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A league (Mongolian: Ayimagh.svg ayimaɣ or, historically, Cighulghan.svg čiɣulɣan; Chinese: 盟, pinyin: méng) is an administrative unit in Inner Mongolia, People's Republic of China.

Leagues have existed since the Qing Dynasty as a level of government. The head of a league was chosen from jasagh or sula of the banners belonging to it. The original six leagues were Jirim, Juu Uda, Josutu, Xilingol, Ulanqab, and Yeke Juu. More were added in the subsequent centuries.

Today, leagues belong to the prefecture level of the Chinese administrative hierarchy. Of the 9 leagues that existed in the late 1970s, 6 have now been reorganized into prefecture-level cities.

Leagues of Inner Mongolia
Name Simplified
Pinyin Capital Date abolished Replaced with
Present-day leagues
Alxa 阿拉善 Ālāshàn Bayanhot    
Xilingol 锡林郭勒 Xīlínguōlè Xilinhot    
Hinggan 兴安 Xīng'ān Ulaanhot    
Former leagues
Bayan Nur 巴彦淖尔 Bāyànnào'ěr Linhe December 1, 2003 Bayan Nur prefecture-level city
Chahar 察哈尔 Cháhā'ěr Baochang October 1, 1958 merged into Xilingol League
Hulunbuir 呼伦贝尔 Hūlúnbèi'ěr Hailar October 10, 2001 Hulunbuir prefecture-level city
Hulunbuir-Nawenmuren 呼伦贝尔纳文慕仁 Hūlúnbèi'ěr Nàwénmùrén
Jirim 哲里木 Zhélǐmù Tongliao January 13, 1999 Tongliao prefecture-level city
Josutu 卓索图 Zhuósuǒtú   before 1949 currently distributed among Fuxin, Chaoyang, Chifeng prefecture-level cities
Juu Uda 昭乌达 Zhāowūdá Chifeng October 10, 1983 Chifeng prefecture-level city
Nawenmuren 纳文慕仁 Nàwénmùrén Zhalantun
Ulanqab 乌兰察布 Wūlánchábù Jining December 1, 2003 Ulanqab prefecture-level city
Yeke Juu 伊克昭 Yīkèzhāo Dongsheng February 26, 2001 Ordos prefecture-level city

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