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Linda Newton
Ring name(s) Dark Journey
Resides Los Angeles, California[1]
Debut 1985[1]

Linda Newton was a professional wrestling valet better known as Dark Journey. She has the distinction of being the first widely known African-American female manager in wrestling.




Newton was discovered by Dick Slater when she was a dancer in a strip club.[2][3] Slater brought her in to be his valet in the Mid-South wrestling territory.[2] Because she was a young black woman acting as a valet for a white man in a conservative area, the pair caused a lot of legitimate heat.[2] They also caused several lawsuits.[2] Slater, in particular, was the victim of stalking because of the situation.[2]

She once was on the receiving end of a DDT performed by Jake "The Snake" Roberts during his feud with Slater.[1]

Universal Wrestling Federation

Linda Newton also acted as a valet for Slater in the Universal Wrestling Federation.[3] Their relationship, however, ended, and Slater moved on to the World Wrestling Federation.[3]

She was also the valet and manager for The Missing Link. The duo had many feuds, including one with The Fabulous Freebirds and their valet Sunshine.[4] She was also involved in a feud with Mad Maxine.

One of her more notorious feuds was with fellow valet Missy Hyatt. The two constantly engaged in catfights at ringside.[1] Hyatt later claimed that Newton was a cocaine addict,[5] and that Newton would legitimately chip teeth and pull Hyatt's hair out during their catfights.[5]

National Wrestling Alliance

In 1987, she went to the National Wrestling Alliance's (NWA) Jim Crockett Promotions where she was the valet for Four Horsemen member Tully Blanchard for over a month. She was at ringside for the Four Horsemen during their WarGames matches that took place during the NWA's Great American Bash '87 tour. She left the sport when this run ended.

In wrestling


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