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Blend of Lieberman and Democrat, from Joseph Lieberman, a US Senator from Connecticut who left the Democratic Party after being defeated in the party primary in 2006.




Liebercrat (plural Liebercrats)

  1. (US politics slang) A Democrat who resembles Joseph Lieberman; in recent use, often specifically a Democrat who acts like a Republican
    • 2000 December 18, "Sean Ormond" (username), "Re: OK, I'm expecting an announcement about the formation of", in, Usenet:
      JMS, you really need to figure out who you support. I seem to recall you giving a thumbs-up to McCain, but you now seem to come across as a Liebercrat - a decent person who has been corrupted by Clinton/Gore.
    • 2007 March 21, Seth McLaughlin, “Virginia Democrat faces blog ire for Allen support”, Washington Times:
      As result, Mr. Lambert is being called a "Liebercrat" after Sen. Joe Lieberman, of Connecticut, who won re-election as an independent after losing in the 2006 Democratic primary to Ned Lamont.
    • 2008 January 31, Frank Juliano, “Amann officially wants to be governor”, Connecticut Post:
      The protesters referred to Amann as an "arrogant Liebercrat," noting that he voted against civil unions and calling him a DINO, a "Democrat in name only."

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