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"Lice Capades"
South Park episode
Cartman geting ready to test who has head lice
Episode no. Season 11
Episode 3
Written by Trey Parker
Directed by Trey Parker
Production no. 1103
Original airdate March 21, 2007
Season 11 episodes
South Park – Season 11
March 7, 2007 – November 14, 2007
  1. With Apologies to Jesse Jackson
  2. Cartman Sucks
  3. Lice Capades
  4. The Snuke
  5. Fantastic Easter Special
  6. D-Yikes!
  7. Night of the Living Homeless
  8. Le Petit Tourette
  9. More Crap
  10. Imaginationland Episode I
  11. Imaginationland Episode II
  12. Imaginationland Episode III
  13. Guitar Queer-O
  14. The List

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"Lice Capades" is episode 1103 (#156) of Comedy Central's animated comedy series South Park. It originally aired on March 21, 2007. The episode is rated TV-MA. This is the third time in South Park history to feature Kenny speaking audible lines


Mrs. Garrison announces to the class that the school has a lice problem, and every student must now be checked. During the check Clyde discovers that he has lice, much to his horror. The nurse gives him a note and he goes to the doctor to get a special shampoo to deal with the problem, but Clyde remains very embarrassed by the situation. Meanwhile, from on top of Clyde's head, the lice are living peacefully in a village until one of them, Travis, witnesses the nurse parting Clyde's hair and sees it as a gigantic eye in the sky staring at him. Travis tells the other lice the world has become aware of them and is angry, but is ridiculed. That night, Clyde washes his hair with the shampoo, killing many of the lice. Travis' wife Kelly is killed, but Travis, their baby Hope and a handful of other lice, including the Vice-President (who resembles Dick Cheney) of the village survive.

The next day in class, the kids ask Mrs. Garrison if somebody did have lice. Mrs. Garrison tells the children that someone had lice but will not reveal who because of school policy. The kids begin to suspect each other and plot to discover who had the lice in order to humiliate them. Cartman eventually devises a test to tell who had head lice (Mimicking the test in the film The Thing), and rigs it to frame Kenny for having lice. Kenny flees the room, and Clyde is relieved. Back on Clyde's head, the few survivors of the disaster gather and Travis tells them that they must flee the world for another one, and to do so they must go to the "Forbidden Zone" beyond the forest. While other lice stay behind to find other survivors, Travis, the Vice-President and another survivor go to the "Forbidden Zone". There, the Vice-President shoots the other survivor and tells Travis he will rebuild the village. While taunting Travis, the Vice President mocks his theories of a living world and shoots the ground several times, stating that if the world was alive, it would feel the gunshots and react. Clyde winces slightly and reaches up to his forehead, picking up the Vice-President and tossing him away to his death.

The boys manage to track Kenny down to the park, where they intend to punish him for lying about his lice by giving him a "sock bath". They tell Clyde to come, but before he does, he calls Mrs. Garrison to warn her of Kenny's danger. Kenny is caught in the park, stripped to his underwear and washed with the soap. Then, Kyle says that he cannot go through with it and admits that he was the person who had lice. Stan and Cartman also come forward, when Mrs. Garrison shows up and tells them that everyone in the class had lice. The kids admit they were afraid they were the only ones, and Clyde feels relief for not being singled out. Then the boys realize that Kenny still lied, and they proceed to continue with the sock bath for his denial. On Clyde's head, Travis sees an apparition of his dead wife in the sky; a soprano in the music score sings "Pie Jesu" from Fauré's Requiem. The apparition turns out to be a fly, and Travis grabs on to it still holding his child. The fly finally lands on another body and Travis is welcomed in a massive city by larger, red-colored lice, and is told they have lived in peace for "generations". The shot pans out from the trees, and reveals that the lice are living in Angelina Jolie's pubic hair.

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