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Please see "Lieutenant Colonel" for other countries which use this rank

In the Canadian Forces, the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel (LCol) (French: lieutenant-colonel or lcol) is an Army or Air Force rank equal to a Commander of the Navy. A Lieutenant-Colonel is the second-highest rank of Senior Officer. A Lieutenant-Colonel is senior to a Major or naval Lieutenant-Commander, and junior to a Colonel or naval Captain.

The rank insignia for a Lieutenant-Colonel is three 1 cm stripes of gold braid, worn on the cuffs of the Service Dress jacket, and on slip-ons on other uniforms.

Lieutenant-Colonels are addressed by rank and name; thereafter by subordinates as "Sir" or "Ma'am".

In the Canadian army, lieutenant-colonels are often employed as commanding officers of battalion-sized groups, such as infantry battalions, armoured regiments, artillery field regiments, engineer field regiments, signal regiments and service battalions.

In the Canadian air force, lieutenant-colonels are often seen as the commander of flying or ground squadrons.

Note: Before Unification of the Canadian Forces in 1968, rank structure and insignia followed the British pattern.


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