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Life After the Party
Studio album by Swizz Beatz
Released 2010
Genre Hip hop
Label Full Surface, Ruff Ryders
Producer Swizz Beatz, Apex
Swizz Beatz chronology
One Man Band Man
Life After the Party
Singles from Life After the Party
  1. "Where the Cash At?"
    Released: May 2008
  2. "That Oprah [1]"
    Released: August 2008

Life After the Party is rapper/producer Swizz Beatz' second studio album.[2]


Album information

Daunted by the disappointing sales of his latest album, One Man Band Man, Swizz Beatz is already hard at work on his sophomore album (his second as an artist, however, it will be the third album he has released). Swizz Beatz confirmed it will be called Life After the Party in an interview with Format Magazine saying[3]

The opportunities that I’ve got from doing my album (One Man Band Man) are much bigger than just producing. A lot of things came from me being able to put a voice to my face. It was me just expressing myself and having the opportunity to – it was the one man band. And now I’m doing part two, which is Life After the Party.

Guests and Production

Guests and production on the album might include artists and producers from Swizz Beatz' label Full Surface such as Cassidy, Eve, Drag-On, The Individualz, and Neo Da Matrix.

Swizz Beatz confirmed to MTV that Mary J. Blige & John Legend will be featured on the album.[1]


"Where The Cash At?" is the first offering off of Swizz's album taking out his frustrations on the booth, Swizz calls out anyone who talks a big game, but doesn’t put their money where their mouth is; he asks, Where The Cash At? Although it is currently unknown whether or not Where The Cash At? will be featured on Life After the Party, Swizz has made a music video[4] and said he was working on a remix. "Up in this Club" (featuring Lil Wayne) was leaked on the internet in March 2009.

Swizz Beatz confirmed to MTV that "That Oprah" is now an official record. He said "The record started off a freestyle, then the traction went real major, being that I've got a relationship with Coldplay already — I've worked with them awhile back ("Part of the Plan" on One Man Band Man)— I was like, 'I wanna turn it into a real record.' I took care of the legal side. I'm about to shoot a video to that. Plus, that's where I wanna be at musically anyway. The remix is gonna be crack."[5]

Songs such as "Get Loose" featuring Fatman Scoop, "Showtime" produced by Cookin Soul and a snippet of "Way You Make Me Feel" featuring Alicia Keys were leaked onto the internet it is unknown whether these songs will be on the album or not.

Confirmed tracks

Title Producer(s) Featured guest(s) Length Samples
"Intro"[6] Swizz Beatz John Legend
"Where the Cash At? Pt. 1"[7] Swizz Beatz & Apex 3:10 Drum Pattern of "I Get Money" by 50 Cent & "I'm a Hustla" by Cassidy
"That Oprah"[8] Swizz Beatz 3:38 "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay
"Up In This Club"[9] Swizz Beatz Lil Wayne 4:13 "I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown)" by Luke [10] & "Female of the Species" by Space [11]
"Up In This Club (Remix)" Swizz Beatz Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne & Cross 3:52 "Pop That Pussy" by Luke & "Think (About It)" by Lyn Collins
"You Stay On My Mind"[12][13] The Individualz 3:33
"I'm Cool" Swizz Beatz 3:00 "Samir's Theme" By King Amir
"When I Step In The Club" Swizz Beatz 2:18




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