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Lex (left) and Terry (Right)

Lex (Lex Staley) and Terry (Terry Jaymes) are two nationally syndicated morning drive radio hosts broadcasting from Dallas, Texas on KEGL 97.1 FM. Their show is distributed and sold by Envision Radio Networks.

The show airs live from 5 AM to 10 AM CST every weekday. Starting on July 6, 2009, KEGL airs only the first four hours of the show. Lex and Terry can also be heard on Channel 152 - Extreme XM. The show on XM airs from 11 AM to 3 PM EST. In addition to the XM broadcast, the Lex and Terry Radio network offers a live viewing of the show through Ustream. In November 2009 the hosts provided different camera angles for viewers to watch the show online. A daily podcast of the complete program is also available via iTunes and other podcast clients. After the day's show is over, it is replayed throughout the day on the Lex and Terry website, with replays of the week's shows played throughout the weekend.


Current Staff

Lex Staley

Co-founder, co-host The Lex & Terry Radio Network Lex Staley is a 25-year veteran of the radio industry with a successful track record both on the management and talent sides of the business. He is best known in the industry for his ability to turn around inefficient, poorly performing stations, helping them achieve double-digit market share and raise the ratings meter.

Lex began his radio career in 1978 in sales at Jacksonville Fla.-based WKUE-FM and soon began working on the other side of the booth as an on-air personality.

He soon moved over another Jacksonville, Fla.-based station, WFYV-FM, where he not only hosted a variety of evening and mid-day shows, but also maintained executive management positions, including music director and program director. Over the next 10 years, Lex turned WFYV's ratings fortunes around in two separate programming periods.

In 1997, Lex stepped down from his director’s position to concentrate solely on building the Lex & Terry Morning Radio Network.

A native of Pittsburgh Pa., Lex currently resides in the Dallas, Texas area with his wife, daughter, and other baby, a Harley Davidson "Street Glide".

Terry Jaymes

Terry Jaymes performing stand up comedy

Co-founder, co-host, The Lex & Terry Radio Network Entertainer Terry Jaymes is an accomplished entertainer and businessman with more than 20 years of experience in radio, television and stand up comedy.

In addition to his radio duties, Terry enjoys a successful television career. He currently hosts the nightly "Entertainment Report" for Jacksonville-based WJXT News at 10. In addition, he appeared regularly on Fox’s former hit shows Sunday Comics And Comic Strip Live and Pure Insanity. Some of his other TV credits include national ads and a recurring role on the popular soap opera, Santa Barbara.

Rounding out his repertoire, Terry also performs stand up comedy at clubs across the country, with a regular show in Las Vegas.

A native of Southern California, Terry resides in Dallas, TX, with his wife, Shari, and Harley Davidsons.

Peter Welpton

Peter is the managing director of the show, hired in 1997 when the show underwent national syndication. In addition to his managerial duties, he is also a featured member of the on-air talent, most recently taking over as the news man in the absence of a regular "newschick." In addition to this, he also hosts his own segment titled "The Geek Out" in the show's iTunes podcasts and online radio stream. Peter started his radio career while at Texas Tech University, spending the majority of his time working at the college radio station KTXT-FM. After college, he worked at the Dallas heritage rock station "Q102". Later, he got into the syndication end of the radio industry and moved to New York City to work for MJI Broadcasting. Peter is a native of Dallas, Texas. [1]

Tyler "Taint" Baker

Tyler originally joined the staff as an intern, but became a full-time employee on April 2007. He works as a phone screener, but is also a member of the on-air talent, being featured in many of the show's bits such as "Helper Taint", "Taint on a Bus", "Black Like Taint", "Make Taint Scream", and "Spread my Mom". He has also proven that there are no lengths to which he will not go for the sake of the show, such as consuming insects, drinking urine, and getting his body hair waxed live on the air. A Florida native, Tyler currently resides in the Dallas, Texas area.[2]

Devell "Dee" Reed

Devell performs various duties for the show, including screening phones, scheduling guests, serving as the proprietor of the Lex and Terry Store, and participating as part of the on-air talent by being featured in various bits such as "The Applicant", "Homeless Idol", "Homeless Coin Toss", and "Homeless Comic". He also hosts his own segment called "At Home With Dee" on the podcast and online radio stream, which is a compilation of random conversations that occur in his home. Originally a native of Tampa, Florida, he moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1994 and began working as a club DJ. Afterwards, he was picked up by Clear Channel and began work as an overnight DJ for the radio station WJBT 92.7. Becoming a nighttime ratings success, listeners claimed that he was borrowing ideas from the Lex and Terry show. In response, he called into the show and "confessed to the act", to which Lex and Terry enjoyed so much that Devell became part of the staff soon afterwards, and has been on the staff ever since. He currently resides in the Dallas, Texas area with his wife and children. [3]


Jason is the show's producer. His duties include filtering out inappropriate content on the air as well as operating the sound effects machine. He began his radio career working for the radio station WZZR 94.3 in south Florida while attending college to obtain a degree in music. Upon realizing that his job was turning into a career, Jason soon transitioned into the radio industry. He began working for the Love Doctors as a phone screener and assistant to the producer, and after a year, he became the producer. Towards the end of 2008, upon the departure of producer Scott Richards, Lex and Terry contacted Jason for the position, and he accepted. Jason is a native of Stuart, Florida. [4]


Anthony is the show's engineer who appears sporadically on the show. He helps with audio and video in and out of the office and occasionally participates in the show's bits. He is also known for having a "kermit the frog" voice.


Sarah is the latest member to join the Lex and Terry Radio network. She holds the title of phone screener.

Former Staff

Sam Kouvaris

Based in Jacksonville, Sam served as the sports man on the show, broadcasting live from his home every morning to discuss the various goings-on in the sports world with the hosts. Sam is the sports director for WJXT TV 4 Jacksonville and also manages his own sports blog. Sam is no longer with the show as of 2009.

Scott Richards

Scott served as the show's producer and was responsible for the various technical duties of the program, including the creation of the show's bumpers and the show's intro segments, as well as keeping the show under time and letting the hosts know when it was time to cut to commercial breaks. Scott also proved himself an accomplished sound editor, as one of the key features of the show is the use of random humorous sound bites throughout the program, which Scott was responsible for editing and adding in throughout the day. On November 5, 2008, Scott announced he was leaving the show and would be moving back to Florida to be closer to family. His last day on the show was November 21, 2008.

Kim McCafferty

Kim was the former news director for the show. She started working with the show when they were based in Jacksonville and traveled with them when they moved to Dallas. She left the show in April 2007 and moved back to Jacksonville where she runs her own company, McCafferty Communications. She was perhaps best known for her reactions to air horns, which produced some hilarity for listeners.

Kim "Biskit" Hamblin

Kim was one of the show's phone screeners who would occasionally participate as part of the on-air talent. On June 8, 2009, she was removed from the show since she had periodically failed to show up to work on time.

Frequent Guests or Celebrity Friends

Over the years, Lex and Terry have garnered many celebrity friends who frequently call the show or are called upon by the hosts, including, but not limited to:

Name Occupation
Brett Myers Starting pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies.
Bruce Baum Comedian.
Bunny Love Employee of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, which is the focus of the HBO series Cathouse.
Carlos Mencia Comedian.
Mr. Skin Owner of the celebrity pornography site
Steve Ott Center for the Dallas Stars.
Shaquille O'Neal Center for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Bowling for Soup Dallas based rock band

Lex and Terry: Naked

Lex and Terry: Naked is the name of the television show pilot that focuses more on the behind the scenes workings of the show. Currently, Lex and Terry have pitched the show to Spike TV, Comedy Central, and A&E among others. The show was produced and directed by Steve Stockman, a director known for the film Two Weeks. A promo for the pilot can be seen through the Lex and Terry website or on YouTube.

Bikers and Philanthropists

Avid motorcyclists, Lex and Terry have been ambassadors for the motorcycle community through their charity work[5]. Since 2002, Lex and Terry have promoted and hosted an annual motorcycle charity ride in Jacksonville, FL, called Lex & Terry's Ticket to Ride. Planned in conjunction with Adamec's Harley Davidson, the event has raised over $400,000 for the Autism Society of America since its inception.[6]

Bits and Games

Network Affiliates

Calls [7] Freq. Branding Format Market/Market Rank[8] Timeslot Group Owner
Satellite Stations
XM 152 Extreme 152 Talk United States Tape 11A-3P ET Clear Channel Communications
Terrestrial Stations
KEGL 97.1 MHz The Eagle Active Rock Dallas, TX / 5 Live 5A-9A Clear Channel Communications
WJRR 101.1 MHz 101one Rock Orlando, FL / 34 Live 6A-10A Clear Channel Communications
WPLA 107.3 MHz Planet Radio Alternative Jacksonville, FL / 49 Live 6A-11A Clear Channel Communications
WRUF-FM 103.7 MHz Rock 104 Active Rock Gainesville-Ocala, FL / 86 Live 6A-11A University of Florida
WXNR 99.5 MHz 99.5 the X Alternative Greenville-New Bern-Jacksonville, NC / 87 Live 6A-10A(last hour@5am next day) Beasley Broadcasting
WCHZ 95.1 MHz 95 Rock Active Rock Augusta, GA / 112 Live 6A-11A Beasley Broadcasting
WTKX 101.5 MHz TK101 Active Rock Pensacola, FL / 123
Reports for Mobile, AL / 90
Live 5A-10A Clear Channel Communications
KQRA 102.1 MHz Q1021 Alternative Springfield, MO / 145 Live 5A-10A Mid-West Family Broadcast Group
WCMI-FM 92.7/98.5 MHz The Planet Active Rock Huntington, WV-Ashland, KY / 156 Live 6A-11A Fifth Ave. Broadcasting
WFXH-FM 106.1 MHz Rock 1061 Alternative Savannah, GA / 157 Live 6A-11A Triad Broadcasting
WXSR 101.5 MHz X101.5 Alternative Tallahassee, FL / 163 Live 6A-11A Clear Channel Communications
(sale pending)
WBAE (AM)/WVAE 1490/1400 kHz AM 1400 & 1490 Hot Talk Portland, ME / N/M Tape 10A-3P Saga Communications
WCLG-FM 100.1 MHz 100.1 WCLG Rocks Active Rock Morgantown-Clarksburg-Fairmont, WV / 175 Live 6A-11A Bowers Broadcasting Corp.
KQWB-FM 98.7 MHz Q98 Rocks Active Rock Fargo, ND-Moorhead, MN / 223 Live 5A-10A Triad Broadcasting
WYYX 97.7 MHz 97X Rock Panama City-Bonifay, FL / 240 Live 5A-10A Magic Broadcasting Florida Licensing, LLC
WOBX-FM 98.1 MHz 98X Alternative Outer Banks of North Carolina / N/M Live 6A-11A East Carolina Radio, Inc.
WHMH-FM 101.7 MHz Rockin 101 Active Rock St. Cloud, MN / N/M Live 5A-10A Tri-County Broadcasting
WWCT-FM 99.9 MHz 99.9 the Buzz Modern Rock Peoria, Illinois / N/M Live 5A-10A Independence Media Holdings, LLC
WTMT 105.9 MHz The Mountain Album Rock Asheville, NC / N/M Live 6A-10A Asheville Radio Group
KKJK 103.1 MHz Thunder 103-1 Active Rock Grand Island, NE / N/M Live 5A-10A Legacy Communications, LLC
KNOX-FM 94.7 MHz Power 94-7 Classic Rock Grand Forks, ND / N/M Live 5A-10A Leighton Broadcasting
WFXN-FM/WXXR/WXXF 102.3/98.3/107.7 MHz The Fox Classic Rock Ashland-Mansfield-Mount Vernon, OH / N/M Live 6A-10A Clear Channel Communications
KXRR 106.1 MHz Rock 106 Rock Monroe, LA / N/M Live 5A-10A Opus Broadcasting Monroe, LLC
KDDX 101.1/103.5 MHz X Rock Active Rock Rapid City, SD / N/M Live 4A-9A Duhamel Broadcasting Enterprises
WOSC 95.9 MHz 96 Rock Active Rock Salisbury-Ocean City, MD / N/M Live 6A-11A Clear Channel Communications
WZZR 94.3/101.7 MHz Real Radio Talk West Palm Beach, FL / N/M Tape 7P-12A Clear Channel Communications
KZEP 104.3 MHz Red 104.3 Talk Alexandria, LA Live 6a- 8a Opus Broadcasting Alexandria, LLC.


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