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Leila Lopes (19 November 1959 – 3 December 2009) was an actress, journalist and presenter of Brazilian television, known for her appearance in soap operas on the Rede Globo channel, and later for entering the pornographic cinema. She committed suicide in her apartment in São Paulo.[1]



Born Leila Gomes Lopes in São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, she was the daughter of Reúcio Lopes, a teacher from Esteio, and Natália Gomes Lopes. She lived in Esteio with her parents until she became famous in 1990 when she became a journalist for the television channel Rede Globo. She appeared twice in Playboy magazine, the first time in March 1997 and also in May 2008 after producing the pornographic film Brasileirinhas.[2] Her last work had been as a presenter of the television program, Entre 4 Paredes com Leila Lopes. She also appeared on JustTV, Calcinha Justa, and Sexprivé.


Leila Lopes died on December 3, 2009. The cause of death was suicide by poisoning, confirmed by a suicide note. [3] [4]

Controversy about her real age

Previous news about her death indicated that she died at the age of 40 but it was later confirmed she was 50. She used to lie about her age because she thought it was easier to find better roles when she pretended to be younger. [5] [6]



Soap operas

  • 1990 - Pantanal - Lúcia
  • 1991 - O Guarani - Severina
  • 1992 - Despedida de Solteiro - Carol
  • 1993 - Renascer - Professora Lu
  • 1994 - Tropicaliente - Olívia
  • 1996 - O Rei do Gado - Suzane
  • 1997 - Malhação - Rosa
  • 2000 - Marcas da Paixão - Creuza

Pornographic films

  • 2008 - Pecados & Tentações - Marlene
  • 2009 - Pecado sem Perdão - Marlene
  • 2009 - Pecado Final - Marlene


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