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Ben Schultz, creator of Leeroy Jenkins at BlizzCon 2007

Leeroy Jenkins, sometimes misspelled Leroy Jenkins and often elongated with numerous additional letters, is an Internet phenomenon named for a player character created by Ben Schultz in Blizzard Entertainment's MMORPG, World of Warcraft. The character became popular due to a video of the game that circulated around the Internet. The phenomenon has since spread beyond the boundaries of the gaming community into other online and mainstream media.



The video was released by the World of Warcraft player guild "PALS FOR LIFE". It features a group of players discussing a detailed battle strategy for the next encounter while one of their party members, Leeroy, is away from his computer. Their plan is ruined when Leeroy returns and, ignorant of the strategy, immediately charges headlong into battle shouting his own name in a stylized battle cry. His companions rush to help, but Leeroy's actions ruin the meticulous plan, and all of the group members are killed.

The Internet phenomenon started with the release of the video clip to the World of Warcraft game forum in a thread entitled "UBRS (vid) ROOKERY OVERPOWERED! blue please.", which jokingly presented the video in a serious context.[1] The thread requested that other players provide help with strategy and that Blizzard reduce the difficulty of the encounter. The video spread as an internet meme, and Leeroy's response to the other players' chastisements, "at least I have chicken", was also much parodied.

When asked about his actions in the video by National Public Radio, Ben Schultz said the players "were drinking 40s and just yelling at each other."[2]


The character's popularity resulted in his inclusion in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.[3] Reflecting the video in which he appears, Leeroy is a detriment to the rest of the player's team, exhausting them for the current and following turns. For gameplay reasons, his effects are not entirely negative: although no one else can attack, Leeroy can attack instantly should the player repeat Leeroy's famous shout, and his attack is unusually high compared to the cost of playing him. However, his health is such that opponents should deal with him easily on subsequent turns.[4] Upper Deck Entertainment released a World of Warcraft Miniatures game in late 2008, which included a Leeroy Jenkins figurine. As a reference to Leeroy's famous claim, the figure is seen holding a chicken leg in his left hand.[5]


The August 2005 issue of PC Gamer UK featured an article on the video, titled "The Ballad of Leeroy Jenkins". The article took the position that the video was designed as a negative commentary on the kind of "nerd-guilds" that meticulously and statistically plan out raids with all the seriousness of actual military tactics. They added that they felt Leeroy is in fact the hero of the piece, acting against the geekiness of his guild.[6]

In popular culture

Leeroy Jenkins was mentioned as part of a clue on the November 16, 2005 episode of the game show Jeopardy! as part of their college week tournament, though no contestant rang in.[7]

The South Park episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft" was a parody of the World of Warcraft series as a whole, with the episode's antagonist a griefer named Jenkins.[8][9]

Leeroy Jenkins later found himself immortalized in the very game in which he appears. Blizzard added the attainable title of Jenkins to players who could kill 50 of the famous rookery whelps from the video within 15 seconds, with the achievement "Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy!" being attained for the same feat.[10] Leeroy himself has yet to get this achievement, therefore he does not have the title 'Jenkins' after his name.[11]

In 2007, Toyota released an ad for the Toyota Tacoma parodying the Leeroy Jenkins video, and in particular the line "Let's do this!"[12]

In 2009, the military publication Armed Forces Journal published an article entitled "Let's Do This!: Leeroy Jenkins and the American Way of Advising". The article, by Capt. Robert M Chamberlain, links Jenkins to the American approach to advising Iraq.[13]

Attorney Marc Randazza cited "Leeroy Jenkins" as source of other Internet memes.[14]

On the DVD release of Harold Ramis' Year One (2009), under special features, there is a deleted scene in which the character Isaac ruins a planned attack by running senselessly into battle screaming the famed battle cry, "Let's do this! Leeeroooyy Jennkinnnnsss!" and getting his entire party killed in the process. Isaac himself escapes the fate of his party, and when confronted by a dying companion, goes on to say, "at least I have chicken".


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File:Ben Shultz Leeroy
Ben Shultz, better known as Leeroy Jenkins.

Leeroy Jenkins is the name of someone who was in the game World of Warcraft. He made a video which was put onto Youtube which some people think is very good. He has become known around the world and even has his own Achievement on World of Warcraft for pretending to be him in the video. His name is often spelt wrong as Leroy Jenkins who is a different person.

The video which made Leeroy so famous shown him and his friends, doing a friendly activity known as a Raid in World of Warcraft, but this activity is hard to do, so the leader of the group that Leeroy is with has to explain what to do. But Leeroy isn't around for the explanation, and when he comes back, he ends up running in the the area, shouting his name as he goes, which begins the activity, and ruining the plan which his friends made. This causes everyone to panic, and no-one knows what to do, and so, everyone dies. Everyone blames Leeroy for this, and says "At least I got chicken."

Leeroy has become very well known and his name is now used by people to show that they are running in but have no idea what to do. These people should be avoided, as they may cause you to die as well, as the video shows. Because of this, people now consider the video to be a Lesson.

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