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Virus classification
Group: Group IV ((+)ssRNA)
Family: Leviviridae


The Leviviridae are a family of viruses, including the following genera:

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Regnum: Virus
Phylum: not divided
Classis: not divided
Ordo: Unassigned
Familia: Leviviridae
Genera: Allolevivirus - Levivirus

Unassigned Viruses: Caulobacter phage cϕCb12r - Caulobacter phage cϕCb2 - Caulobacter phage cϕCb23r - Caulobacter phage cϕCb4 - Caulobacter phage cϕCb5 - Caulobacter phage cϕCb8r - Caulobacter phage cϕCb9 - Caulobacter phage cϕCP18 - Caulobacter phage cϕCP2 - Caulobacter phage cϕCrl4 - Caulobacter phage cϕCr28 - Enterobacteria phage β - Enterobacteria phage τ - Enterobacteria phage α15 - Enterobacteria phage μ2 - Enterobacteria phage B6 - Enterobacteria phage B7 - Enterobacteria phage C-1 - Enterobacteria phage C2 - Enterobacteria phage fcan - Enterobacteria phage Folac - Enterobacteria phage Iα - Enterobacteria phage M - Enterobacteria phage philHα - Enterobacteria phage R23 - Enterobacteria phage R34 - Enterobacteria phage ZG/1 - Enterobacteria phage ZIK/1 - Enterobacteria phage ZJ/1 - Enterobacteria phage ZL/3 - Enterobacteria phage ZS/3 - Pseudomonas phage 7s - Pseudomonas phage PRR1




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Vernacular names

English: Levivirus bacteriophage & relatives


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