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Lick It Up
Studio album by Kiss
Released September 18, 1983
Recorded July–August 1983
Genre Hard rock, heavy metal
Length 41:27
Label Mercury
Producer Michael James Jackson, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley
Professional reviews
Kiss chronology
Creatures of the Night
Lick It Up
Alternate cover
Japanese obi sheet cover of Lick It Up

Lick It Up is an album by the U.S. hard rock/heavy metal band Kiss. On the day of the album's release, Kiss appeared on MTV without their trademark makeup. It was the first public appearance without makeup by Kiss since the very early days of the band. The album cover had bassist/band co-founder Gene Simmons sticking out his long trademark tongue to show fans that the quartet were still Kiss, with or without makeup. Lick It Up was certified Platinum on December 19, 1990.

While the title track remains a regular staple on the band's live performances, the rest of the album is seldom played live.



Lick It Up built upon the harder sound Kiss had displayed on 1982's Creatures of the Night. But while Creatures of the Night was a commercial disappointment for Kiss, Lick It Up sold much better. It was certified gold on December 22, 1983,[1] the first Kiss album to achieve certification since 1980's Unmasked. This is at least partially attributable to the increased publicity the band received after their unmasking[citation needed].

"Lick It Up" and "All Hell's Breakin' Loose" were released as the only two singles from the album. They were accompanied by a pair of similarly themed, tongue-in-cheek videos featuring the band (along with many scantily clad women) in desolate, post-apocalyptic settings.

This is the first Kiss album that lead guitarist Vinnie Vincent officially contributed to; he unofficially contributed to Creatures of the Night. Also for the first time, Vincent appeared on the cover art for the album, whereas the already departed Ace Frehley had appeared on the Creatures of the Night cover despite leaving the band after the release of their second compilation album Killers and was not involved in the recording of the album.

Vincent, however, was not legally a member of the band. Due partly to disputes over what his role in the band and his pay would be, Vincent never signed any contract making his employment official. These disputes would lead to him leaving the band (or being fired, depending on the source) after the European leg of the Lick It Up tour. Vincent returned to the band for the American leg of the tour but left (or was fired for a second time) afterward. This time the break was permanent.

Although according Simmons and Stanley, Vinnie Vincent was never "officially" a member of the band,[citation needed] but he appears on the cover and is credited in the liner notes as the band's lead guitarist. If Vinnie Vincent was "officially" the lead guitarist, Lick It Up would be to date one of two Kiss albums in which every song is credited to only band members with no outside writers or no cover songs, the other being 2009's Sonic Boom

"All Hell's Breakin' Loose" is one of two songs in the history of the band in which all four (current at the time) members share song-writing credit, the other being being "Love Theme From Kiss"

In an interview for KISSology 2, Paul Stanley made the statement that: "People were now listening with their eyes rather than their ears. Mainly, because Creatures of the Night was arguably a better album than Lick It Up." He also made the statement that "The only reason why I think people bought Lick It Up more than Creatures of the Night was because we had no make-up on. That was the only reason."

Track listing

Track Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1. "Exciter"   Paul Stanley, Vinnie Vincent Paul Stanley 4:10
2. "Not for the Innocent"   Gene Simmons, Vincent Gene Simmons 4:22
3. "Lick It Up"   Stanley, Vincent Stanley 3:56
4. "Young and Wasted"   Simmons, Vincent Simmons 4:05
5. "Gimme More"   Stanley, Vincent Stanley 3:43
6. "All Hell's Breakin' Loose"   Eric Carr, Stanley, Simmons, Vincent Stanley 4:34
7. "A Million to One"   Stanley, Vincent Stanley 4:17
8. "Fits Like a Glove"   Simmons Simmons 4:04
9. "Dance All Over Your Face"   Simmons Simmons 4:16
10. "And on the 8th Day"   Simmons, Vincent Simmons 4:02


Other musicians:


Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1983 Pop Albums 24[2]

Album - UK Albums Chart (United Kingdom)

Year Chart Position
1983 UK Albums Chart 7[3]


Year Nation Single Chart Position
1983 United States "Lick It Up" Billboard Hot 100 66[4]
Austria Pop Singles 82[citation needed]
Canada Pop Singles 32[citation needed]
Switzerland Pop Singles 24[citation needed]
United Kingdom Pop Singles 31[citation needed]
Germany "All Hell's Breakin' Loose" Pop Singles 71[citation needed]

Sales accomplishments

RIAA certification[1] (United States)

Date Designation Total Sales
December 22, 1983 Gold 500,000
December 19, 1990 Platinum 1,000,000

CRIA certification[5] (Canada)

Date Designation Total Sales
February 1, 1984 Gold 50,000


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Lick It Up is a studio album by the American hard rock/heavy metal band Kiss. It was released on September 18, 1983.

Track listing

  • Exciter
  • Not For The Innocent
  • Lick It Up
  • Young And Wasted
  • Gimme More
  • All Hell's Breakin' Loose
  • A Million To One
  • Fits Like A Glove
  • Dance All Over Your Face
  • And On The 8th Day

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