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Lee Goldberg at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Photo by Mark Coggins

Lee Goldberg is an American author, screenwriter and producer, known for his work on several different TV crime series, including Diagnosis: Murder, A Nero Wolfe Mystery, Hunter, Spenser For Hire, Martial Law and Monk[1]. He has also written episodes for She-Wolf of London, SeaQuest and 1-800-Missing. In 2007 he wrote and produced the pilot for a German show called Fast Track: No Limits[2], starring Erin Cahill, Andrew Walker, Alexia Barlier and Joseph Beattie[3].

Along with his work on Monk and Diagnosis Murder, Goldberg has written several spin-off books based on those series[4][5]. He has also penned several original crime novels, two featuring ex-cop-turned-Hollywood troubleshooter Charlie Willis and three in the .357 Vigilante series, which he wrote under the pseudonym Ian Ludlow when he was still a student[6]. His novel The Man with the Iron-On Badge was nominated for a Shamus Award by the Private Eye Writers of America and was produced in 2007 as the stage play "Mapes For Hire" in Owensboro, Kentucky at the International Mystery Writers Festival. Goldberg is also the author of several non-fiction books about the entertainment industry, including Unsold Television Pilots and Successful Television Writing.

His book Unsold Television Pilots was turned into two TV specials -- The Greatest Shows You Never Saw on CBS and The Best TV Shows That Never Were on ABC, both written and produced by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin.

He currently serves as a board member for the Mystery Writers of America and also founded, alongside fellow novelist Max Allan Collins, the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers.


Personal life

He has three younger siblings - Tod Goldberg, Linda Woods and Karen Dinino - all of whom are also writers; his uncle is the true crime author Burl Barer. He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Los Angeles.



Diagnosis Murder

  • The Silent Partner (2003)
  • The Death Merchant (2004)
  • The Shooting Script (2004)
  • The Waking Nightmare (2005)
  • The Past Tense (2005)
  • The Dead Letter (2006)
  • The Double Life (2006)
  • The Last Word (2007)


Charlie Willis

  • My Gun Has Bullets(1995) Reprinted (2003)
  • Beyond the Beyond (1997)


  • Unsold TV Pilots (1992)
  • Unsold Television Pilots 1955-1989 (1990)
  • Television Series Revivals (1993)
  • Science Fiction Film-Making in the 1980s (1994) - co-written with William Rabkin, Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier
  • Dreamweaver: Fantasy Film-Making in the 1980s (1994) - co-written with William Rabkin, Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier
  • Successful Television Writing (2003) - co-written with William Rabkin


  • .357 Vigilante (1985)
  • .357 Vigilante: Make Them Pay (1985)
  • .357 Vigilante: White Wash (1985)
  • The Walk (2004)
  • The Man with the Iron-On Badge (2005)


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