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Map of the Lincoln Sea.

Lincoln Sea is a body of water in the Arctic Ocean, stretching from Cape Columbia, Canada in the west to Cape Morris Jesup, Greenland in the east. The northern limit is defined as the Great circle line between those two headlands. It is covered with sea ice throughout the year, the thickest sea ice in the Arctic Ocean, which can be up to 15 m thick. Water depths range from 100 m to 300 m. Water from Robeson Channel, the northernmost part of Nares Strait, empties into this sea.

The sea was named after Robert Todd Lincoln, then United States Secretary of War, on Adolphus W. Greely's 1881-1884 Arctic expedition into Lady Franklin Bay.

Alert, the nothernmost station of Canada, is the only populated place on the shore of Lincoln Sea.

The body of water to the east of Lincoln Sea (east of Cape Morris Jesup) is Wandel Sea.


The International Hydrographic Organization defines the limits of the Lincoln Sea as follows:[1]

On the North. Cape Columbia to Cape Morris Jesup (Greenland).

On the South. Cape Columbia through Northeastern shore of Ellesmere Island to Cape Sheridan to Cape Bryant (Greenland) through Greenland to Cape Morris Jesup.


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Coordinates: 83°17′37″N 57°08′02″W / 83.29361°N 57.13389°W / 83.29361; -57.13389 (Lincoln Sea)



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