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Let 'Em Burn
Studio album by Hot Boys
Released March 25, 2003
Recorded 1998-2000
Genre Hip hop
Length 1 Hour
Label Cash Money Records
Producer Mannie Fresh
Professional reviews
Hot Boys chronology
Baller Blockin' Soundtrack
Let 'Em Burn

Let 'Em Burn is a 2003 album by New Orleans rap group, Hot Boys. The album was originally recorded from 1998 to 2000, but wasn't released until 3 years later due to 3/4 members of the group leaving Cash Money. All the production on the album is done by former Cash Money Records producer Mannie Fresh.


  1. "Alicia Applefoot Intro"
  2. "Introduction" (feat. Baby)
  3. "My Section"
  4. "Stick & Move" (feat. Baby & Lac)
  5. "Down Here"
  6. "Spin Tha Bend"
  7. "My Cousin's New Keyboard Skit"
  8. "Let 'Em Burn"
  9. "Do Whatcha Do" (feat. Baby)
  10. "Gangsta Nigga" (feat. T.Q.)
  11. "These Hoes" (feat. Mannie Fresh)
  12. "3 Strikes"
  13. "Jack Who, Take What"
  14. "Young Riders"
  15. "Off Wit' Ya Head"
  16. "Up In Tha Hood" (feat. Lac)
  17. "Outro"


  • All instances of years in the album are edited:
    • In Down Here Turk says "...niggas don't fight no mo' - all they do is slang that iron, niggas they killin' slow - that's how it go in ('99)..."
    • In Do Whatcha Do B.G. says "...Fresh got the 'vette, Baby got the 470 Lex, Juve got the new (2000) Yukon - Wayne got a coupe..."
    • Also in Do Whatcha Do, Turk says "...So whodi lay low - be cool, let me shine, told you that it was goin' down in ('99)..."
    • In Introduction B.G. refers to the 2000 Excursion.
  • Turk's verse from Introduction is also used in his lead single It's In Me from his 2001 album Young & Thuggin'.
  • Featured guests were later added to some tracks, as evident by Baby's references to himself as the Birdman, which he didn't do until Juvenile, Turk, and B.G. had left the label.
  • Lil Wayne's verses give dead on clues to when tracks were recorded. For example: His verses on Introduction or Down Here were recorded during his 'clean rap' phase (also obvious by his more nasal tone); while Jack Who, Take What or Stick and Move were recorded after he reached 18 and began using profanity regularly. (See Lil Wayne as to why)
  • There are two different album covers; the original can be seen in old Cash Money album liners. The major differences are:
    • On the original cover B.G. and Juvenile are wearing shorts, in the final they are wearing jeans.
    • The Hot Boys' logo on the original is the same as their previous albums, while in the final it has been fleshed out with diamonds and changed to a 'platinum' appearance.

Album chart positions

Year Album Chart positions
Billboard 200 Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums
2003 Let 'Em Burn #14 #3


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