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Lee Chan
Bayblade character
Japanese name Rai Chou
Bit-beast Galeon

Lee Chan, known in the Japanese version as Rai Chou (金李, Japanese: Chou Rai, Chinese Pinyin: Won Laǐ), is a fictional character from the anime and manga series of Beyblade.

Lee is a fierce competitor in Series One. He holds grudges for years and uses that as his advantage in battle. He is well respected and in turn respects his village and its people. However, because he is an emotional character it sometimes leads him to lose his cool and even break down. He's quick to anger and speaks his mind, and also has a tendency to push himself a little too hard. Lee can often harness his passion for Beyblading into the strength and resolve required to win, and is also able to predict and follow his opponent's every move.

Lee is voiced by Koichi Nagano in the original version, and by Ted Cole in the English dub. He shares the same English voice actor with Spencer, Kane, and Barthez.




During the 2000 series, Lee was the leader of the White Tigers team. He was also Ray's best friend. He was aiming to gain the power of the White tiger, and perfected all the White Tigers attacks. The village elder (Lee's grandfather, no less) handed it down to Ray, instead. Lee accepted this with grace.

However, when Ray left the team with no goodbye, Lee couldn't understand it. This started the grudge that made up his character in the first part of Beyblade 2000. This act really made the other White Tigers (excluding Mariah) mad at him, wanting revenge. After Ray abandoned leadership of the White Tigers, Lee took the mantle. In the Asian Tournament Lee got his chance for revenge on Ray in a tie-breaker round, but was defeated. At the world Championships it is shown that he has matured much more between tournaments. He befriends the All Starz easily(mainly their captain Micheal) and has his bit beast captured by Kai but gains it back at the end of the season thanks to Tyson.


In G-Revolution his fiery rage dies down and he becomes a strong and focus blading partner of Ray's. However, Ray would sometimes answer harshly to Lee's comments. This, together with him feeling guilty for the losses of the team, lead to Lee's near-insanity, as shown during their fight against the F-Dinasty team. From Ray, Lee also learns that teamwork is primarily about helping each other. When Ming-Ming and Crusher reluctantly invade the Granger dojo to destroy Tyson and Dragoon before the BEGA Justice 5 tiebreaker under orders, he partners with Rick of the All Starz to protect him.


Lee's Bit-beast is Galeon, a black lion which has thunder related attacks.

Beyblade 2000

  • Galeon Attacker
    • Attacks:Dark Lightning Attack, Black Lightning

Beyblade G-Revolution

  • Galeon Vengeance
    • Attacks:Black Thunder Attack
  • Galeon 2
    • Attacks:Spiral Lightning


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