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Legend of Lyon Flare
(Liyon Densetsu Freija)
Genre Hentai, Horror, Science fiction
Original video animation
Director Yorihisa Uchida[1]
Studio Kusama Art Ltd.
Licensor United States Softcel
Released 1986-1987
Episodes 2
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The Legend of Lyon Flare (リヨン伝説フレア Liyon Densetsu Freija ?)[2] is a hentai anime Original Video Animation released in 1986 for part 1 and 1987 for part 2. It is known for having Yorihisa Uchida as the character designer and as being an example of the tentacle rape genre of hentai as well as the eroguro genre. Legend of Lyon Flare was also the first title released by ADV Film's Softcel label. The title has been released on DVD and was released by Happy Carrot films, a division of ADV Films on 1/20/2009[3].


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