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Lazlow Jones

Lazlow Jones presents at The Last HOPE July 20, 2008
Occupation Radio personality and video game producer

Lazlow Jones is an American writer, producer, director and talk show host based in New York City. He was the host of Technofile, a radio show syndicated on more than 100 radio stations in America and as well as Sirius XM Satellite Radio. The Technofile ran from February 1995 to July 2007.

He has also been involved in writing and producing for Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video games, widening his influence and recognition far beyond that of a radio host. Lazlow also worked at an advertising agency as a writer and producer, along with writer Reed Tucker, (who is now his talk radio show's producer) on advertisements for a variety of consumer products.


The Lazlow Show

Lazlow hosts The Lazlow Show, which aired on the former WXRK (K-Rock) on Sundays 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time and is now heard on Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 197 and XM 202 (the two channels are mirror broadcasts). The 23rd and final WXRK (K-Rock) show was broadcast December 18, 2005. After the show stopped broadcasting on K-Rock, it moved to a non-regular schedule on XM 202, beginning on April 8, 2006 as part of the "Saturday Night Virus"; these shows are usually made available in downloadable form on Lazlow's website shortly after they air; while older episodes are removed from this website, due to bandwidth restrictions. However, all episodes ever produced, along with extras, are available for purchase in a "box set" on Lazlow's website. Each show is approximately three hours long, and airs live on Saturday nights, with a period between two weeks and four months between shows. Episode schedule available on the website. Lazlow's co-hosts continue to be the same from his show when it first aired on WXRK 92.3 FM: K-ROCK in New York. They include his friends Reed Tucker; jokingly mocked as the 'useless producer'; along with "Big" Wayne, Lazlow's sidekick. As of January 2nd, 2010, The Lazlow Show no longer airs on satellite radio. Lazlow and crew were dissatisfied by Sirius' treatment of the show after Sirius took over XM. The show currently broadcasts live on the internet on an irregular schedule.

Grand Theft Auto series

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III (2001) was Lazlow’s first appearance in the game in which he produced, scripted and hosted the popular Chatterbox FM radio station made famous for comic sketches, political satire and clever wit. He co-wrote all of the radio stations with Dan Houser and Sam Houser of Rockstar Games. He is mentioned in the MC Hawking song "GTA3" (about the video game) with the line "Sometimes I sit in my car and just listen to Lazlow. Rock the Chatterbox with the serious flow."

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

After great success Lazlow took a larger role in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Rockstar Games hired Lazlow's production company Radio Lazlow to co-write and produce all the radio stations in Vice City as well as minor character and bystander scripting. He was also the host of Vice City radio station V-Rock.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Lazlow also co-wrote and produced all of the in-game radio, as well as hosting Entertaining America on WCTR after the original host Billy Dexter was killed by game character Jack Howitzer on air.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Lazlow "returned" as host of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories's rendition of the Chatterbox radio show, although in a much smaller role as the in-game chronology has Chatterbox as merely a show on a channel, not an entire channel on its own.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Lazlow "returned" in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, as an intern at V-Rock working for his real life friend, Couzin Ed. Earlier in Lazlow's and Couzin Ed's real life radio careers, Lazlow was the sidekick of Couzin Ed.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Lazlow is the host of radio station Integrity 2.0 in Grand Theft Auto IV. Integrity's sole program consists of Lazlow's on-site reporting from around Liberty City. The content of this show is noticeably more profane than previous installments, with Lazlow's justification being that he's "fed up with the system." Lazlow also provides the Z.i.T. service, where listeners can request the artist and title of the song currently playing on the radio. Lazlow is also credited among others for creating the conversations of pedestrians in Liberty City. He is also a wanted criminal as it can be seen in the Liberty City Police Department database.

Other projects

He has also written articles for Playboy magazine, and is a regular guest on the Opie and Anthony Show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Lazlow is also affiliated with 2600, having appeared on their Off the Hook radio show, in their movie Freedom Downtime, and as a panelist and staffer at several of the H.O.P.E. conferences. Lazlow has arranged voice cameos in the GTA games for several key figures from the magazine, including Emmanuel Goldstein, Bernie S., and Kevin Mitnick.


  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Official Soundtrack Box Set Volume 1: V Rock (2002)
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Soundtrack (2004)
  • The Lazlow Show: Box Set (2008)

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