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Lego Spider-Man
Parent theme Lego Studios
Lego 4+
Sub‑themes Spider-Man 2
Subject Spider-Man
Licensed from Columbia Pictures
Availability 2002—2004
Total sets 11
Characters Spider-Man
Peter Parker
Mary Jane
Doc Ock
Green Goblin

LEGO Spider-Man is a product range of the Lego construction toy, based on the first two Spider-Man movies. The theme was first introduced in 2002 as a sub-brand of the Lego Studios theme, to tie in with the release of the first Spider-Man film. Three new sets were released in 2003, this time without the Lego Studios branding. In 2004, 7 new sets were introduced, to tie-in with the Spider-Man 2 movie. After this, the line was discontinued, and the rights to the third film in the series Spider-Man 3 were sold instead to rival company MEGA Brands, resulting in a Spider-Man 3 range of the Mega Bloks toy.


Lego Studios sub-theme

Two Spider-Man sets were released in 2002 as a sub-theme of Lego Studios, Green Goblin (1374) and Spider-Man Action Studio (1376). These were also available combined as Spider-Man Action Pack (10075) [1]. A third set, Wrestling Scene (1375) was announced but mysteriously never released.[2] As part of the Lego Studios theme, these sets were designed to enable both playing out scenes from the movie, as well as playing at movie-making and stunt filming.

Spider-Man theme

By 2003, the Lego Studios theme had been discontinued, and so the three Spider-Man sets released this year dropped the Studios branding and became a theme in their own right. The three sets were of different sizes to fit a range of price points, and re-created different scenes from the movie. Spider-Man's first chase (4850) included a 'criminal', with his own car, a policeman, with a police car, and a Spider-man minifig, complete with 'web line'.

The second set, The origins (4851) was bigger, and depicted the lab with the spiders that first turned Peter Parker into Spider-man. As well as both Spider-man and Peter Parker minifigs, the set also included the characters Mary Jane and Norman Osborn, as well as the Green Goblin.

The third and biggest set, The final showdown (4852) included a working model of the Roosevelt Island Tramway, where the final action scene of the movie takes place. The set includes minifigs of Spider-Man, Mary Jane, the Green Goblin, and a taxi driver (with taxi cab). The bridge uses large road pieces designed originally for the Lego Racers theme, and the tramway uses pieces of the original Lego train rails, only in grey rather than blue.

Spider-Man 2

The final batch of Lego Spider-Man sets were produced in 2004, to tie-in with the newly-released Spider-Man 2 movie. A total of 7 sets were released, 5 as regular sets, and two as sub-themes of Lego 4+, which were aimed at younger children aged 4 and over, and had bigger parts and larger figures. In line with the new Lego policy for licensed characters, all of the Spider-Man 2 sets featured figures that had 'realistic' skin tones, rather than the traditional yellow.[2]

Of the five regular sets, Doc Ock's Hideout (4856) was the largest, featuring 486 pieces[3] and five minifigs, including Dr. Octopus, who had four 'tentacle' attachments. Not all of the sets re-created scenes from the movie. The smallest set, Spider-Man's Street Chase (4853), depicts a street heist, which 'could happen on any date in the life of the friendly neighbourhood web-slinger'.[2]

The two sets that were part of the Lego 4+ range were Doc Ock's Crime Spree (4858) and Doc Ock's Cafe Attack (4860). The former included a helicopter, two motorbikes and a ramp, whilst the latter featured a cafe facade and a yellow car. Both sets included figures that were larger than the traditional minifig scale, with more points of articulation.


After 2004, no new Lego Spider-Man sets were released, despite the release of the third film in the franchise, Spider-Man 3. Instead, rival toy company MEGA Brands, who produce the Lego-compatible product Mega Bloks, entered into a multi-year licensing deal with Marvel Enterprises, giving them the rights to produce 'playsets, vehicles and other building-themed products' based upon Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Captain America, Daredevil, Silver Surfer, Punisher, Blade and Namor.[4] It is unknown whether Lego intended to continue the Spider-Man license, or were out-bid.


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