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The opening logo of Lexx
The opening credits to Lexx
Format Science fiction, Dramedy
Created by Paul Donovan
Starring Brian Downey
Eva Habermann (season 1–2)
Michael McManus
Xenia Seeberg (season 2–4)
Jeffrey Hirschfield
Tom Gallant
Country of origin  Canada
 United Kingdom
No. of series 4
No. of episodes 61 (Including Season 1) (List of episodes)
Running time Season 1 (2 hrs. approx.)
Season 2 – 4 (45 minutes approx.)
Original channel Global Television Network
Sci Fi Channel
CHUM Television's Space
Original run April 18, 1997 – April 26, 2002

Lexx is a science fantasy television series that follows the adventures of a group of mismatched individuals aboard the organic space craft Lexx. They travel through two universes and encounter planets including a parody of our own.

The series is a Canadian and German co-production, with some additional funding from Britain's Five. Not originally produced for a US network, the series features more sexual innuendo and nudity than audiences in the United States are generally accustomed to seeing in non-premium programming. The Sci Fi Channel purchased the series from Salter Street Films and began airing versions of Season 2 episodes for United States' audience in January 2000[1].

Lexx was co-produced by Salter Street Films, later absorbed by Alliance Atlantis. In Canada, Lexx aired on the Alliance Atlantis-owned Showcase network.

The series was primarily filmed in Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) and Berlin (Germany), with additional filming on location in Iceland, Bangkok (Thailand) and Namibia.



The crew

The crew of the Lexx is motivated largely by fear, lust, and insatiable hunger — factors which gradually came to dominate the story-lines more and more, eventually making Lexx famous for its sexual themes and often bizarre story-lines. Each episode in the later series takes the crew through another stage of their journey through chaotic, hostile universes without any legitimate authority while exploring the relationships between the protagonists and their individual histories.

The crew of the Lexx includes:


The Lexx

Lexx, the most powerful spaceship in the two universes.
First appearance I Worship His Shadow
Launched The Cluster
General characteristics
Auxiliary craft Moths
Armaments Simply known as 'Lexx's weapon' that is powerful enough to be a planet killer.

The Lexx is a bio-engineered, Manhattan-sized, planet-destroying bioship in the shape of a giant wingless dragonfly. It was grown by ingesting organ collections from the protein bank on the Cluster, the seat of the Divine Order, for use by His Divine Shadow. The Lexx was originally intended as the ultimate deterrent: the threat of a weapon that could instantly obliterate any planet would keep the remaining "Heretic" worlds of the Light Universe in line, and those that refused to capitulate would be summarily destroyed to reinforce the point. This plan was foiled when the crew commandeered it to escape from the Cluster.

The most important function of the Lexx is its ability to destroy entire planets with a single, high-powered blast. Its only weapon is initiated by command from the captain only, followed by a highly dramatic sequence when the Ocular Parabola found on the surface of its eye tissue flips from a smooth surfaced dome into a complex array of satellite dish-like structures. Huge amounts of yellowish-orange particles are released en masse from the array and focused by Lexx's nervous system to a point just above its mouth. Once focused, the particles burst into a massive, forward-moving, planar wave which expands ahead of the Lexx exponentially until colliding with an object of sufficient mass to disperse it, usually a planet. The wave instantly vaporizes smaller ships without losing momentum. Though the Lexx is designed to destroy entire planets, it can fire less intense blasts to hit smaller targets; however, the smallest area it seems capable of destroying is roughly the size of an entire city such as Ottawa.

A special living energy being known as the "key" is required to control the Lexx, and it will usually only respond to the one who has it, however, if the ship is in a deficient mental state, it may respond to anyone. A special holographic hand-scanner on the bridge confirms that the captain of the ship possesses the key, but captain can control the Lexx through voice commands.

The Lexx itself is sentient, but not very intelligent. The show's creators have it compared to a dog. The Lexx often takes orders literally, even when it's not being addressed directly (Stan accidentally orders the Lexx to destroy a planet when he explains its function to some astronauts). It acknowledges commands and comments with a droning, simple male voice; for example, "As you command, Stan." The Lexx has emotions (it actively enjoys destroying planets, for instance, and becomes rather petulant when denied the opportunity), and is, to a small extent, capable of acting of its own accord when in defense of itself. In the final episode of the show, as the Lexx is dying, it tells Stan that he was always its favorite captain, since they both enjoy destroying planets.

Being alive, the Lexx needs to eat to function. It can digest any form of organic matter, and will usually land on a planet's surface to scoop up suitable organic foodstuffs; however, it is content to simply blow-up a planet and feast on the sizable chunks. When denied food, the Lexx can become rather cranky, but will always attempt to follow orders no matter what is happening. The moral dilemma of destroying inhabited worlds for Lexx's functioning and survival is a recurring plot theme, and occasionally Lexx will swallow passing ships without informing the crew. Another means of collecting energy is to "resorb" discarded items left on its floors.

The Lexx has various amenities for the crew, though unusual in their implementation. It has showers which use long, phallic, writhing shower-heads that are activated by squeezing a pair of nearby balls. It also has commodes that use large, waggling tongues for user sanitation. A cryo-chamber is also available.

The Lexx also hosts a contingent of smaller bio-engineered ornithopter-like craft called "moths", which the crew often use for short-range travel in space, in a planet's atmosphere, or even within the vast Lexx itself. The moths are insect-like ships (as befits their name), and twitter constantly as they travel. The moths fly themselves, with the joystick used only to direct their movement. The moth only uses its wings when in an atmosphere, and has a "jet pack" of sorts on its underbelly when traveling through space. Stan usually sleeps in the husk of one of the dead moths. The Lexx has a crew of moth breeders, zombie-like human slaves re-engineered entirely for moth breeding, to produce these craft when necessary.

When the Lexx arrives on Earth, it becomes pregnant after an encounter with an Earth dragon fly, suggesting that the ship is in fact female even though it speaks in a male voice (in the English-language version; the version shown in Germany gave the ship a female voice). Similarly, when a sex-changing virus sweeps through the ship, the Lexx is affected and develops stereotypical feminine characteristics, suggesting that it is normally male.

The Lexx ages several thousand years during the run of the series, and in later seasons its advanced age and decrepitude following millennia of starvation and neglect lead to it becoming increasingly unstable. In the final episode of the series, Lexx dies, giving birth to a smaller, very Lexx-like ship, the result of a brief union with an insect from Earth. The new ship, dubbed "Little Lexx" by Stan and Xev, imprints upon Stan when he tells it that he is its captain. This causes Little Lexx's key, blue instead of Lexx's yellow, to bind with Stan's right hand.

The Light Universe and Dark Zone

In the fictional mythos of the television series Lexx, there are two universes: the Light Universe and the Dark Zone. Two of the Season 1 movies and the whole of Seasons 3 and 4 take place in the Dark Zone, while two of the Season 1 movies and nearly all of Season 2 takes place in the Light Universe.

The Light Universe was completely dominated by His Divine Shadow and the League of 20,000 Planets, while the Dark Zone is often referred to as the universe of evil, chaos, and depravity. The Brunnen-G originally lived in the Dark Zone on Brunnis, until their sun was no longer able to support life, after which they moved to Brunnis-2 in the Light Universe. Earth is located at the center of the Dark Zone, as are Fire and Water, planets that are similar to hell and heaven.

Most of the matter in the Light Universe was converted into biomechanical drones (Mantrid drones) by Mantrid, who then caused a Big Crunch by summoning all the Mantrid drones to a single spot in the universe to do battle with the Lexx. Little matter escaped into the Dark Zone, most of it being the Lexx itself.

The Dark Zone is the parallel universe that His Divine Shadow cannot enter. The Dark Zone is referred to as the universe of chaos and disorder. It is also where the crew finds, among other inhabited planets, Earth, where they spend the entirety of the fourth season. At the end of the first movie, "I Worship His Shadow", the Lexx enters the dark zone through a fractal core located using coordinates found inside one of Stanley Tweedle's teeth. The Lexx remains in the Dark Zone during the second and third movies, and parts of the fourth. The Lexx returns to the Light Zone in the first episode of the television series. Following the destruction of the Light Universe (or Light Zone) by Mantrid's drones (at the end the second season), the Lexx is shifted into the Dark Zone where they remain for the rest of the show.

The Cluster

Another major setting in the world of "Lexx" is The Cluster. The Cluster is at the very center of the Divine Order and is also the planetoid from which Zev, Stan, and Kai escape in the beginning. His Divine Shadow, his Divine Predecessors, and religious leadership rule from The Cluster. The Cluster is the capital of the Divine Order, center of the bureaucracy, and place where all criminals/heretics are taken for punishment (provided they survive the trip). The planet has become an over centralized, overcomplicated mess, with most decisions being automated by an impersonal computer system prone to devastating and/or deadly mistakes at the slightest technological malfunction.


Fire is an inhospitable planet, with its entire surface covered in desert and open seas of lava. Even when the sun beats down mercilessly on the desert sands, the ground below is hotter still than the sky above. Fire is said to have no water of its own, and people on the open sands during daylight quickly die. The inhabitants of Fire live in enormous towers, each of which contains a single city. These provide them shade from the sun and possibly keep them cooler by raising them away from the planet's warm surface.


The inhabitants of Water live in several large floating settlements, each of which seems to be centered around some particular pastime. During their stay on Water, the crew of the Lexx visit the settlements of Gametown, for those who like sports; Boomtown, for those who like sex; and Garden, for those who like gardening. Life on Water seems to have been meant to be full of unmarred beauty and contentment, but this is shattered by frequent war parties from Fire, which arrive via hot air balloons through the planets' shared atmosphere.


Earth is a life-bearing planet, half covered with water, in the same orbit as the Fire-Water binary system but on the opposite side of its sun. It is also a "type 13" planet, inhabited by a disorderly human civilization and about to be destroyed by their quest to determine the mass of the Higgs boson.

Essential minor elements



  • Brunnis-2 - Second home of the Brunnen-G, where Kai originates from but which was ultimately destroyed in the first few moments of "Lexx 1.0: I Worship His Shadow"

Hardware and technology elements

  • The Key - a living entity, originally produced by the Divine Order, that allows whoever is hosting it to captain the Lexx. The key Stan uses throughout the series is actually a copy that the Ostral B heretics had made for them (at the cost of millions of lives) by bio-code experts. Originally carried by Thodin on a mission to steal the Lexx, Stan obtains it by happening to be stood near Thodin's lieutenant, when the latter was eaten by a Cluster Lizard. The key can be passed to others during moments of extreme emotion, such as "the height of sexual ecstasy" or death. While it is passed to several other characters during the run of the show, Stan always manages to get it back.
  • Protoblood - substance that gives the ability to resurrect the dead for a period of time
  • Moth - a semi-hollow bio-mechanical shuttle, in the shape of a moth which it is named, that the crew uses to travel great distances in and outside of the Lexx
  • Narcolounger - a machine that lets its users live in their dreams, once owned and operated by Gubby, and possibly the only one in existence.
  • Bad Carrots - probes from an asteroid like ship, sent down to Earth to find different types of food
  • Black Pack - A weapon from the light universe, specifically the Cluster, that fires brilliant sheets of green shrieking energy. It instantly disintegrates carbon-based structures, and can also be used as a stun weapon.
  • Protein Regenerator - A device kept in the Lexx's Cryo chamber. It can heal wounds and cure infectious diseases.
  • Squawker - Hand held communicator device
  • Lusticon - A Machine located on the Cluster, and very few out lying planets that changes some females into love slaves.


There are four seasons of Lexx totaling 61 episodes. The first season, debuting in Canada on 18 April 1997, consisted of four two-hour TV movies (sometimes screened as eight one-hour episodes), alternatively titled Tales from a Parallel Universe. However, some episode guides don't list the two-hour movies as a series but list the subsequent seasons as the first through third.

The second season consisted of twenty 48-minute episodes, with an overall story arc concerning an evil scientist called Mantrid, who attempts to kill everyone by converting the entire mass of the universe into one-armed Mantrid drones.

The third season comprises 13 episodes in which the Lexx is trapped in orbit around the warring planets Fire and Water, and the crew encounters Prince, the enigmatic and cheerful evil ruler of Fire, who is much like the Devil, though he actually identifies himself as death incarnate at the end of season four. The two planets orbit each other at an extremely close distance, and share a tunnel of atmosphere between them, allowing the inhabitants of Fire to carry out raids on Water to cause chaos. Fire is filmed between the dunes of Namibia and the Gothic architecture of Berlin. Prince reincarnates whenever it suits him. Water appears to have no opposing ruler, and contains a small population of hedonists on floating islands.

In the fourth and final season of 24 episodes, the Lexx arrives at Earth in the year 2000, only to find that Prince (now named Isambard Prince and head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which more or less runs the United States) and several other old adversaries have also arrived there. Between them, Prince and the Lexx manage to demolish large chunks of the Earth — including Orlando, Florida; Ottawa (a Canadian metonymical in-joke);Tokyo and Holland, which the Lexx eats — before the climactic final episode, televised on 26 April 2002. The Lexx is responsible for the destruction of Fire, Water, Pluto, Mars, Venus, and lastly Earth. Also, Priest, the President of the USA, manages to destroy via thermonuclear bombs the following countries or territories: Cuba, Newfoundland, Vietnam.

Hulu Release

On Tuesday, December 8, 2009 the four TV movies that make up season one appeared on Hulu.[2] Season 2 was added Wednesday, February 16th, 2010.

DVD releases

Seasons one to three of Lexx were released on VHS and Region 2 DVD in the UK by Contender Limited, although the Season 3 DVDs were initially exclusive to the MVC Entertainment chain of stores and all volumes have since been deleted. Contender failed to obtain the rights to Season 4, which instead went to Momentum Pictures (a subsidiary of Alliance Atlantis); however, they haven't released any DVDs.

Seasons two through four were released in the US (DVD Region 1) by Acorn Media in individual and box set formats. Due to Paramount Pictures previously holding the home video license to the initial four TV movies (under their alternative US/Showtime title of "Tales from a Parallel Universe"), Acorn were unable to secure rights to release the movies in the USA.

The four TV movies comprising season one were, however, released in Canada (DVD Region 1) by Koch, again in individual and box set formats. They are now out-of-print.

All four seasons were also released on Region 2 DVD in Germany. Unlike the rest of the world (bar Australia), the German DVDs of season 1 do still appear to be in-print as of February 2007. However, the episodes of the first season of the German DVD release were cut to receive a 16 and up rating.

Season one was re-released on Region free DVD in Australia (July 2007) as a four disk box-set. Season two was re-released on Region 4 DVD in Australia (September 2007) as a five disk box-set, with season three re-released the following month as a five disk box-set. Season four was re-released on Region 4 DVD in Australia [January 2008] as a six disk box set. All seasons were released through Force Entertainment.

Season one of Lexx has recently been re-released on October 2008 in a four disc set featuring the four unedited films: I Worship His Shadow, Super Nova, Eating Pattern, and Giga Shadow. The four disc set has been released through Echo Bridge Entertainment.

More recently the entire series (including "special features") has been released as a 19-disc set, "boxed" in a custom silver colored tin can embossed with the LEXX logo.

Broadcast history and legacy

The show's seasons had very different tones, and there is little consensus among fans on which seasons or episodes were the best or the worst. While the original TV movies and the second season were mostly science fiction drama with plenty of dark comedy, the "Fire and Water" season took a more serious tone, while the show's final season — set on Earth in the year 2000 — took many turns into pure farce and introduced magic (as in the episode A Midsummer's Nightmare) and other new elements that were controversial with some fans.

Lexx was shown originally on Global Television Network in Canada, then later picked up by Space, Channel 5 in the UK and then the Sci-Fi Channel in the United States. On Sci-Fi, it aired in the same Friday night lineup as Farscape, and the somewhat similar set-up for both shows (with a misfit crew flying through space on a huge, living starship) was often noted by critics, despite Lexx having premiered two years prior to Farscape. Lexx did achieve some mainstream notice (with Xenia Seeberg as "Xev" appearing on the cover of TV Guide, for instance).

Lexx was voted 23rd in a recent poll by SciFiNow magazine in June 2009 in the '25 Greatest Sci-Fi TV Shows'

Different versions

There are two versions of Lexx, the European and the American one. One point of difference is in the beginning of the first film: in the American version, there is no episode where Stanley is fooled and captured by Feppo. In the European version, this episode is between the death of Kai and the time when Stanley wakes up on the cluster (2008 years later).

Unlike the DVD edition, the German TV release was re-cut to include some flashback scenes at points where they mattered within the story, and not in the chronological order in which they happened. For example, Stanley's capture by the pirates was shown as a flashback in the fourth episode ("Gigashadow") of the miniseries, whereas the DVD version includes it prior to the Cluster scenes early on in the first episode of the show, somewhat out of context.

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Lexx (1997–2002) is a dystopian science-fiction television series about three mismatched individuals (and one talking robot head) who inadvertently find themselves in command of "the most powerful destructive force in the two universes" — an insectoid spaceship known as the Lexx.


Season 1

I Worship His Shadow [1.0]

Kai: I am Kai, last of the Brunnen-G. Millennia ago, the Brunnen-G led humanity to victory in the war against the Insect civilization. The Time Prophet predicted that I would be the one to destroy the Divine Order and the League of 20,000 Planets. Some day, that will happen… but not today, as today is my day of death. The day our story begins.

Stan: May His Merciful Shadow fall upon... me, preferably.

Guard: Life's a mixup. Heh.

Zev: Everybody always leaves me.

Kai: I killed mothers with their babies. I've killed great philosophers, proud young warriors, and revolutionaries. I've killed the evil, the good, the intelligent, the weak, and the beautiful. I have done this in the service of His Divine Shadow and his predecessors, and I have never once shown any mercy.

His Divine Shadow: Kill them!
Kai: That I will not do.
His Divine Shadow: Then kill yourself.
Kai: I am already dead.

Stan: What are you doing?
Zev: I don't exactly know. Coming?

Xev: What kind of robot are you?
790: One that wants to live in your underwear.

Kai: I'm dead. I have no future.

Kai: In the Light Universe, I have been darkness. Perhaps in the Dark Zone I can be light.

Supernova [1.2]

Lexx: My captain is Stanley Tweedle. I blow up planets for him.

790: How biological of you.

Stan: This is incredible. The last available woman in the entire universe, and she's passing me over for a corpse!

Giggerota: Girlfriend... I will eat you first.
Kai: Dinner is cancelled.

Poetman: Bla bla bla bla bla. Dullness. Ethereal, ephemeral dullness. Allegorical dullness. The blunted boredom rises from the gorge of her insufferable lips and floats like the tedious feather of a long dead bird until it lands it nakedly tired memory next to your fleshy feet.

Kai: I'm feeling altogether better.

Kai: Would you care to join me in watching the supernova? It is a once in a lifetime experience.

Zev: We are going to bring you life, I promise.
Kai: And if not, the rest of my protoblood will be spend it with you.
Zev: Kai...
Kai: It's what I want.

Eating Pattern [1.3]

Bog: People are like flowers. They sprout, they bloom. And then they die. But everything dies in the end, so - come on over.

Stan: is he dead?
Zev: He has been dead for two thousand years.
Stan: No, not alive dead, I mean dead dead.

790: I believe it's an orbiting dump site used for generalised waste disposal. Your basic garbage planet.

Zev: Last of the Brunnen-G: if you were alive... [sighs] Last of the Brunnen-G: if you were alive, I'd want you to be the first man... I... I used to want to die. But now, I want to live. I think that's because after meeting you, I realised that people aren't always that bad.

Bogman: You're clean! I'm so happy!

Bog: Once upon a time, long long ago, we had plenty of pattern. Lots of people. We were rich. Not anymore. Less p-people. Less p-p-pattern.

Stan: He was alive dead for two thousand years, but this time he was dead dead! Really!
Bog: Two thousand? That's a lot of birthday p-p-parties.

Bog: These brains will make brilliant p-p-p-pattern.

Wist: Your worm is your friend.

Wist: Do you like me?
Kai: The dead do not have likes.

Bog: Silk and honey. Milk and cookies.

Stan: You're clean Zev, fresh clean. We need clean!

Bog: Pah-pah-pah-pah-pah! Pattern!

Bog: Pattern making is an art. Every piece of meat is different, it has a different personality, a different scent or soul. The art is the nose that knows the flow that goes into the bouquet. Balance and counterbalance.

Kai: You could of course chop the leftover brains, simmer, add seepage...
Bog: Excuse me?
Kai: ...then, add the female, then introduce me in slices once they formed a roux.

Lexx: Distress! Distress! I am being penetrated!
Stan: Ho-weeh! Mama's home! That calls for a smattern of pattern!

790: Zev, you're alive! Ecstasy times infinity squared!

Giga Shadow [1.4]

790: [to Zev] ... biomass of beauty...

Zev: Don't you want to live?
Kai: I'm an animated corpse, a mockery of life. I do not have wants.

Zev: Doesn't the prophecy motivate you?
Kai: Though I am an integral part of it, the prophecy will be, or not be, as it is in the cycle of time. In any event, I do not experience motivation.

Zev: Kai, I want you to live, to really live!
Kai: I suggest you consider modifying your want.

Kai: :[enters, holding a newborn cluster lizard] Do you want to hold it?
Stan: Yeah, on the end of my fork!
Kai: He's a baby - an innocent. The egg must have been laid before we escaped from the Light Universe.
Stan: Yeah, well, that's very nice, but I think we should act sensible here and dispose of it.
Kai: Don't you like it, Zev?
Zev: No!
Kai: I'm surprised. You are part cluster lizard yourself. I was hoping you would help me think of a name.
Zev: If it comes near me, I'll name it.
Kai: What? [steps closer and points it at her]
Zev: Squish! Which is exactly what I'll do to it!
[Squish rubs its head against Kai's face]
Stan: It thinks you're its mother!

His Divine Shadow: The Giga Shadow is the end, and it is the beginning. First will come the Cleansing, which will feed the Rebirth. The Giga Shadow is the new life beyond order. A time of pain and rejoicing. Our destiny.

Zev: I'm making eye water again - it happens when I feel this way.

Stan: Lexx, when you eat, can you separate out the yummy stuff from the nasty indigestible bits?
Lexx: Yes, Stanley the Perfect, the mighty and terrible champion of the oppressed.
Stan: And - unjustly maligned majestical being!
Lexx: And unjustly maligned majestical being.
Stan: Cool...!

Zev: So far so weird.

Zev: Kai, it's over. The prophecy is fulfilled. The last of the Brunnen-G has destroyed the Divine Order. How does it feel?
Kai: It feels.. it feels... I have no feeling for it.

Zev: Is this the mortuary?
Kai: My home, for 2000 years. These drawers contained myself and thousands of other assassins like me, all kept in a state of living death by protoblood. [all drawers look empty] Looks like all my undead comrades have taken a walk.

Yottskry: What fresh hell is this?

His Divine Shadow: You cannot stop me now.
Yottskry: Yes you can. He's vulnerable.
Kai: Where are you?
Yottskry: I'm inside the Giga Shadow. You're inside the Giga Shadow. Find me. Please, find the brain!
His Divine Shadow: You're too late Kai, much too late.
Kai: We shall see. [at Squish] What's your favourite food?
Squish: [hisses]
Yottskry: Please find the brain!

His Divine Shadow: I am the GigaShadow, and you, Kai, are nothing but a microbe inside me, infecting my system.

790: Unfortunately there is no habitable planet, asteroid, moon or space station within the range of this vessel. There is absolutely nowhere for us to go. Zev, darling?
Zev: Yes?
790: Our oxygen will be gone and you'll be dead in 11 hours and 7 minutes, but my power pack will keep me going for 309 years, so I will use that time to recite an epic poem about you. Shall I begin?

His Divine Shadow: I bid you extinction.

Kai: That's my baby.

Kai: I once suggested that you find yourselves a home.
Zev: And now?
'Kai: And now that the fractal core is destroyed, stranding us in the Dark Zone, and since I have a new supply of protoblood, let us find ourselves a new home.

Season 2

Mantrid [2.1]

His Divine Shadow: As the last surviving insect, I knew that I would never be able to defeat the humans. But if I possessed a human body, I thought perhaps I could use humans to defeat themselves.

Zev: Kai. You've reanimated yourself!
Kai: Yes. I am experiencing an unfamiliar sense of motivation.
Zev: That is a sign of life. You are not alive, are you?
Kai: No. I am still dead. I am motivated to find more protoblood.

Stan: You're drawn to it because you need protoblood!
Kai: I do not normally respond to need.

Mantrid: A love slave with a personality. How peculiar.

Mantrid: How peculiar, times two.

Kai: I want protoblood so that I can live
Mantrid: You want to live? How peculiar, times three.

Mantrid: What do you mean by alive?
Zev: Well, capable of waking up and killing people.

790: Tweedle, you give carbon molecules a bad name.

Terminal [2.2]

790: Why should she want you?
Stan: Because I'm a man, you're a can.

Dr. Kazan: You wear your destiny on your skin

Dr. Kazan: Be bold, Zev. Don't compromise yourself with sentiment. Together we can own the universe. You know that this is what you want. You are one of the chosen, we both are. Seize your fate!
Zev: Can't we just have sex instead?

Funz: I have to say, you are hard to kill
Kai: That has not always been the case.
Funz: So, the question is - how do we kill you?
Kai: The answer is, I am already dead - as you soon may be.

Zev: I had a good life with you guys. I did all right for a girl who grew up in a box.

Lyekka [2.3]

Moss: Where's my buddies?
Lyekka: I kind of ate them. They were really tasty too.

Luvliner [2.4]

Schlemmi: My tastes have changed. They've... shall we say, evolved?

Xev: After what we've just been through, I know exactly what I'm looking for in a man.
Stan: Oh yeah?
Xev: Yes. He needs to be tall..
Stan: [stretches] Yeah.
Xev: ...handsome...
Stan: [confidently] Yeah...!
Xev: ...and dead.

Lafftrak [2.5]

Xev: It's not easy being programmed for love and never finding it.

Wifebot: Where's Stanley Tweedle! How could you?!
Kai: What?
Wifebot: After all we've been through, with the lies, and the drinking, and the cheap scenes with your whores! [attacks Kai with knife]
Kai: [grabs her arm] I am not sentimental.

Kai: I remember having a fondness for balloons.

Kai: Being alive isn't everything.

Stanley's Trial [2.6]

Kai: Inflicting more pain insults the lost souls. As they are all dead, it cannot be argued that they would get any satisfaction from [Stanley's] torture.
Grand Prosecutor Jihana: How dare you speak for the dead!
Kai: I am well qualified to speak for the dead.

Grand Prosecutor Jihana: Life is full of surprises! Death, for example.

Grand Prosecutor Jihana: You know, in every society there are certain individuals who are different from normal - they could be colour blind, for instance, or have an enhanced sense of smell. Or they could get pleasure from the suffering of others. Certain tasks that others find unpleasant might have the opposite effect on them, and it could even help them in the advancement of their career. Death excites me, Stanley. It makes me feel a special tingle - know what I mean?

Kai: You are not interested in justice, Jihana, only cruelty.
Grand Prosecutor Jihana: You make the two sound incompatible!

Stan: Kai, would you really have killed Jihana if I said so?
Kai: I asked you if you wanted me to be the enforcer of justice. If you had said yes, I would have killed the Grand Prosecutor - and then, I would have killed you, Stanley. But, in both cases, it would have been quick and painless.
Stan: Do you really mean that?
Kai: I have no motivation to lie.

Love Grows [2.7]

Lorca: Tell me Rexel, are all men pigs?
Rexel: Oink!

Stan: Ladies. the word is love, and I am the word. Whisper it soft, shout it strong, but say it, ladies, all night long: Stanley! Yes!

Rexel: Aren't you eating, mister?
Kai: No.
Stan: The dead don't eat.

Xev: [I don't know if it's the man in me... or the lizard in me, but suddenly I've become a lot less picky - to a point.

Xev: [She's about to have sex with Stan] You ready?
Stan: [coy] No
Xev: Well I am, and that's what counts in this relationship.

Xev: Come on baby. Oh, gently. Who's your daddy? Oh, who's your daddy?!
Stan: You. Oh!

Xev: [after she's taken Stan] Don't leave, make me something to eat first.

Lorca: Running away, ladies?
Jebed: Oh, oh Lorca. It's horrible. What are we gonna do?
Lorca: You're gonna lie down and spread 'em - and I'm gonna jump on and ride 'em
Rexel: You pig!
Lorca: Oink!

Stan: Oh Lexx, you are one remarkable bug!
Lexx: I love you too, Stan.

White Trash [2.8]

790: All men are unimportant, Xev darling - except for the head man.

Pa: I'm Pa, but you can call me Pa.

Pa: We Golene's is smart, see? So we, we exscaped.

Pa: See, there ain't no law here, so we done taken a vote, see, the upshot of which is, it's gonna be now Captain Pa, not Captain Stan.
Stan: No. No no, no, we didn't take a vote!
Pa: Yeah, we took a vote. I'm the only one what gets to vote.

Pa: I gots all the votes, so I does all the dee-cidin', see?

Sissy: [eyeing Stan] Little ole me is getting kinda sleepy too. Is there a place somewhere where I could lay my head for a while?
Stan: Yeah.
Sissy: Maybe you could tuck me in, you being so nice and gentlemanly and everything...?
Stan: And everything, yeah!

Pa: Junior! The reason I gots the votes in the family is directly correlated to the fact that in this family, the brains ain't evenly distributed. Some gots more, some gots less. You understand?
Junior: Nope.

Pa: [sees Kai approaching] Ew. The law!
Kai: Law?
Pa: Yeah, I know it when I sees it.

[Kai hauls in Xev, using his brace]
Xev: Thanks for the lift.
Kai: I remember I used to like fishing.

791 [2.9]

790: If I only had a body, I'd be more than just a head;
If I only had a body, I would slap her on the bed

Stan: A signal? Why didn't you wake me?
790: It was a distress signal. They only lead to trouble, so I always ignore them.

[The crew are discussing landing on a planet]
Kai: Any atmosphere?
790: A very thin one. Xev would require a pressure suit. Stanley would not.
Stan: Why not?
790: Because a pressure suit would allow you to continue to breathing, which is a bad idea.

Kai: Being dead means not having an opinion.

Xev: We've found somebody alive. There could be more.
Stan: Somebody, what kind of somebody?
Xev: A female somebody.
Stan: Female. Is she attractive?
Xev: Is that all that matters to you?
Stan: Yeah, pretty much.

Kai: I am Kai, last of the Brunnen G
Berf: You could be the last of the cockroaches for all I care, I'm still gonna tear you apart!

Xev: How's it going, 790? 790? Where are you?
790: Here, my love - but I'm more than 790 now. You can call me 791 - the one for you. It's our day of destiny, Xev. I am whole, and wholly yours.

Cyborg: You're not pretty - but you're my kind of not pretty.

Desh: Thank you for your assistance. Now die.

Xev: You may still only be a head, 790, but you're the best head I ever had.

Wake the Dead [2.10]

Laleen: Love leaks puke juice.

Kai: You know what, Gibble? You're a rotten kid. You dumped gongslanger into the toilet, and you wake the dead. And when you wake the dead, fatso, form dictates, you join 'em! Eat up! Chow down!

Laleen: They say I'm nasty. Bad times nasty times grrrr.

Kai: Kill, kill, kill! Inventive. Kill fast, slow, ripping the sick fuck - major psycho rampage. Bitching! Maggot retirement home!
Kai: Nobody moves.
Xev: Kai - it's me, Xev...!
Kai: Not for long.

Kai: I’ve killed mothers with their babies! I've killed great philosophers, proud young warriors and revolutionaries. I have killed the good, the evil, the weak and the beee-autiful. I have done this in the service of His Divine Shadow and his Predecessors - and apparently, the fun never stops!

Kai: Who's first?
Stan: Me!
Xev: No, me!
Stan: Me.
Kai: Oh, this is sweet! Well, we'll just have to take turns. How about I take a little bit of each - and then a little bit more [he aims his axe at Xev's breasts] - and then a little bit more [he aims at Stanley's crotch] - and more!

Xev: He ran out of protoblood...
Stan: Good timing, Kai!

Woz [2.15]

790: Oh, universe of cruelty!

Woz: Breathe in for the sisters, breathe out for the brothers.

The Web [2.16]

Kai: I do not give anything any thought when I am frozen.

Xev: I think we're all lucky to be still alive.
Kai: Some of us.

Kai: Life is a harder stage to achieve than death.

790: [advising Zev] Always choose the robot over the dead man.

Brizon [2.19]

[Brizon seems dead]
Kai: Mouth to mouth resuscitation would seem a reasonable action.
Stan: Well, go ahead.
Kai: One must have breath to give it.

Xev: You are a monster.
Brizon: No, I am a parasite. And you are my host...ess.

Mantrid: [to Brizon] You, my friend, are a leaking boil on the anus of a cancerous rodent, squeaking from a damned corner of oblivion!

End Of The Universe [2.20]

790: If I only had an arm, I'd be more than just a head. If I only had an arm, I would strangle Tweedle dead.

790: Do you have any idea what you are doing, or am I correct in observing that you are a ridiculous know-nothing attempting to gain a tiny modicum of understanding of how that device works?
Stan: I've taken lots of things apart before.
790: But were you able to put any of them back together?

Kai: [to Mantrid]: I know that I am dead. But you believe you are alive, and you should know that life is always full of surprises.

Kai: Mantrid... I do not experience pleasure, but my - friends are deriving satisfaction from the knowledge that their deaths will be simultaneous with yours.
Xev: You are a machine. We are human. And we have beaten you!
Mantrid: Ha. Ha. Ha.
Kai: In the end, you're just a calculator. You may rule the universe, but this universe is collapsing. You have moved too much mass too quickly to one point. This universe was born in a big bang, and now it is about to die in a big collapse.
Mantrid: You have played well.
Kai: You should have made better use of your human side.

Mantrid: I concede the game to you.
Kai: [nods] Good riddance.

Mantrid: [speaking from his little box, he's inside the Lexx] I destroyed the universe! I destroyed the universe! I destroyed the universe! I destroyed the universe! [shrieking] I destroyed the universe!
Xevi: And we destryed you! [she crushes the box under her heel]

Season 3

Fire And Water [3.01]

790: Bring me to my beloved Xev! Bring. Me. To. Xev.
Prince: Who is Xev?
790: My beloved, darling Xev - the greatest woman who ever lived and I demand that you wake her up at once!
Prince: Who else is on board, exactly?
790: A security guard called Stanley Tweedle who is of no use and no importance in any situation at any time! And a dead assassin named Kai. Bring me to her at once or -
Prince: Or what?
790: ...I'll wake her up myself. I would have woken her up along time ago if the control unit had heard me from down there, where I was stuck!
Prince: So she's the important one...
790: [his voice softens] Without a doubt.
Prince: Good.
790: So are you going to bring me to her?
Prince: No. [tosses 790 into the depths of the Lexx]

Stan: [waking up after 4000 years of sleep] Ouh... I feel really stiff for some reason...wait a second, are we somewhere?
Prince: Yes...
'Stan: [disorientated Oh yeah! Where?
Prince: ....Somewhere.

Stan: This is the Lexx!
Prince: [looks around] This comet?
Stan: Comet? No no! This is what we're on, this is the Lexx... It's big err... a big...
Prince: Bug.

Stan: Um... Lexx?
Lexx: ...Yes?
Stan: Tell 'em.... um... tell them, that you're not unfriendly in any way. That you're just a big bug... that.. t-that wants to eat, right?
Lexx: I am not unfriendly in any way. I am just a big bug that wants to eat, right?

[Prince's guards hold Stan up against the cryochamber by his neck.]
Stan: That hurts!
Prince: Does it?
Stan: Yes!
Prince: I'm very good... with pain.

Stan: Why are doing this to me?
Prince: Fun.


Stan: Just let's not forget, now we are in the Dark Zone! This is the universe of evil, of chaos, of depravity! I mean, so what do we do now, eh?!
Xev: I suppose we find ourselves a new home?
Stan: Yep, which then gets destroyed like every other place we've ever been.

Stan: Kai! You know about the Dark Zone, I mean where are the good planets?
Kai: Define good planet.
Stan: Well, for me - it would be one you'd feel confortable living on! Tingle me, jingle me! Get hunk and do it, y'know, kinda planet, you understand what I mean!
Kai: No.

Stan: Why don't you just go ahead and eat?
Lexx: There is nothing to eat around here.
Stan: Well, go somewhere where there is food!
Lexx: I cannot go... anywhere.
Stan: How can he be so stupid?!
790: Easily and always, he is stupid. And you are captain of the stupid.

790: I will love you until my last electron.

Kai: We can drift until we are drawn into the solar system of a celestial object.
Stan: So how long is it gonna take us to reach one of those if we just... drift?
790: Somewhere between nine hundred standard years and sixteen thousand standard years.
Xev: So what do we eat in the meantime?

Xev: [as she is about to go into cryostatis] Kai! Is it okay if I dream about you?
Kai: You will not dream.
Xev: Well, if I did dream... I would like to dream about you.
Kai: If you like.
Xev: I do like. Goodnight Kai.


Stan: And then... then, you unfroze me. Seems like it all just happened... I guess you have no sense of time when you're in cryosleep. Well, that's everything, that's it. We're just travellers, we're just passing through. And look, I know that the ship looks big, and looks scary n' all, but I mean it's just a big bug! It couldn't hurt a fly...so it's no threat to you, or to anybody! See? So, I'll just go and wake up the others and we'll just continue on our way.

Prince: What about the man in black?
Stan: Oh! He's dead. See, we're just hanging onto him until we can finally land on a planet and bury him, y'know, it's a custom we observe with our dead. Actually, he's kinda alive dead.
Prince: Alive dead?
Stan: Yeah, yeah he can actually walk around a little bit. Y'know, we should go wake him up so that I could show ya! You'd find it really interesting.

Prince: What about the woman?
Stan: Oh... Don't worry about her, oh she's just a nurse or something... Y'know, I'm not even sure what it is she actually does do. But she's definitely not important.
Prince: She's not important?
Stan: No, not important. Not in any way, shape or form.
Prince: [enraged] YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT!

[Kai repairs the broken 790 and switches him online]
790:...I will love you forever.

Kai: You do not love me, 790, you love Xev.
790: Who's Xev?
Kai: She is a beautiful love slave.
790: Who cares about a stupid love slave?! YOU are the man of my dreams...

790: Please, Kai! Think of me! Think of our future together!
Kai: When we pass between the two planets, I can drop down to one or the other. I have no way of knowing which one they are on. I'll have to make a random choice.

790: You may be dead! But our love will ALWAYS be alive!

May [3.02]

Kai: You play beautifully.
May: Music damps the pain.

Kai: The dead cannot be killed.

May: Fire is the other planet up there, our enemies. And now that you've pointed us out to them, they're coming down to kill us.
Kai: I am already dead, and I will protect you.

Man: You're playing with me.
Kai: Not yet, but I suspect I will be soon.

Guard: Are you human...?
Kai: I was.

790: [to Zev] Be gone! FOWL THING!
Xev: What's wrong with you?!
790: What's wrong with me is what is right with me... I am madly, insanely, injealously in perfect love!
Xev: I know that, but why are you acting this way?
[790 says sweet things to Kai as he passes]
Stan: Well, that's a switch.

Kai: 790 fell off the bridge, he was damaged. I reassembled him.
790: I am damaged by love...
Kai: I was the first he laid eyes on, after he reset.
790: You are the first and only, you drop dead gorgeous drop of man!

Xev: But 790, don't you remember me?
Xev: It's not my day with men, I guess.
790: It's MY day....With MY man...

Kai: [checking on May] She's dead.
Stan: No no, you can't know that.
Kai: I am good at determining the state of death. It was a required function for assassins of the Divine Order.

Gametown [3.03]

790: I'll die if you leave me!
Kai: Then we will have something in common. And I will return, 790.

Stan: It was just a dream and anything that happened in that dream wasn't real, I mean anything that Prince said wasn't real, anything that I agreed to wasn't real, so I don't have to pay any attention to it, do I?

Stan: Can I ask you a question? It's only a hypothetical one. Okay, look, I was just wondering... Suppose someone cared about somebody else, y'know, really, really cared and that someone else was in trouble. BAD trouble, and it were meant that they were gonna have to be killed. And the only way to stop them from being killed was to kill somebody else, or some other people. Do you think it'd be wrong to do that?
Kai: How many other people would he have to kill?
Stan: Oh, a few... a relatively large few... sort of.

790: I care about Mr Deatholicious.
Xev: But Kai's a guy, and you're a guy too.
790: I'm NOT a guy.
Stan: No, he's a homo-robot head.
790: I am NOT.
Stan: Then what are ya?
790: I am a robot head in love with a dead man.

[On Gametown, the Lexx's weapon charge soars across the sky brightly.]
Fifi: What is that?
Kai: The end of all of your problems... Or most.

Kai: They all forgive you and will try harder to make you fit in.
Fifi: I'm sick of hearing all of their crap! 'It's okay, Fifi, you'll score next time, it's the best two out of three!', forget about it. I'm sick of it. I'll tell ya this though, I play to win. And this time, you guys are the big losers and I'm the winner! Y'know why? Because I got all of these moths, and I'm gonna fly away from this total never-ending boredom! C'mon, how many times can you play that stupid game anyway? So... SO LONG, SUCKERS!

Xev: I don't think so, Stanley! We are not going to kill people we don't already know and we are not going to kill Kai more than we already know, you hear me?

Stan: That 'rolling' thing... I didn't know you could do that.
Xev: Neither did I. Must be the cluster lizard in me.

Boomtown [3.04]

Fire General: Fifi, you are a small-minded, self-centred, vindictive, perfectly evil human being.
Fifi: Oooh, harsh.
Fire General: That is why I like you.

Kai: I cannot swim.
Bunny: You can't...?
Kai: No. I cannot float.

Stan: Oh, and err... Are they open-minded? Sexually speaking...?
Bunny: Well, on Boomtown everybody has sex. ALL the time.
Stan: All the time? Hm!
Bunny: Uh huh, night and day - it's a non-stop sex city. That's what they do there. (Sees Stan going red) Are you okay, Stanley?

Kai: Are you trying to seduce me?
Bunny: Yes...
Kai: The dead cannot be seduced.
Bunny: I don't understand.
Kai: Bunny. I am dead.
Bunny: No you're not!
[Kai uses his brace to cut his hand off]
Kai: Yes, I am. [Kai reattaches his hand]
Bunny: That's a neat trick. Do other parts of you perform that well?
Xev: No. Other parts do not perform at all. You'll have to get your satisfaction elsewhere.
Kai: Likewise, Xev.

Kai: There should be a lot of children.
Bunny: What are children?
Kai: Children result from sex.
Bunny: Fun results from sex.
Kai: Sex is considered to be fun, but also has other complications. One of which is children.
Bunny: Not here on Boomtown. It's just fun and that's all.'

Bunny: You want me, don't you?
Kai: The dead do not get frustrated. The dead do not have wants. The dead are simply dead.

Servant: Will we attack them with the one moth we do have?
Prince: No! We will not! I will.
Servant: Are we going to run?
Prince: To where?
Servant: To safety?

Prince: We have a common enemy. We should be fighting together against Water. Not with each other.
Duke: Yes. All Fire must fight together, united under a single ruler against a common enemy.
Prince: But that is already so. Fire is my planet. I am its Prince.
Duke: [opening the balcony doors, showing Prince's city in the distance] Look. A tree doth fall.
[Prince watches his city explode.]
Duke: A king without a crown. A prince without a town.

Duke: Alive, he is no threat. Dead, he will come back to haunt us.

Gondola [3.05]

Stan: Boy, this is hot.
Kai: I believe that is in part why they call this planet 'Fire'.
Stan: Oh great, so we go from the frying pan and into the Fire, huh?

Xev: So.. Explain, why do you look exactly like Kai?
L. Kai: Explain why he looks like me.
Stan: Wait, we know that he IS Kai. And we can see that you look like him, y'know, but who are you?
L. Kai: Who do I look like?
Xev: Kai. Last of the Brunnen-G.
L. Kai: Exactly.
Xev: But how can the both of you be one person?
L. Kai: I'm not exactly sure that we are! He is dead. So he's not the same as me, as I am quite alive.

Fifi: What's 'born'?
Stan: Well y'know, when you were born? When you're mother had ya?
Fifi: Mother...?
Stan: Oh boy, Bunny, you're a woman... Explain it to him.
Bunny: Explain what?
Stan: Oh boy, I can't believe I'm asking this. Explain to him what born is. Y'know where children come from? How life begins for all of us?
Bunny: Oh, I just woke up one day and I was there! Just like everyone else.

Stan: You had the right instinct, Bunny, but he's the wrong guy.

[L. Kai and Fifi laugh together.]
Stan: What? Are you two guys on the same side now?
Fifi: You finally figured it out. Yeah, me and Kai here are playing on the same team now. Only, like he said, he's not Kai.
Stan: Who are ya?
L. Kai: Prince.
Stan: Prince who?
L. Kai: Just Prince, you know me. We've met before.
Fifi: He's my new boss.

Fifi: You didn't have enough time to come down!
Xev: Correct if I was only a human being.
Fifi: You're not a human being?!
Xev: Not completely.
Stan: She's only half human!
Fifi: ...What's the other half?
Xev: Cluster lizard. [roars]

Xev: The real Kai would have been a better kisser!
Stan: Oh thank you, Xev. I thank you like I've never thanked you before...
Xev: Are you the real Stan?
Stan: You wanna kiss me and find out?
Xev: [pecks him on the cheek] Hmmm, you are. Let's go.
Stan: Aw damn.

K-Town [3.06]

[Kai saves Trish]
Trish: I suppose you feel better now?
Kai: No.
Trish: Yes you do. You did your big rescue-thing on me so you feel better.
Kai: No. I do not feel.
Trish: Oh yeah I believe that. I bet you go around rescuing people, believing that you're doing them a big, giant favour and expect that they should be all happy and grateful about it. But let's face it: you don't do it for their happiness. You do it so that you can feel better yourself.
Kai: I do not feel good... I do not feel better. I am dead, and I do not feel anything - ever.

[Kai is damaged, Xev will try to help him]
Kai: First you must remove my power and control rods.
Xev: Where are your power and control rods?
Kai: [points to a bronze codpiece he's wearing] There, between my legs.
Xev: [takes a deep breath] Okay, remove the power and control rods... How?
Kai: Turn, and pull.

Xev: [working on Kai's codpiece] Does this hurt?
Kai: [squirms] No.
Stan: No, the dead don't feel pain, right?

Xev: He said to put them in the medicine slots.
Mantrid: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. [inserts the last rod in Kai's protoblood slot]
Stan: That's the wrong one, what did you do that for?
Mantrid: To see what happens. I'm Mantrid!

Stan: Yeah I know, I know. The dead do not feel stress.
Kai: Right. But the dead do go out of alignment.

Tunnels [3.07]

Stan: Boy, I don't trust you.
Prince: I'm not trustworthy.

Captain: Sir, I must ask you... How is it that you are alive?
Kai: [weak] I am not alive.

Kai: The dead do not feel pain.

Stan: So this Hogtown place? Is it dangerous?
Prince: No... Yes. It's not their actions that kill you, but the 'process' will certainly finish you off.

Prince: Perhaps you can sprout wings and fly, can you do that?
Stan: No.
Prince: No, well neither can I.
Stan: Well that's a relief.

Prince: As bad as I am, I always stick to my deals and I rarely ever die. It's much more fun to tell the truth.

Procurer: If I may refer the commission? The claimant's statement, section three, paragraph 1-B of my procurement report.
Adjudicator: Thank you. [curious] He is not from Fire...?
Procurer: The claimant claims not to be, Adjudicator.
Adjudicatrix: I don't understand.
Prior: The claimant also claims - to be dead. Section 7, paragraph 5-A.
Adjudicatrix: Dead?
Kai: I assume that this process will inevitably lead to some sort of punishment? I request that you cut this process short, and throw me off the edge of the city.
Adjudicator: Claimants are not permitted to request punishments at this stage. The claimant must wait until the final adjudication.

Xev: So, which direction do you wanna go then?
Stan: [catching his breath] I don't know. I want you to choose. That way when everything goes terribly awful, I get the satisfaction of blamin' you.
Xev: Thanks, Stan.

[Stan tries to slide past a man who grabs him by the arm and pulls him down.]
Man in tunnel: (Desperate) Don't go down there.
Stan: Err... Thanks for the advice. [shouts] Xev...?
Man in tunnel: Don't go down there!
Stan: Why?
Man in tunnel: They'll hurt you. They always do!

Adjudicatrix: Procurer, this man that you procured from the desert claims in your procurement report that he has been an assassin. Is that correct?
Procurer: That is correct, Adjudicatrix.
Kai: Once again - I request that you throw me from the edge of the city!
Adjudicatrix: Claimant. You will not progress your claim until you respect the rules and procedures by which this adjudication commission adjudicates its claims.
Kai: [louder] I withdraw ALL claims. And request that this 'commission' throw me from the edge of the city!

Adjudicatrix: Claimant. Have you ever suffered torture? Degradation? Or other evil on this planet?
Kai: Yes, from this commission!
Adjudicator: Default! Rule one, accusations against the commission are not recordable.

Adjudicatrix: Claimant? Have you, in fact, ever assassinated anyone?
Kai: [breathless] I... have killed mothers with their babies... I have killed great philosophers, and proud young warriors... I have killed... the evil! And the good! The intelligent! The weak... and the beautiful. But it's been a while since I slayed a whole room full of petty bureaucrats! [begins to sing 'Yo Way Yo']

Procurer: The claimant will answer the Adjudicatrix's question! Those who do not comply with the commission are subject to standard punishment number one!
Kai: What is that?
Procurer: Number one is to be thrown off the edge of the city, to their death.
Kai: I request standard punishment number one!
Adjudicator: Claimants are not allowed to request specific punishments. This commission has the sole right to adjudicate the claimant's claim.

Kai: Look.. here! At my arm... Procurer, come... Come here. I think it will answer your questions.
[the procurer approaches]
Kai: Feel... along the muscle.
Procurer: What has this to do with the Adjudicators' question?
Kai: Are you afraid? I do not even have the strength to raise my arm!
[the procurer kneels and feels Kai's wrist through his sleeve]
Kai: A little higher... A little higher.
Procurer: notices something] What's that?
Kai: Squeeze it.
Procurer: I do not know if it is permitted. [to Adjudicators] Is it permitted?
'[they nod, the procurer squeezes Kai's brace and it zooms out, clutching the Adjudicator's neck]
Kai: At least the fall fixed THAT part of me.
Adjudicator: [struggling] What do you want?
Kai: I REQUEST that you throw me OFF the EDGE of the CITY!
Adjudicator: This adjudication commission hereby grants the claimant standard punishment number one. [the commission starts stamping papers]

Man in tunnel: I'm a doctor. You can trust me!

Rainbow: [approaches with knife] I'm going to make you better.
Stan: You don't have to make me better, I feel just fine! I feel perfectly, perfectly, perfectly, perfectly alright...!
Rainbow: No... no... no... no... no... no no... no... You have parts on you which you should feel MUCH better off without!
Stan: [high] What parts?
Rainbow: Bad parts. Dirty parts. Parts I'm going to cut away!

Prince: The people who are condemned to live down here do not have their own city, because they are the bad of the bad. They are the sick, and the truly evil. They kill for the sheer pleasure they exact from the act of killing. Up until now, they only had each other to hunt down, but that was until you came along and made things more interesting.
Stan: Well it's absolutely not interesting for me. Not at all.

Prince" No way is safe in the tunnels.

Prince" Nowhere is safe on the planet Fire.

kai: I must procure this balloon from you.
"Prosecutor': But it is not permitted.
Kai: Perhaps not. But I have been realigned.
[the prosecutor starts to hum 'Vayio A-O']

Stan: Stupid doctors...

Stan: Are you dying?
Prince: Yeah. But I'm used to it.

The Key [3.08]

790: Welcome back, Kai! Captain of my heart.
Kai: Hello.
790: I suffered here so long in silence. All alone. By myself. Desperately longing for the cold dead flesh I desire.

Stan: “How could I be so stupid?”
Kai: “There are many ways.”

Kai: The dead do not poo.

Stan: Ooh! A poofter robot head!
790: I resent that.
Stan: Oh, why? You're a he, he's a he.
790: I am not a he. I'm a she.
Stan: Don't think so.
790: I am.
Stan: Not.
790. Am!
Stan: Not!
790: You just hate me 'cause I'm different.

790: Kiss me, Kai!
[Kai plants a kiss on top of the robot head]
790: [gasp] I'll never wash that spot...

Kai: The point of death is the point of joy.
Stan: What are you talking about?
Kai: I died a long time ago but I still remember the experience.
Stan': So?
Kai: I also remember the experience from sexual climax from the time I was alive.
Stan: Oh well, that's very nice. I'm very happy for ya'.
Kai: And there is a certain similarity between the two events.
Stan: Between getting jollies and... getting killed?
Kai: Yes. The quality of release was somewhat the same. Only with death it was far greater.

790: I am not interested in any type of sexual experience with a woman. I am only interested in sex with my stiff.

Stanley: The dead are unpredictable.

The Garden [3.9]

[Xev finds Kai half-buried in a pile of earth]
Xev: What are you doing?
Kai; Decomposing.
Xev: Why are you buried in the dirt?
Kai: It is the natural way of all dead things.

Kai: There is no right place to live for the dead.

Battle [3.10]

Prince: To be the opposite of good... You see, Xev, that fires all the bad. It is the repository of all that is not good.

Prince: Am I beautiful?
Priest: The most!
Prince: Wicked?
Priest: The sharpest.
Prince: Do you love me?
Priest: Completely!
Prince: Would you die for me?
Priest: In an instant!

Prince: I tempt those who can be tempted and I punish those who deserve to be punished. That is my function, my occupation. My job. My joy. What is wrong with that? I also punish some who have done nothing wrong. Who slipped through the cracks. But then... no system is perfect.

Kai: The dead do not hope.

Girltown [3.11]

Stan: Do you think we're in some kind of afterlife?
Kai: What do you mean, Stanley?
Stan: A place you go when you die? I mean how do we know that we're not dead? I mean, well, okay, you've been dead for six thousand years, but how do I know I'm not dead...?
Kai: You are alive Stanley. From my perspective anyway.

Queen': Drumsticks, drumsticks, drumsticks...!

Hammer: All those in favour that the non-she has been following a non-boy agenda, and therefore should receive the highest possible punishment, death, signify by saying aye.
Council: Aye.

Kai: Now might be a good moment to take advantage of the element of surprise.

Queen: Be careful what you wish for, or you will get what you want...!

Queen: Queen wants you to share your body with her.
Stan: What do you want to do with my body?
Queen: Queen wants to put her head unto it.

Hammer: You are a non-she!
Kai: By a non-she, do you mean... a man?
Council: Ew! Oh! Argh!

The Beach [3.12]

Xev: What's that?
790: Nothing important. Just a dead body.
Xev: Nothing important?
790: It's a dead body. But not my dead body...

Xev: The dead don't love!

Xev: I am not trying to steal your man.
700: You're not?
Xev: No. I'm just fishing for him. Like you. And who knows that either one of us might catch this fish.
700: So I have a chance?
Xev: Yes 790, you have a chance. Not much of 'em, but a tiny little robot-head-in-love chance to make his dead man's dreams come true.
700: I'm. So. Happy!

790: [gasps] I just heard him!
Xev: Who?
790: Who else, but the GREATEST MAN WHO EVER DIED?!
Xev: Really? Where?

Heaven and Hell [3.13]

Kai: Water seems to be the afterlife of the virtuous. Stanley did not always make virtuous choices. I suspect he has gone to Fire.

Prince: This has never happened before. This has been a most interesting time. You're the first.
Xev: The first what?
Prince: The first people to come here still living their original lives. This has been a most interesting time. A most unsettling time. A time of great possibility... And now it is time for me to die.

Kai: Being dead, I do not care about things. But I do think about thems.
Prince: And what do you think about?
Kai: I try to understand the difference between the living and myself.

Prince: Would you like to be alive again?
Kai: I do not have likes.

Xev: So what's the deal?
Prince: I will be king, you will be queen - or, perhaps, you will be my slave. Which is the same thing, really.

Xev: You bring out something in me that doesn't always find proper expression.
Prince: I think that there is the possibility that you will be a very good queen.

Kai: If I am a machine, and Stanley is an essence meant to suffer forever, then what are you?
Prince: I do not know.
Kai: How is it that you do not know?
Prince: Because no one has ever asked me that question before, and so I've never thought about the answer.

Prince: My existence is simple, I make sure that those who make bad choices suffer - nothing more.

Kai: Why do you want to destroy Water?
Prince: Because it is full of good, and I am full of bad. I think that's all there is to it. I'm not very complicated really.

Prince: ...What's that?
Kai: The end of your planet, and of you.
Prince: I think I should be sad... But I'm not.

790: Good job, Xev! And today's lesson is: always ignore your feelings and listen to the robot head!

Xev: We didn't know... I mean I wasn't sure you would survive when we blew up the planet.
Kai: I did not survive, as I am already dead. But... I was not destroyed.
Xev: [smiles] Then I'm glad you were not destroyed.

Stan: What? What do you mean? What happened to me?
Xev: ...You died.
Stan: I died...?!
Xev: Yes, Stanley Tweedle. You died and went down into Fire, and now you're back to life.
Stan: Really?
Kai: Really.
Stan: ...Wow.

Prince: [speeding towards Earth] Oh Pain, oh joy! Oh Pain, oh joy! Oh pain, oh joy, oh pain, oh joy, oh pain, oh joy!

Season 4

Little Blue Planet [4.1]

Reporter: Democracy never fails to humiliate the arrogant.

Kai: The dead do not make suggestions. Normally.

P4X [4.3]

Kai: The dead are weird.

Magic Baby [4.10]

Kai: The dead do not respond to context.

Kai: The dead are rarely positive about things.

Yo Way Yo [4.24]

Kai: I am inside the asteroid.

Stan: Goodbye, Dead man...
Xev: Goodbye...Last of the Brunnen G.

Unidentified episode

Kai: The dead do not have wants.

Kai: The dead do not have opinions.

Kai: The dead do not eat.

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