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Lee Ving
Born April 10, 1950 (1950-04-10) (age 59)
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lee Ving (born Lee James Capellaro; April 10, 1950 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an American musician,most famous for his role as lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Los Angeles-based punk rock band Fear, and actor. In the late 1960s Ving joined Sweet Stavin Chain Blues Band in Philadelphia, playing with Michael Brecker and Eugene Busnar; they played shows with B.B. King, Buddy Guy and Cream among others. Later, Ving moved to New York and formed the band Daybreak. In the mid 70's, Ving moved to Los Angeles and in 1977 formed the punk band FEAR.

Ving has also sung for the band MD.45, which also featured Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and Jimmy DeGrasso of Suicidal Tendencies. The 2004 re-release/remastered record replaced Lee Ving's with Dave Mustaine's vocals. Ving has also sung country music in the outlaw country genre with the band Range War. Prior to Fear, Ving played in a six piece blues act named Easy Love.[1]


Saturday Night Live appearance

Fear reached national notoriety after the Halloween, 1981 episode of Saturday Night Live, in which they were introduced by guest host Donald Pleasance. Fear was booked only because former cast member John Belushi had insisted upon their booking as a condition of his return to appear in two skits in cameo parts. The band played two songs, during which hardcore members of the audience, many of whom traveled to NYC from Washington, DC, slam danced and stage dived damaging the set. As the band began a third song, SNL producer Dick Ebersol ordered the live feed stopped, and a taped rehearsal performance played after a brief black-out delay.

Acting career

Ving played the opposing lead role, Missoula, in Penelope Spheeris' cult classic 1987 Dudes. As part of Fear he was featured in Spheeris' 1980 documentary on punk The Decline of Western Civilization. Furthermore, he played the strip club owner in Flashdance (1983), Mr. Boddy in Clue (1985), and a small role in Streets of Fire (1984), among other roles in films and television shows. In 1983 he self-deprecatingly played an over-the-top punk singer in the rock and roll comedy Get Crazy. In the Who's the Boss episode titled "Walk on the Mild Side," Lee played "Jake Maguire." Ving also appeared in an episode of the short-lived Three's Company spin-off, Three's a Crowd as a criminal in a police line-up.




  • The Record (LP, 1982, Slash, reissued on CD in 1992 on Slash/Warner Bros. and in 2001 on Slash/Rhino)
    • The CD reissues include Fear's 1982 single "Fuck Christmas" as a bonus track.
  • More Beer (LP, 1985, Fear Records/Restless)
  • Live...For the Record (LP, 1991, Fear Records/Restless)
  • Have Another Beer With FEAR (LP, 1995, Fear Records/Sector 2 Records)
    • All three of the releases issued under the Fear Records logo were reissued by Hall Of Records in 2001.
  • American Beer (LP, 2000, Hall of Records)



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