protestants, as well as some Eastern Churches.


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