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Lincoln Heights
The cast of Lincoln Heights.
Format Drama, Action/Adventure
Created by Seth Freeman
Starring Russell Hornsby
Erica Hubbard
Nikki Micheaux
Rhyon Brown
Mishon Ratliff
Robert Adamson
Michael Reilly Burke
Sierra Palmer
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 43 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Kathleen McGhee-Anderson
Running time approx. 42-45 minutes
Original channel ABC Family
Original run January 8, 2007 –
November 9, 2009[1]

Lincoln Heights is an American drama television series about Eddie Sutton, a Mission Vista officer who moves his family back to his old neighborhood, Lincoln Heights, to start a new life and help out his old neighborhood. It is a dangerous place to raise a family, and through the many trials the family goes through, they soon learn that settling in is not as easy as it seems. While Officer Sutton struggles to cope with every day life as a street cop in Los Angeles, his kids try to fit in at their new schools and with their new neighbors.

The show premiered January 8, 2007 on the ABC Family network with 13 episodes ordered for the first season. It was approved for a second season, which premiered September 4, 2007.[2] Vanessa Hudgens' song, Say OK had been used in a commercial to promote the second season. To promote the third season, they showed clips of Cassie and Charles's relationship to the song, Crush by the American Idol's seventh season runner-up, David Archuleta. To promote season 4, they're using the song, Avalanche by Marie Digby.

The show's theme song was written and performed by bassist Stanley Clarke and singer-songwriter Blaire Reinhard. The lyrics are:

"The city never sleeps, you've gotta live to your own beat, so, easy come and easy go, what is home?".

Lincoln Heights returned for a third season on Tuesday, September 16 at 8PM/7C.[3] The season premiere brought the show its highest ratings ever at 1.66 million viewers.[4]

On January 31, 2009, it was announced that Lincoln Heights would return for a fourth & fifth season.[5][6] However, on January 29, 2010, ABC Family optioned not to produce a fifth season.[7]


Lincoln Heights plot


Season One

Eddie Sutton moves his family back to his old neighborhood, where he patrols now as a police officer, but the adjustments and danger make him question his decision. Cassie's infatuation with a new student, Charles, concerns Eddie. Lizzie is kidnapped. The hunt is on for drug ringleader, Bishop. Eddie finds himself in the cross hairs quite literally. At home, the Suttons are reexamining their decision to move, and an unexpected letter throws everything into chaos.

Season Three

The third season of Lincoln Heights premiered on Tuesday, September 16, 2008. Eddie and Jen are still going strong with their relationship, and living in the Heights gets much harder. Lizzie gets accepted to a new school under a scholarship. Dana tells Eddie that she has a son named Nate. Tay's career of being a singer is working out great, but he ends up getting into a little trouble because of it. Charles proposes to Cassie, who originally says yes but starts to question herself. They both eventually decide to pledge eternal friendship to one another. Sage recovers from her coma, and later runs for prom queen and wins. Charles is voted Prom King. Mac attempts to kidnap Cassie outside of the prom but fails when Tay stops him. Johnny Nightingale gets killed by a hit and run. Johnny Nightengale is Lizzie's best friend and his loss pushes her into a depression. Feeling guilty over Johnny's death, she pulls away from Devin Kingston whose father, the new Reverend, seems to be against the Sutton family. Cassie and Charles have sex on the school's stage, set up for a Romeo and Juliet play. They end up being filmed by someone who was watching. Cassie later worries that she is pregnant, but takes a pregnancy test which turns out negative. Lincoln Heights is suddenly hit by a massive earthquake. Nate is trapped under a large beam in the Sutton home. Eddie tries to help him out and questions Nate about his father he never knew to distract him from the pain he was experiencing. Charles stepfather, Mac, is killed during the earthquake when a massive refrigerator falls on him. He is conscious, barely, but Charles refuses to help him. Cassie is scared and uncertain, but Mac dies before they decide to help him. Eddie and Jen later find out that Nate is Eddie's son. Jen is devastated by this news and struggles to cope in this difficult situation. Many homes are damaged by the earthquake and fires have broken out all over Lincoln Heights, including at the Sutton home. They quickly gather what they can and leave as quickly as possible. Charles is asked to grab some items from the attic. He notices a hole in the wall caused by the earthquake and finds a bag with money in it, but he doesn't tell Cassie or Eddie. The season ends with the family, including Charles, standing in front of their home, watching it being destroyed by the fire.

Season Four

The fourth season of Lincoln Heights premiered on Monday September 14, 2009 with 10 new episodes. The season starts with Charles and Cassie being charged for the murder of Charles' stepfather after the quake. There was not enough evidence, so the case was closed. But immediately afterward, the police check both Charles' and Cassie's homes for the stolen money that Charles has, but the money is safely stashed. Lizzie finds trouble when she is encouraged to join a community club. She starts rumors about a schoolmate and then apologizes and quits the club. Meanwhile, Charles discovers he received a letter from his father fifteen years ago, but his mother kept it from him. He researches his father and is determined to meet him after he calls him. Cassie is asked to go with him by Charles, but is not allowed to go because her mother and father won't let her. Cassie ignores them and sneaks out to go with Charles to meet his father. That night Charles and Cassie have sex and spend the night together for the first time. The next morning Charles decides to stay and get to know his family better Cassie leaves and gets in a lot of trouble with her parents. Lizzie makes friends with a Mexican boy while at a community recreation center. He gets very attached to Lizzie, and agrees to let Lizzie take his special bear home to fix after another boy who picks on him tears it. While walking home alone, Lizzie is attacked by a man who wants the teddy bear because it secretly has drugs in . The next episode starts out with Cassie finding out yet another secret Charles keeps from her. She then begins to think she cannot trust Charles. To cope with the pain, Cassie decides to go with Sage and two other guys to a popular club. One being Sage's boyfriend, the other being a guy who is attracted to Cassie. While at the club, Sage gets up to dance with her boyfriend. Cassie goes to the bathroom, only to find Serge. He tries to touch her, but she kicks him in his private area. Meanwhile, Lizzie leaves the Outreach dance early because Andrew tries to kiss her. It isn't that she's not attracted to him, but the song brings back memories of Johnny Nightingale. She feels bad, so she finds and confronts Andrew the next day. He happens to be under a shady tree when Lizzie finds him at school. She apologizes for leaving early and gives partial reason why. The scene ends with Andrew and Lizzie gazing in each others eyes, after sharing a passionate kiss. The next episode starts out with a surprise visit from Grandpa.He develops a serious crush on the pastor, who by the way is a "fine" women. He is devastated when he finds out she is engaged to former pastor, Deacon Jones. Lizzie invites Andrew to meet the family where he meets Lizzie's Grandfather. Of course, he isn't pleased with her new boyfriend but he isn't rude or mean to Andrew. Later on, Cassie and Charles's relationship could be getting weaker. Charles's brother, Travis, visits where they get into serious trouble. Lizzie furthers her deep relationship with Andrew by including him in family activities. During a game, particularly called "Name That Bible Verse", things start to get a little out of hand. Deacon Jones accuses Lizzie of cheating and Grandpa doesn't react to that well. Lizzie is embarrassed because Andrew is present at the time. The family watches this in astonishment. If it weren't for Eddie, who calmed things down, things could have led to violence. The next day, Lizzie hints a apology from Eddie. She and Andrew are having a private moment on the staircase when the doorbell rings. It happens to be Grandpa's crush. He apologizes for "flying off the handle" last night. She explains that she and Deacon Jones broke up because she feels like she was with the wrong man. Lizzie takes Andrew's hand, signaling him to get up so they can get a better view of the moment between the pastor and Grandpa. Grandpa and the pastor share a passionate kiss. Andrew and Lizzie watch the whole thing, where they too share a passionate kiss on the staircase. Grandpa ends up getting the woman of his dreams and Lizzie and Andrew go into a new depth of their relationship. Tay meets his idol, Trey Songz. He gets to sing along on stage with him. At the very end of the episode, Jen is rushed to the hospital at the cause of a sudden illness. While Jen is in the hospital trying to recover, Cassie tries to decide where the future will lead her and Charles. Towards the end of the season, Charles decides to join the Army and Cassie considers attending Pratt, a prestigious fine arts/design school in New York City. However, before making their decisions, Cassie and Charles decide to get married and the Sutton and Antoni families race to the ceremony. Just before the ceremony at the courthouse, the mystery of the $100,000 has been solved. It was a payoff of an old murder due to a racist prank committed by Eddie's chief when he was a child. Therefore, a former inmate on parole, Sid Glass, claims the money and gives half to the Sutton family because of their generous help and effort to support her. Glass was staying with Eddie and the family before moving to a half-way house. Tay writes a song for Nate Ray called "Fight for You." he played it for the support group at the clinic. Nate Ray sends it to his army buddies, who sends it to their families, and then Nate Ray is watching tv and Tay is on tv. A reporter is talking about his song. In the end Cassie and Charles don't get married.



Edward "Eddie" Sutton (Russell Hornsby) is a police officer who moves his family back to his old neighborhood hoping to make a difference. However, they are soon overwhelmed as one bad incident after another takes place. Despite all of this, Eddie strives to change the lives of the people around him for the better. It's revealed that his mother was killed twenty years ago when he was thirteen, making him thirty-three at the series debut. The age of his oldest daughter implies he and Jenn were teen parents, which is supported later on when it's learned Jenn was about Cassie's age when she married Eddie. This would've made him even younger when his oldest, Nate, with his old flame, Dana Taylor, was born. Eddie has a new son that he and Dana had together. Nate Ray. He lives with Eddie then goes back to the army. Eddie and Jenn argue about Dana. Eddie is shot by Bishop but survived. Eddie doesn't trust Charles after getting arrested for fighting and for Mac's death. He finds out that Charles takes the money from the house.

Jennifer "Jenn" Sutton (Nicki Micheaux) is Eddie's wife who is a nurse. She is the daughter of a judge and she is against the family's current location. Despite her own concerns on this, she stays with her husband and puts her medical skills to good use. She married Eddie and had Cassie while still a teenager, which is mentioned later after Cassie thinks about settling with Charles. Jenn does not like Dana. Later Jenn gets along with Dana.

Nathaniel "Nate" Ray Taylor (Chadwick Boseman) is Eddie's oldest son and only child with former flame Dana Taylor. Nate was raised down in the south by neither Eddie nor Dana. He served in Iraq in the Army. Eddie did not know Nate was his son until the season three finale. His age and the age of his parents implies they were very young when he was born, considering Eddie was already a teenager when Cassie was born. Season 4, he lives with the Suttons and does not get along with Tay. Nate goes back to Iraq, but he's seriously injured during the war. He suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Cassandra "Cassie" Sutton (Erica Hubbard) is Eddie and Jenn's oldest daughter, named after Eddie's mother. She is very gentle and artistic. She becomes romantically involved with a boy at her school named Charles and later becomes friends with the daughter of her father's partner. She starts not to trust Charles after the earthquake/Mac's death, fighting with white people who's racists. Stealing money. She goes with Charles to meet his father. Cassie and Eddie don't get along after that. After Charles tells Cassie about the money, she stop talking to Charles. She forgives him later. She wants to go to Pratt, a college in New York, but doesn't want to leave Charles. They decide to get married, but cancels it.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sutton (Rhyon Nicole Brown) is Eddie and Jenn's youngest daughter and second-oldest child. She enjoy playing basketball and dancing. Later she is kidnapped by two thugs, but one helps her escape. She strikes up an unapproved friendship with him, which later gets her into trouble when she ends up baby-sitting for his teen sister who has a child. Lizzie is later accepted into a private school. She grieves over the death of Johnny , he is killed after a hit and run. She starts high school. She has a new crush name Andrew. While she likes him, she is having dreams about Johnny.

Taylor "Tay" Sutton (Mishon Ratliff) is the youngest child and Eddie and Jenn's only son together. He has a strong passion for music. Tay is named after the surname of the family that took Eddie in when his mother died. Tay gets a record deal after being shown singing in public, on TV.

Charles Antoni (Robert Adamson) is a boy who is new to the neighborhood. He takes an interest in Cassie. He loves her art and tries to support her in it. Their relationship is "tried" many times in season two. In season 3, they finally realize they were meant for each other no matter the struggles. Charles leaves Mac, his stepfather to die. He takes money from The Sutton's house during the earthquake. Charles is hunted by police for the murder. Charles goes to visit his real father. The father doesn't like Charles. Charles tells The Sutton about the money and hands it back. He argues with his mom about the money. He and Cassie get into arguments this season. Charles joins the army to pay for college. He and Cassie decides to get married, but they change their minds. Charles doesn't join the army and Charles's mother and his real-father get back together. Charles and him get on a great start.

Kevin Lund (Michael Reilly Burke) is Eddie's partner and father of Sage. Kevin and Eddie are very good friends; they help each other through tough times, like when Kevin drinks when things go wrong in his life, just like Eddie's father. Seasons 1-3

Sage Lund (Alice Greczyn) is Officer Lund's teen daughter, whose personality is very different from Eddie's daughter. She and Cassie are friends, but their friendship breaks later on. At this time, she tries to make a move on Charles, but fails. At the end of season two, she's involved in a car accident with Charles and ends up in a coma. She awakes in season three, and is once again friends with Cassie. Sage is chose prom queen for the junior prom. She helps Lizzie with her freshman year. She helps Charles hiding the money. She helps Cassie and Charles get some space.

'Monique Carter (Sierra Palmer) is Lizzie Sutton's best friend and helps her with everything she has to do.


Spencer Sutton (Michael Warren) is Eddie's alcoholic father who cannot seem to stay out of trouble in Lincoln Heights. Twenty years ago he made a choice to stand up against gangsters which ultimately led to the death of his wife. Whenever he ends up in jail, Eddie constantly bails him out. He starts a relationship with the late Reverend Hammonds wife.

Mama Taylor (Juanita Jennings) is the woman who helped raise Eddie after his mother was killed by gangsters twenty years ago.

Daina Taylor (Tammy Townsend) is Mama Taylor's daughter and Eddie Sutton's first love. She had a love child with Eddie (Nate) that he knew nothing about until the earthquake in Season 3. She worked as a prostitute in Season 2 and also has a son, Jeron. She and Jenn aren't very friendly although they try to be civil to one another. She and Cassie get along and she gave Cassie good sex advice when Cassie needed it. She and Jenn don't get along since Jeron and Tay are hanging out. They become friends after Nate is seriously injured in Iraq.

Coleman and Beverly Bradshaw (Richard Roundtree and Beverly Todd) are Jen's father and mother, respectively, and grandparents of Cassie, Lizzie, and Tay. Jen's father is a wealthy judge who does not always get along with Eddie, or his father, shown in his first appearance. He reappears in season 2 and reveals that he has cancer, which causes a strain on his marriage. His recent appearance was in season 4 allowing the family to stay with him. But at the end of the season 4 opener, he reconsider it. Beverly is Jen's mother who held a grudge against her due to the fact that she got to live her dream as a nurse, however, her personality changes by the end of her episode debut.

Ruben (Darrin Dewitt Henson) is a worker at the hospital Jen works at and Tay's friend. He is responsible for killing Eddie's mother twenty years ago. He takes a bullet for Tay in season two and survives. In season 3, Tay asks Ruben to help him with his singing career. After testifying against the man who ordered the hit on Cassandra Sutton, Eddie's mother, he leaves Lincoln Heights, telling Tay that everything he needs to make it is in his heart.

Cassandra Sutton is Eddie's mother. Eddie told the kids she was killed in an accident, however, they soon learn that she was actually killed twenty years ago by a group of gang members with Ruben being the shooter.

Johnny Nightingale (Gus Hoffman) is Tay's best friend throughout seasons one through three. He becomes Lizzie's boyfriend for ten episodes. He is very in love with her and they stay together until another boy steps in. He dies in season three episode six in a hit and run car accident. She later gets over him, and officially starts to date Andrew.

Marla Antoni (Julie St. Claire) is Charles' mother. Mrs. Antoni made quite a debut in season 1, episode 13 when she caught Charles and Cassie "about to have sex" on her couch and then confronted Eddie about having to "control" his daughter. In season 2, Mrs. Antoni again makes quite a scene. First when she fights with her son, later with Cassie and finally she breaks down when she realizes that her husband "Mac" is a registered sex offender and that he made a pass at Charles. After the car accident, Mrs. Antoni vows to change and be a better mother to Charles, however, season 3 has Mrs. Antoni "out of town" while Charles is again left alone to fend for himself. She tries to get Charles to move with her to Hawaii. She gets back with Charles's real father.

Andrew Ortega (Tyler Posey) Andrew is Lizzie's first love. Their deep relationship starts out when Lizzie volunteers at the local Outreach center. The actual dating relationship starts at the Outreach dance when Andrew tries to kiss her. She really likes him, but the memories of Johnny Nightingale are too much for her. She leaves early but apologizes the next day. Their very first kiss was under a shady tree. It could have been in school grounds or in the park.


DVD release

On February 16, 2010, Shout! Factory released the complete first season of Lincoln Heights on DVD in Region 1.[8]


The New York Times review by Virginia Heffernan


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Lincoln Heights is an American drama television series about a street cop who moves back with his family to his old neighborhood to start a new life and help his neighbors. The series premiered January 8, 2007 on the ABC Family network.


Season 1

Pilot (1.1)

Charles: I hit him with a schnitzel.
Cassie Sutton: With a...?
Charles: Dinner.

Suspicion (1.2)

Jenn: (of Reverend Hammond) That man is a born activist; if there's nothing to protest, he's out of work

Betrayal (1.3)

Charles: Cassie, what I'm trying to say is, I don't wanna be your friend, I want to be more than that. I like you Cassie.
Cassie: Okay, is this you talking or the beer?
Charles: I know what I'm saying, and I'm not drunk. (she grins at him) Okay, maybe a little. (she laughs) But I still like you, a lot.
Manolo: A little bleeding and you cry like a girl? Man, you're N.A.T.O., man – No Action, Talk Only.

Obsession (1.4)

Cassie: She's afraid he'll reject her.
Charles: He won't. See the way he's looking at her? He's got feelings for her too.
Cassie: How could she be certain?
Charles:It's in his eyes. Eventually they'll find the courage to tell each other how they feel.
Cassie: And their hearts will open like cherry blossoms in the spring. (pauses for a moment) Or, he'll tell her he's gay

David: Easy, Eddie, this whole thing has been a huge misunderstanding.
Eddie: You're damn right it has. You misunderstood when you thought you could mess with me and mine and get away with it!

Spree (1.5)

Eddie: So are you saying we all should become bad guys?
Mulaney: Being a good guy hasn't exactly been a growth business.
Eddie: What do you think?
Det Wilkes: I think we're looking at a worst case scenario.
Eddie: Which is?
Det Wilkes: A guy with nothing left to lose.
Jenn: You didn't happen to bump into a particular cop, Eddie Sutton?
EMT: After a while they all start to look alike.
Kevin: He actually chose the clarinet?
Eddie: Yes.
Kevin: Not a trumpet, or a saxophone...
Eddie: Seriously, I think you should stop right now.
Kevin: (laughing) I've upset you.
Eddie: I'm not upset.
Kevin: Boy of mine comes home, says he wants to play the clarinet, God knows how I'd react.
Eddie: You actually think I won't shoot you?
Kevin: Rolling stop about ten years ago, no DUI.
Eddie: He's not a drunk. What do you say we cut him some slack.
Kevin: Whatever gets us to lunch on time.
Eddie: Hey man, check it out.
(a minivan is swerving in the road)
Kevin: Kinda early in the day to be getting your load on.
Kevin Lund: So, you wanna check out that new Thai place after watch?
Eddie: I can't. Tay's recital tonight.
Kevin Lund: So, eh, the clarinet huh?
Eddie: Don't start.
Kevin Lund: I'm just saying...
Eddie: Well, don't just say.
Eddie: Hey champ, big night tonight.
Taylor: You gonna be there?
Eddie: Wouldn't miss it.
Taylor: That's what you said the last time.
Eddie: Hey. I'll be there.
Taylor: You have to be there by six.
Eddie: I know.

Baby Doe (1.6)

Kevin Lund: You have the right to shut up. Now, if you don't shut up, we'll use what you say against you. You have the right to hire a shyster to get you off. But, if no lawyer will take your case because your such a miserable excuse for a human being, the court will provide some low paid, overworked public defender. Now get in the damn car.

Manchild (1.7)

Blowback (1.8)

Abduction (1.9)

Missing (1.10)

Tricks and Treats (1.11)

House Arrest (1.12)

The "F" Word (1.13)

Season 2

Flashpoint (2.1)

Peacemaker (2.2)

Grown Folks Business (2.3)

The Old Man and the G (2.4)

The Feeling that We Have (2.5)

The Cost of A T-Shirt (2.6)

No Way Back (2.7)

Eye for An Eye (2.8)

Out With A Bang (2.9)

The Vision (2.10)

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