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This is the list of rulers of Ak Koyunlu dynasty ("The Horde of the White Sheep"). The dynasty ruled the territory now part of present-day Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Their capital was the city of Tabriz after 1471-1472.

Osman ibn Fakhr al-Din Qutlu was the ruler of Amida before 1402. In 1402 he moved to Diyarbakır.

The rulers of Amida were:

  • Tur Ali c. 1340-1360
  • Kutlu Beg c. 1360-1378/79

Kutlu Beg was the father of Osman.

Ak Koyunlu rulers

Rule Incumbent Notes
1378/9 to 1435/6 Kara Yülük Osman (son of Fakhr al-Din Qutlu)
1435/6 to 1444/5 Hamza (son of Kara Yülük) in dispute with his brother ‘Ali (from Mardin) to 1438
1435/6 to 1438 Nur al-Din ‘Ali ibn Qara Yülük in dispute with his brother Hamza
1444/5 to 1453/4 M‘uizz al-Din Jihangir ibn ‘Ali ibn Qara Yülük emir of Mardin 1453-1469. Then his son Kasim Ibn Djihangir 1469-1503
1453/4 to 1478/9 Uzun Hasan ibn ‘Ali Conquered Kara Koyunlu 1468/9
1478/9 to 1479/80 Khalil ibn Uzun Hasan
1479/80 to 1490/1 Y‘aqub ibn Uzun Hasan
1490/1 to 1491/2 Baisonqur ibn Y‘aqub
1491/2 to 1496/7 Rustam ibn Maqsud
1496/7 to 1497/8 Ahmad Gövde ibn Muhammad
1497/8 to 1499/1500 Murad ibn Ya‘qub 1st Term
1499/1500 to 1500/01 Alwand ibn Yusuf
1499/1500 to 1500/01 Muhammad Mirza ibn Yusuf In Jibal and Fars
1500/01 to 1501/2 Muhammad Mirza ibn Yusuf At Alwand, Isfahan and Kirman
1501/2 to 1508 Murad ibn Ya‘qub 2nd Term; disposed by Safavid Shah Ismail I
1508 Safavid conquest

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