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Less than Perfect
Less than perfect cast.jpg
Original cast
Format Sitcom
Created by Terri Minsky
Starring Sara Rue
Andy Dick
Sherri Shepherd
Andrea Parker
Zachary Levi
Eric Roberts (2002-2005)
Will Sasso (2003-2006)
Patrick Warburton (2003-2006)
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 81 (8 unaired) (List of episodes)
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel ABC
Original run October 1, 2002 (2002-10-01) – June 6, 2006 (2006-06-06)

Less than Perfect is an American sitcom that aired on ABC from October 1, 2002, to June 6, 2006. The show was about a young female office employee (played by Sara Rue) and her co-workers. The show was directed by Skip Collector and Ted Wass, among others.


Overview and premise

The show, created by Terri Minsky, centered around Claude (Sara Rue), who worked at a television network and was the assistant for anchor Will Butler (Eric Roberts). Comedians Andy Dick, Will Sasso, and Sherri Shepherd played her co-workers and friends, while Zachary Levi and Andrea Parker played her frenemies at work.

Much was made at the time of the show's premiere about the central character of the show being a "full figured" woman, and that the title correlated to Claude being "Less than Perfect." [1] Over the course of the series, Rue lost 30 pounds (14 kg; 2.1 st).[2]


Less than Perfect debuted in a Tuesday evening timeslot and received steady ratings for its first two seasons. When the series was moved in its third season to a Friday-night timeslot, ratings began to fall sharply, and the show was considered to be in danger of cancellation.

TVGuide.com featured the show on a list of "Endangered Series." Ratings in the coveted 18-49 demographic were high enough, and the show was near the threshold for number of episodes needed for syndication, so a limited fourth season of 13 episodes was ordered.

After a long hiatus from ABC's schedule, the show returned as a late-season replacement for ABC with its fourth season premiere on Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 9:30 p.m.[3]

Despite the pickup, the future of the series was not assured. Cast member Zachary Levi stated many cast members were ready to move on,[4] and series lead Sara Rue had filmed a pilot for CBS starring as a woman who runs a toy company with her brother in the comedy Play Nice.

ABC confirmed on May 17, 2006 that the fourth season would be its last.[5] ABC showed only part of the fourth season as scheduled. After five of the 13 episodes aired, ABC ceased broadcasting of the show, with the last episode broadcast on June 6, 2006. However, these episodes which were not broadcast in the US have been shown in other countries.

The show joined Lifetime Television on June 1, 2009 in syndication and airs all 81 episodes including the eight episodes previously not broadcast in the US.


Main characters

  • Sara Rue as Claude Casey, a lovable female worker. She is bright with her co-workers and her con-artist enemy, Lydia. She is always the lead character and is seen in most episodes of the show.
  • Sherri Shepherd as Ramona Platt, a good friend of Claude. She is sometimes bossy with her coworkers.
  • Andy Dick as Owen Kronsky, a sometimes clumsy office supply manager with GNB.
  • Andrea Parker as Lydia Weston, one of Claude's antagonists. She is snobby and professionally ambitious. Eventually, she has a relationship with Jeb Denton.
  • Zachary Levi as Kipp Steadman, Claude's other antagonist.
  • Eric Roberts as Will Butler, (2002-2005) (Seasons 1-3, 57 episodes) a national newsanchor at GNB with many ex-wives. Will is Claude's boss.
  • Will Sasso as Carl Monari. (2003-2006) (Seasons 2-4, (guest starring in season 1) 40 episodes) He lives across the hall from Claude and works at GNB as the cafeteria manager.
  • Patrick Warburton as Jeb Denton, (2003-2006) the boyfriend of Claude's biggest enemy, Lydia. He's a very energetic, quiet, funny, serious, and greedy. His favorite food is Crab Cakes and refers to Kipp never by name, but merely as "Secretary."

Recurring characters

  • Josh Braaten as Charlie, Claude's boyfriend from the travel department. (2002-2003 & 2005, Seasons 1 & 3, 8 episodes)
  • William Ragsdale as Mitch Calgrove, a producer at GNB who Claude dates (2004, Season 2, 4 episodes)
  • John Eric Bentley as an assistant director who becomes a director (2002 & 2006, Seasons 1 & 4, 3 episodes)
  • George Wyner as Alan Turnbach, head of GNB news (2003 & 2006, Seasons 1 & 4, 3 episodes)
  • French Stewart as Gene Schmidtline, an employee at GNB (2003-2005, Seasons 2-3, 3 episodes)
  • Jenny McCarthy as Dani, Will's on-and-off girlfriend (2003, Season 2, 3 episodes)
  • Diana-Maria Riva as Vivian, Carl's ex-girlfriend (2004-2005, Seasons 2-3, 3 episodes)
  • Joanna Tamases as Irene, a co-worker at GNB who offers Claude a job (2006, Season 4, 3 episodes)
  • Valerie Harper as Judith, Owen's mom (2003-2004, Seasons 2-3, 2 episodes)
  • Joanna Kerns as Judy, Owen's other mom (2003-2004, Seasons 2-3, 2 episodes)
  • Michael Boatman as Ted Elliot, a director who employs Claude (2003, Seasons 1-2, 2 episodes)
  • Michael Angarano as George Denton, Jeb's son (2004, Seasons 2-3, 2 episodes)
  • Nicole Sullivan as Deirdre Bishop, Owen's love interest (2003, Season 1, 2 episodes)

One-off guest stars


International broadcasting of show

Less than Perfect is currently showing on Comedy Central in the United Kingdom and Ireland, on ATV in Austria, on Nelonen in Finland, on FOX8 (pay tv) and the Seven Network (free to air) in Australia, on MTV Russia in Russia, on Star World for the rest of Asia, on yesSTARS in Israel, on Cuatro in Spain, on Sky Italia's Fox and MTV Italia in Italy, on Kanal 5 in Denmark, on HRT and Fox Life in Croatia and Serbia, on TV-First in Belarus. The first seven episodes and episode nine of the final season of Less than Perfect aired on TV2 in New Zealand, with the remaining episodes (eight and 10 through 13) yet to be scheduled, and in the UK a new season is to be aired. The show also aired on MBC 4 to Arabic speaking viewers. In Turkey, TNT Turkey airs. And ComedyMax currently airs the show for Digiturk subscribers and Comedy Smart airs for D-Smart subscribers.



Early reviews for the show found the characterization generally stereotypical, but critics often praised the performance of Sara Rue. USA asserted that "in just two episodes, the good guys/bad guys structure and the exaggerated characterizations already are showing signs of wear," although it called Rue a "welcome addition" to TV sitcoms.[6] People magazine likewise criticized the stereotypical characters, but summarized the show as "Hardly perfect but happily Rueful."[7] However, by Season 3, USA Today said the show had "hit its stride."[8]

American ratings

Season Episodes Premiere Season finale U.S. ratings
1 2002-2003 22 October 1, 2002 May 20, 2003 8.1 million (85th place)[9]
2 2003-2004 24 September 23, 2003 May 18, 2004 8.8 million (66th place)[10]
3 2004-2005 22 September 24, 2004 April 15, 2005 6.2 million (94th place)[11]
4 2006 13 (8 unaired) April 18, 2006 June 6, 2006 4.9 million (115th place)[12]


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Less Than Perfect was an American television series. It was a sitcom that began airing on ABC on October 1, 2002 and ended on June 6, 2006. The seriesis about a young female office employee (played by Sara Rue) and her co-workers The series was directed by Skip Collector and Ted Wass, among others.

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